"Bluff Hector" McNeill & wife Mary McAlester
Chart No:


Associated Grants/Deeds:
1759 - John Astee to Hector McNeill Esqr, 640A on Taylors Hole, Cumberland Co., NC;
1764 - Hector McNeill to Duncan McNeill, Taylors Hole, 640 acres, Cumberland Co., NC;
1767 - Hector McNeill to Farquard Campbell, 200A on CFR near Jerome Rowan land, Cumberland Co., NC;
1784 - Duncan McNeill (Bluff Hector's brother) to Archibald McNeill (Bluff Hector's brother), 320A on Taylors Hole, Cumberland Co., NC;
1796 - John McNeill (Bluff) to Duncan McFarland, 320A on both sides Buffalo Creek, Robeson Co., NC.

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1769 Estate settlement of "Bluff Hector" McNeill, Cumberland Co., NC;
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• Letter #54 and 61 from Alexander McAllister of Barmore in Cumberland Co., NC to his brother Hector McAllister and family of Moniquill, Scotland, May 20, 1784.
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1769 estate settlement of "Bluff Hector" McNeill, Cumberland Co., NC
• 1790 Cumberland Co., NC estate of Duncan Ochiltree;


  "Bluff Hector" McNeill

Birth c.1720-25 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death November 1767 - October 1768 Place Cumberland Co., NC
Burial Place Cumberland Co., NC
Father Neil McNeill of Ardelay, aka "Black Neill" McNeill and Neil Dhu McNeill Mother Grizella Campbell
Marriage Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Mary McAlester
Birth c. 1730 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death November 1791 Place Cumberland Co., NC
Burial Place Cumberland Co., NC
Father Coll McAlister Mother Janet McNeill
Other spouses Duncan McLean Marriage

Notes: Malcolm Fowler stated (without naming his source) in his book Valley of the Scots that "Bluff Hector" settled the Bluff in 1742, thus he would have to have been of legal age (16) with added maturity for the management of such an acquisition. I believe "Bluff Hector" was born close to 1720 to 1725, but certainly no earlier than 1715, which would then put his father "Black Neill" McNeill's accepted birth year, 1699, in question. Also, his many accomplishments were not realized until the 1750s, namely: being designated attorney in 1754 for the sale of the thousands of acres on Cape Fear River of Duncan Campbell of Argyllshire, Scotland; becoming Sheriff of Cumberland County in 1754, and in 1760 became a representative of Cumberland County in NC colonial government.
    The will of "Bluff Hector" McNeill names only two sons, Neill and John. We know Neill died in April 1773 from a letter written by Alexander McAlester at him home, Barmore, in Cumberland County dated January 1774 stating "Our sister Mrs McNeill lost her eldest son last April, aged about 21... all daughters but one boy John who is about 16.". In 1796 John, in a deed dated that year, was Hector's "only son and heir". In his will of 1761, "Bluff Hector" named his own brother Duncan McNeill as an executor, and divided his lands between his two sons Neill and John; in 1785, as his father's only son and heir, John had to sue his uncle Duncan McNeill to county court to sue for his rightful inheritance in land and the slave Bob.
    A note on the estate settlement of "Bluff Hector" McNeill: Listed in his estate as one of Hector's debtors was the famous Cornelius Harnett.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Neill McNeill
April 1773
2. Flora McNeill
    (oldest daughter)
alive 1799
1st: Duncan Ochiltree from Islay before May 1784; died c.1787-90; 2nd: __?__ Draughon
3. "Bluff John" McNeill
Ann "Nancy" McKeithan
4. Jean McNeill
alive Nov 1792
Duncan Buie
5. Margaret McNeill
alive 1799
6. Mary "Polly" McNeill
alive 1799
7. Janet McNeill
alive Nov 1792
Dushee Shaw