John Johnston, Sr. & (Mary McAllister?)
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1753 - John Johnson, Senr, 100A on south side of Pugh's Marsh (the Little Marsh in Robeson Co.) "whereon sd Johnson now lives", Bladen Co. Land Warrant;
1753 - John Johnson Junr., 100A on north side of Pugh's Marsh (the Little Marsh in Robeson Co.), Bladen Co. Land Warrant;
1788 - John and Mary Johnston to John McCraney, 200A south of Great Marsh near Philip Ikner and Mirey Branch, Robeson Co., NC;
1789 - John Johnson, 100A south of Great Marsh beginning at the stooping oak, Bladen (Robeson) Co., NC;
1793 - not transcribed yet
1794 - John Johnston of Robeson Co. to Norman Shaw of Cumberland Co., 100A on Mirey Branch of Rockfish Creek, land granted to Johnson in 1749, Cumberland Co., NC;
1794 - Jesse Musselwhite to John Johnston, Sr., 100A Cowpen Branch of Ten Mile Swp, Robeson Co., NC;
1801 - John Johnston Senr to Archibald Johnston Junr, 150A near Big Marsh and McPherson and McBryde land, Robeson Co, NC;
1810 - Randal Currie, et al., to Mary, John & Alexander Johnson, quit claim, 235 A Ten Mile Swp, Robeson Co., NC

• Bladen Co. Tax List;
1855 Estate record of Daniel Johnson, Robeson County, NC;
1858 Estate record of Neill B. Johnson, Robeson County, NC;

• Mable Lovin's history of the Little Family;
• Bladen County tax lists, 1768-1789 (broken series), compiled by William Byrd III, Vols 1 and 2;
1786 Bladen Co. tax list, which is the 1784 US census of that county;
McCallums and Collateral Families;
• Bladen Co. Land Warrants;
• Robeson County deeds


  John Johnston, Sr.

Birth c.1710 Place Gigha?, Scotland
Chr Place
Death c. 1805 Place probably Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place
Father unknown Mother unknown
Marriage Place probably Scotland
Other spouses (John possibly married twice?) Marriage
WIFE   (Mary McAllister?)
Birth (c.1720) Place (Gigha?, Scotland)
Chr Place
Death (alive 1788?) Place Robeson County, NC
Burial Place
Father unknown Mother (Mary McAllister's mother was a McNeill)
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: This page will change frequently. I am currently researching a John Johnston of Bladen, now Robeson, who it appears married a Mary McAllister about 1735 or so, and had a daughter Margaret who married Archibald Little in 1756. The possibility of "Big John" Johnston and the John Johnston who married Mary McAllister having been one and the same man is very strong circumstantially. But "Big John" Johnston may have been the elder John's son. Careful study of existing Bladen County tax lists, Robeson County deeds and estate records reveal many parallels.
      John Johnston's surname was also spelled 'Johnson' in many deeds; the two names were interchangeable and by the early 1800s the family eventually fell into using the surname Johnson. The 'Johnston' spelling was used consistently in records of the late 1700s. Early Bladen County land entries for the Robeson area of old Bladen state that both John Johnston Sr. and Jr. lived on land they owned in 1753 on the north and south side of Pugh's Marsh, today's Little Marsh in Robeson County; now, however, I'm not sure the elder of the two men is "Big John" Johnston. These holdings were very near or adjacent the elder Phillip Ikner family. John Sr. and Jr. are easily confused; indeed, they are not definitively identified here and beg further research. There are deeds in Cumberland County wherein John Johnston of Robeson County is selling lands on Rockfish Creek and in Moore County in the 1790s, and it is logical that John Johnston Sr. and Jr. both came out of Cumberland.
     Three men, Patrick Kelly, John Little and Randal Currie are found in more than a few deeds concerning John Johnson and his family and in one deed the three men are relinquishing their claim on the lands of John Johnston, Senior, the titles for which were in the hands of John Johnston, Junior. It is my belief, based on the fact that Randal Currie married Nelly Johns(t)on, that Patrick Kelly and John Little also married Johnson women, probably daughters of either the father John Johnston or the son John Johnston.
     These two John Johnstons, presumably father and son, are found in the 1790 census of Robeson County close to one another, with one bearing a structurally-close resemblance to the children enumerated below. In the census itself, one of the John Johnstons is at the very beginning of the census and the other is at the very end; presumably, the beginning and the end are the same region of the county since there were no county districts named. There are also an Angus and an Alexander Johnston several houses away from the two Johns, and I do know that there was a different Johnson family--the Peter Johnson family--who lived in the far northern section of old Robeson, now Hoke County--and that particular family had both a Daniel and an Alexander Johnson who were contemporaries of these Johns(t)ons of Great Marsh. Our John Johnston also owned land far south of his Pughs Marsh holdings, and these lands were located around north of Raft Swamp and south of the Great Marsh. It appears that John Johnston Junior bought land around Ten Mile Swamp and Cowpen Branch there. He is likely the "Big John" Johnson whose land was inherited by Daniel Johnson and his brothers listed as children below. There are other Johnstons in the 1790 census but their first names are biblical (e.g., Absolom, Isaac, etc.) and bear no resemblance to any of the Johnstons in question.
     This chart changes with time and further research

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Margaret Johnston
alive 1788
Archibald Little in 1756. He is said to have fought on the American side during the Revolution
2. John ("Big John"?)
Johnston, Jr.
after Mar 1810
(Mary? or Catherine?) John Johnston, Jr. disappears from Robeson records after about 1810.
3. Duncan Johnston
After 1810?
He had a grant in 1794. There is a Duncan Johnston in the 1807 county court minutes, and he appears to be alive in 1810 Robeson Co. census 26-45 yrs of age, with wife 26-45 and one daughter under 10 yrs, pg.256; the household is near the McPhersons on Raft Swamp and Patrick Kelly.
4. Archibald Johnston
alive 1801
5. Daniel Johnston
July- Nov 1799
Isabella Brown, c. 1789; daughter of "Tory Neil" Brown and Sarah McPhaul