Malcolm McNeill and wife Mary McNeill

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Malcolm McNeill

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Footnotes and Sources:
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Birth c. 1753-551 Place Bladen (now Cumberland Co.), NC1
Death 27 Mar 18031 Place Cumberland Co. NC1; buried old Bluff Church cemetery, Cumberland Co.?17
Father Archibald "Gentleman Archy"14 McNeill (aka "Laird Archie") Mother Barbara Baker14
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Mary McNeill

Marriage date: c. 17751
Birth c. 1757-601,16 Place probably Cumberland Co., NC15
Death 18268 Place McNeill home, "The Bridge" (Later "Ardlussa"), on Rockfish Creek, Cumberland Co., NC8
Father (James McNeill of Rockfish Creek?5) Mother (Elizabeth McNeill?5)
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Notes on this Family : Not much is known of this Malcolm McNeill, almost as little known as that concerning his father, "Bluff Archie" McNeill. Malcolm's 1805 estate settlement states he died with 2,295 acres. Many early grants and deeds for much of this land can be found in the Cornelia S. McMillan Collection at the archives in Raleigh. Information has been passed down in the McNeill family line from this couple that Malcolm married a woman named Mary who it was believed had been a McNeill, but her parentage was unknown. Since my research began on James McNeill of Rockfish Creek I've noticed that Malcolm and Mary's first five children—Barbara, Archibald, James, Daniel and Elizabeth—bear a remarkable resemblance to the names of what would be a complete list of their grandparents (and two uncles, both named Daniel) if James McNeill of Rockfish and his wife Elizabeth were taken into account as possible grandparents. Scottish naming patterns were still being used in the region at the time Malcolm's children were being born, and it should be noted that the ONLY adult James McNeill in the area at the time to have been a namesake for their second son was James of Rockfish.
    Barbara McNeill, below, married Alexander Johnson, and I now believe Alexander was from the Piney Bottom Johnson family which included P.P.D. Johnson and Rev. Angus Johnson. However, Barbara's sister Margaret died in late 1821 and John B. Johnson, son of the Daniel Johnson, Esq. family near Godfrey McNeill on Raft Swamp, co-signed the bond for her estate settlement. Those two Johnson families were not related.

Children by xxx: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Barbara McNeill1,8
16 June 18291
Alexander Johnson8,10, married before Jan 1805; Alexander was alive 16 June 1829. One son, Malcolm. Alexander was related to the Peter Johnson family of Cumberland Co., NC.
2. Archibald McNeill1
c. 17801
died between 1824 and
May 18271,8
Archibald died in Wilcox Co., AL and is not mentioned in his mother's estate division of 1827. If he had been alive that year he or any of his heirs would have been included; he was likely unmarried.1,8
3. James McNeill1,8
1 Sept 17821
5 July 18421
Jane Smylie1 went to Montgomery Co., AL where James died.
4. Daniel McNeill1,8
8 May 17841
22 Sept 18451
Margaret Black, 2 Feb 18091; lived at "The Bridge" on Rockfish, later called "Ardlussa". The maps at the link show its location, but the lower map actually has its name misspelled: 'Ardulusa'. According to the maps its location was just east of and around the intersection of Hwy 301 and Tom Starling Road in Cumberland Co., SSE of the town of Hope Mills.
5. Elizabeth "Betsy" McNeill1,8,9
1 Jan 18511
Duncan Brown1,9, married Jan 1805-Jan 1806; Duncan Brown died before 1851, son of "Tory Neill" Brown and Sarah McPhaul.
6. Hector McNeill1
c. 17881
Elizabeth McNeill of Robeson County, married January 1814. She is listed as his wife in his 1812 War pension records. Her parents are undetermined. Hector was in the NC militia during the War of 18121; lived and died at Blacks Bluff, Wilcox Co., AL.
7. John McNeill1
c. 17941
1st: Mary __?__, 2nd: Levaney Brown; John was in the NC militia during the War of 1812 and died in Cumberland Co., NCx
8. Margaret McNeill1,6
c. 17921
Unmarried, died in Cumberland Co, NC. Her estate sale was attended by five of her sibings in March 1822.6
9. Sarah McNeill1,8
19 Aug 18001
1863 in
Talbot Co., GA 1
Duncan Colquhoun1; married 1818 in Cumberland Co.; in 1825 tax list with 938 acres between Puppy Ck. and Juniper Cr., Cumberland Co.; Duncan was alive May 1826 in Sampson Co. Duncan and Sallie moved to Talbot Co., GA. and are buried there.
10. Charles McNeill1,8
c. 17951
alive 1830;
died c. 1865?1
Nancy Butler; married in 2 May 1818 in Cumberland County. In 1830 Cumberland Co. census with wife, 3 boys and 2 girls; in 1825 tax list with 100A, Lumberton Road in Cumberland Co.
11. Malcolm McNeill1,8,13
c. 1796-981
c. 18361
Mary Ann McMillan13; married 1823; was in GA in 1828; had son named Hector McNeill, Jr.