Randal Currie & wife Nelly Johnson
Chart No:
Associated Grants/Deeds:
1796 - Archibald Currie to Randal Currie, 150A on McPhauls Mill Swp, Robeson Co., NC;
1798 - Randal Currie to Randal McPherson, 50A west side of Raft Swp., land belonging to Arch'd Currie, dec'd, Robeson Co., NC;
1810 - Randal Currie et al. to Mary, Alexander and John Johnson, quit claim for 50A for land of John Johnson, Sr.,Ten Mile Swp., Robeson Co., NC;

1842 will of Randal Currie, Robeson Co., NC;
1846 will of Nelly Currie, Robeson Co., NC;
• Mrs. Catherine McNeill of Raeford, NC;

• Robeson County Courthouse, Lumberton, NC;
• Cemetery on Louise McLeod farm, Antioch, Hoke County, NC;
• Father McLean's Diary;
• Obituary abstracts from Fayetteville newspapers;
• Recollections of Lacy C. Buie;
• Henry H. Hodgin, Jr.;
• Antioch Presbyterian Church Records, Vol. II, 1834-1907;
• "The Curries and Their Kin" by Wm. Angus McLeod, 1945;
• Robeson County Deeds;
• Research notes and original documents from the collection of Jay Edgerton, Dorothy P. Edgerton and the J.F. McKay family.


  Randal Currie of Randalsville, Robeson (now Hoke) Co., NC

Birth 4 July 1765 Place Kintyre, Scotland
Chr Place
Death 23 Sept 1843 Place Robeson (now Hoke) Co., NC
Burial Place Currie Cemetery, Old Wire Road at Randalsville
Father Archibald Currie Mother unknown
Marriage 3 Oct 1799 by Rev. John Fort Place Robeson County, (Now Hoke), NC
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Nelly Johns(t)on
Birth 1774 Place probably Bladen (now Robeson) Co., NC
Chr Place
Death 19 May 1850 Place Randalsville, Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place Currie Cemetery, Old Wire Road at Randalsville
Father John Johnston, Sr. or Jr.? Mother (Mary?) (McAllister??)
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Antioch Presbyterian Church minutes state that Randal Currie came to America in 1775 with his parents. It has been claimed that Randal and his sister Flora had brothers and sisters in North Carolina but no proof has been offered. A 1798 deed in Robeson Co. states Randal was his father's "sole heir", though Randal had a sister Flora (she married Angus Currie of Colonsay, Scotland, no relation). Randalsville was so named because Randal Currie was the local postmaster and his post office was on/near his homeplace; the name may have evolved to become his homeplace. He was also Justice of the Peace of Robeson County, until his resignation from that post in 1818.
     Lacy C. Buie claimed Nelly's father was Soloman Johnston who before the Revolution lived in the Philadelphus area near the headwaters of Bogie branch off Richland Swamp near or on the Goza property (southwest of the small airstrip there). There was a Soloman Johnston, Jr. and Soloman Johnston, Sr. in Bladen County (now Robeson) at that time. Soloman Jr. moved to Georgia after selling his lands to his father Soloman, Sr. I tend to doubt Soloman was Nelly's father, even though Bladen tax list show Solomon Johnston living in the very region Lacy Buie referred to. The tax list even shows both Soloman Senior and Junior to be "mulatto", a term used to designate anyone in the tax list who was not white; the two men may have taken Indian wives. Due to naming patterns amongst Randal and Nelly's children, it is more likely Nelly is the sister of Daniel Johnson (who married Isabella Brown) and the daughter of John Johnson, Sr. or his son John Johnson, Jr. of the Johns(t)son family who owned land on Pugh's Marsh in 1753 around Lumber Bridge in Robeson. I am still trying to prove which John Johns(t)on was the man called "Big John" Johns(t)on. Nelly's husband Randal Currie signed a quit claim deed in 1810 turning over any interest he (along with John Little and Patrick Kelly) had in the lands of John Johnson, Sr. This deed strongly indicates Randal Currie's wife had interest in this property and as her husband signed away those interests to younger, more vulnerable parties.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Mary Currie
5 Aug 1800
13 Jan 1864
1st Duncan McMillan; 2nd James Conoly
2. Flora Currie
14 Dec 1801
Aug 1854
1st Neill B. Johnson, NC State Senator in 1829; 2nd Malcolm Baxter
3. Nelly Currie
24 Jan 1804
Duncan McMillan
4. Archibald J. Currie
31 Jan 1806
alive 1835
Mary Shaw, widow; 9 Sept 1834
5. John L. Currie
23 Jan 1808
7 Dec 1877
Catherine McLeod
6. Alexander H. Currie
30 Jun 1810
10 Jun 1889
Sallie Gilchrist; 14 Mar 1833
7. Daniel Johnson Currie
27 Feb 1813
June 1842
Susan Johnson; went to Tatnall Co., Georgia. Had one son Daniel Luther Currie.
8. Adam Currie
7 Apr 1815
10 May 1889
Flora Currie (1st cousin); 28 Nov 1842
9. Sarah "Sallie" Currie
17 Nov 1818
21 Nov 1891
never married