"Sailor Hector" McNeill and wife Mary Culbreth
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1814 - Malcolm McNeill to McRee, two tracts previously grants to "Hector McNeill saler" near Bear Swamp on Mossey Neck Branch in Robeson Co., NC;

Will of "Sailor Hector" McNeill, 1803, Robeson Co., NC;
• Will of Mary McNeill, 1819, Robeson Co., NC;
• "Some of the Descendants of Sailor Hector McNeill" by James Roberts, 1980 (private publication);
"A Brief History of Red Springs (Robeson County) North Carolina" by Mrs. George Bullock, August 1969 (private publication);
• Robeson Co., NC court minutes;
• Robeson Co. deeds;
• Research notes of Jay Edgerton (dec'd);
• Mrs. Gaitley of Red Springs, NC (dec'd);
• Henry H. Hodgin of Red Springs, NC n (dec'd).


  "Sailor Hector" McNeill

Birth c.1730-40 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death Dec 1803 to Mar 1804 Place Robeson County , NC
Burial Place McNeill Cemetery in Red Springs, NC
Father Neill McNeill on Jobs Branch Mother unknown
Marriage Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Mary Culbreth
Birth 1742 Place Mecklenburg Co., Virginia
Chr Place
Death 1819 Place Robeson County , NC
Burial Place probably McNeill cemetery in Red Springs, NC
Father unknown Mother unknown
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: McNeill family tradition holds that "Sailor Hector" and his brother "Shoemaker John" were young boys when their father immigrated to North Carolina in 1740. It has been said also that Hector got his knickname during the Revolution but Sailor Hector is found first using "Sailor" with his name in the 1771 Bladen County tax list, which stated his father was Neill McNeill; living with them was a man named John Hart. "Sailor Hector" settled just south of Sizemore Branch (the stream that bisects the Red Springs School property) in Red Springs on the hill where the J.A. Hodgin home stood near the McNeill cemetery in town. Mary's will was executed 2 Feb 1818 and probated Feb 1819. Research by Barden Culbreth of Raleigh, NC, into the records of Mecklenburg Co., VA have revealed a great deal of circumstantial evidence to support the idea that Mary's Culbreth family there was somehow connected to Sailor Hector's McNeill family; there was a small McNeill family living in that county that had connections to the Culbreth family.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Isabella McNeill
c. 1775
Dec 1839
Daniel Buie (died c.1831 in Robeson Co. leaving widow & children including two daughters, Isabella and Margaret Buie)
2. Catherine McNeill
About 1780
After 1803
never married
3. William "Little Billy" McNeill
4 Nov 1783
28 Feb 1872
Jane McNeill
4. Malcolm Culbreth McNeill
Ruth Fitzrandolph
5. Mary "Polly" McNeill
15 Mar 1788
26 Jan 1877
Camp (Kemp) Culbreth in 1816
6. (unknown female) McNeill
Before 1803
probably never married