Clan List with Family Charts
Each clan below may or may not be related to others in the list. In the links below, I included only those children who had issue by their spouses. A "" indicates a separate family.


"Tory Neil" Brown & wife Sarah McPhaul

Malcolm Brown & unknown wife



Daniel Campbell & wife Christian (__?__)

Duncan Campbell & wife Christian Smith—children:

Archibald Campbell & wife Catherine (nee McPherson) Patterson



Archibald Currie & unknown wife—children:

Flora Currie & husband Angus Currie
Randal Currie & wife Nelly Johnston



James Ferguson, Sr. & wife Marion McNeill



Gilbert Gilchrist & wives Nancy McPherson and Mary Currie

Archibald Gilchrist and wife Mary McPherson



John Johnston & wife (Mary McAllister?)—children:

– John Johnston, Jr.
– Margaret Johnston & her husband Archibald Little
– Duncan Johnston
– Archibald Johnston
– Mary Johnston?
Daniel Johns(t)on, Esq. & wife Isabella Brown—children

Neill B. Johnson & Flora Currie
Mary Johnson & husband Edward McEachin
– Alexander Johnson & wife Effie McPhaul

Nelly Johnston & husband Randal Currie?



Alexander McKay and wife Catherine—children:

– Alexander McKay
– John McKay
– Archibald McKay
– Neill McKay
Margaret McKay and husband Daniel McNeill of Richmond (and Robeson) Co., NC
– Ann McKay and husband Daniel Hinson Hair (no issue)



Archibald "Bluff Archie" McNeill & wife Barbara Baker—children:

Daniel McNeill & wife Isabella McLaurin/McLeran
Malcolm McNeill & wife Mary McNeill

Archibald "Scribbling Archie" McNeill & wife "Jenny Bhan" Smith—children:

– "Nova Scotia Daniel" McNeill & wife Mary Nutting of Nova Scotia
Malcolm McNeill & wife Janet McAlister
"One-Eye Hector" McNeill & wife Susanna Barksdale
– Margaret McNeill & husband "John Skeroblin" McNeill

– Neill McNeill & wife Grissella Stewart

"Black Neill" McNeill & wife Grizella Campbell—children:

"Bluff Hector" McNeill & wife Mary McAlester
Duncan McNeill & wife Loveday Campbell
Archibald McNeill
Flora McNeill & husband Col. Alexander McAlester
Negalena McNeill & husband Robert Stewart

Daniel McNeill of Taynish & 2nd wife Margaret McTavish

Donald McNeill and wife Janet on Long Swamp, Robeson Co.—children:

Daniel McNeill and wife Margaret McKay
"Long Swamp Neill" McNeill and unknown wife

William McNeill & wife Jane Campbell and the widow Jane Campbell McNeill & her 2nd husband Neill McNeill

Godfrey McNeill & Catherine McDougald—children:

Alexander McNeill & wife Mary "Polly" McEachern
– Daniel McNeill & wife Celia Humphrey
– John McNeill & wife (unknown) Taylor
Elizabeth McNeill & husband Archibald "Wild Archie" McNeill
– Sarah Margaret McNeill & husband Daniel Stewart

James "Jimmie" McNeill of Rockfish Creek/McCaskill's & wife Elizabeth McNeill—children:

Daniel McNeill & wife Elizabeth McNeill
(Flora?) McNeill & husband Daniel McEachern
– James McNeill, Jr.
Margaret McNeill & husband "Long Duncan" McNeill
Ann McNeill & husband Archibald McFadyen

John McNeill of Richland Swamp & (1st wife unknown) & 2nd wife Flora McMillan

Neill McNeill of Jobes Branch, to Bladen County, NC, c.1740—children:

"Sailor Hector" McNeill & wife Mary
"Shoemaker John" McNeill & wife Mary Peterson—children:

Marian McNeill & husband Daniel McPherson
Neill McNeill & wife Flora (Riddle?)—children:

Neill T. ('Tailor') McNeill & wife Mary Leach

"Little Neill" McNeill and wife Catherine

Neill McNeill and unknown wife of Tranthams Creek—children:

– Roger McNeill and unknown wife
– Henry McNeill and wife Mary Guest

Turquill McNeill of the Argyll Colony—children:

Laughlin McNeill & wife Flora (McNeill?)—children:

Turquill McNeill and unknown wife of Marion Co., SC
Mary McNeill & 1st husband Arch'd Graham, 2nd husband Rev. John McIntyre
Elizabeth McNeill & 1st husband James Graham, 2nd husband Angus Gilchrist

"Long Duncan" McNeill & Margaret McNeill—children:

"Wild Archie" McNeill & wife Elizabeth "Betsy" McNeill

Margaret McNeill & husband Hector McNeill, Sr. of Upper Little River

"Ulysses Neill" McNeill & wife Isobel Simpson



John McPhaul and unknown wife—children:

Neill McPhaul & Mary "Pretty Molly" Perkins:
Sarah McPhaul & "Tory Neil" Brown:



John McPherson and unknown wife, of the Argyll Colony—children:

Alexander McPherson, Sr. & wife Emily McGill—children:

Mary McPherson & husband John Buie
John McPherson & wife Sarah "Sallie" Black

Catherine McPherson & 1st husband John Patterson—children:

Daniel Patterson & wife Catherine Malloy
Flora Patterson & husband Daniel McPhaul, Sr.
Mary Patterson & (husband Neill Little?)
Marian Patterson & husband ___?___ Watson
Effy Patterson & husband ___?___ McLain

Catherine McPherson & 2nd husband (Archibald?) Campbell—children:

John Campbell of Campbell's Bridge & wife Catherine ___?___
Catherine Campbell & husband ___?___ Wilkeson

Daniel McPherson & wife Marian McNeill—children:

Flora McPherson & husband Daniel Buie
Mary McPherson & husband Archibald Gilchrist
Catherine McPherson & husband Rev. Daniel Brown
Nancy McPherson & husband Gilbert Gilchrist
Hugh McPherson & wife Christian Ferguson
Alexander McPherson & wife Nancy Dallas

Minnie McPherson & husband Lewis Munroe:

William Munroe & unknown wife
Charlotte Munroe & husband Alexander McKenzie

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