Daniel Johnston & wife Isabella Brown
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1785 - Grant to Daniel Johnson, 100 acres north edge of Raft Swamp, Bladen (now Robeson) Co., NC
1795 - Grant to Daniel Johnson, Robeson. Co., NC
1823 - Edward & Mary McEachin to Neill B. Johnson, 2 tracts on Raft Swamp, Robeson Co., NC
1791 - Witness to: Jesse Musselwhite to John Johnson, 100A on east side of Ten Mile Swamp, Robeson Co., NC
1793 - Witness to: Jesse Musselwhite to John Johnson, Jr., 100A on east side of Ten Mile Swamp, Robeson Co., NC
1794 - Witness to: Edmond Baxley to John Johnson Sr., 100A on east side of Ten Mile Swamp on both sides Cowpen Br., Robeson Co., NC
1819 - John Johnson to Alexander Johnson, quit claim his portion of his mother's 200A in Robeson Co., NC;
1856 - Henry L Johnson et al. to Alexander H Currie,land on Raft Swamp mentioning Daniel Johnson, Robeson Co., NC
1855 Estate record of Daniel Johnson, Robeson County, NC;
1858 Estate record of Neill B. Johnson, Robeson County, NC;
1814 Estate record of Patrick Kelly, Robeson County, NC;
1825 Estate record of John McPhaul, Robeson County, NC;
• Robeson County 1797-1823 Court Minutes;
• Robeson County Deeds;
• Robeson County Deed Abstracts, Vol 1;
• 1800 Robeson Co. NC Census;
• 1850 and 1860 Robeson Co. NC Censuses;
• Research notes of Jay Edgerton and Dorothy P. Edgerton
• Research of Steve Edgerton.

  Daniel Johnston, Esq.

Birth 1750-1755 Place probably Bladen, now Robeson, County, NC
Chr Place
Death July - November 1799 Place Robeson County, NC
Burial Place probably the old Patterson cemetery
Father John Johns(t)on, Sr. who was also known as "Big John" Johnston in Neill B. Johnson's estate settlement of 1858 Mother (Mary McAllister?)
Marriage about 1788 Place probably Robeson County, NC
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Isabella Brown
Birth 1770 Place probably Bladen, now Robeson, County, NC
Chr Place
Death 1854 Place Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place
Father "Tory Neil" Brown Mother Sarah McPhaul
Other spouses John B. Currie (born in Scotland) Marriage between October 1802 and January 1807; no children

Notes: Isabella Johnston, widow of Daniel Johnston, was granted guardianship of her five orphaned children in Oct 1802, per Robeson County court minutes for that term. The children named were in this order: John, Neill, Mary, Archibald and Alexander. That is not the exact order of their births, as Mary was born about 1796-98. The Robeson County court minutes shows various guardians being appointed and chosen at various times, putting Daniel's and Isabella's children all born later than 1788. After Daniel's death in 1799, Isabella remarried to John B. Currie sometime between October 1802 and January 1807; in 1802 Isabella Johnston was given guardianship over her orphaned children, and in 1807 Isabella Currie applied in court for distribution of her former husband's estate. John Johnson chose a new guardian in 1806 putting his birth year at 1792 and Neill Johnson chose his guardian in 1808, making his birth in 1793. Children 14 and older were allowed to chose their own guardian and those under 14 had one appointed for them.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. John B. Johnson
1824 - 1855
Married, but name unknown. Had three daughters: Susan Johnson (married Malcolm McIntyre), Anna Johnson (moved to Alabama) and Frances Sophia Johnson. John B. Johnson was living in Cumberland Co. in 1819.
2. Neill B. Johnson
May-Nov 1831
Flora Currie dau. of Randal Currie and Nelly Johns(t)on
3. Archibald B. Johnson
dead in 1855
Mary __?__. Mary, widowed, remarried to Joshua James and moved to Mississippi. No children of Archibald mentioned in Daniel Johnson estate of 1855. Owned land on Raft Swamp adjacent McPherson.
4. Alexander Johnson
after 1825
Effy McPhaul. Alexander and Effy died intestate about the same time. They had one son, John M. Johnson of Warrington, Escambia County, Florida who was alive in 1856. He married Mary Ann Lanier in 1850.
5. Mary Johnson
May 22, 1857
Edward McEachin, son of John McEachin, Sr., and Mary Currie (see Cyrus McNeill History). Had several children.