Neill McNeill Jr. & Flora (Riddle?)
Chart No:

Associated Grants/Deeds:
1829 - John Gilchrist to Neill McNeill, 2 tracts, 380A on McPhauls Mill Swamp and Jobs branch near Butlers Pond and John Gilchrist, Robeson Co., NC;
1830 - Neill McNeill to son Archd McNeill, 4 tracts on Jobes branch and north side of Scolding Branch and McPhauls Mill Swamp, Robeson Co., NC

• 1962 genealogical charts from Walter McNeill of Red Springs, NC, given to my brother, Jay Edgerton;
1831 will of Neill McNeill, probated Nov Term 1831, Robeson Co., NC;
1790 will of Mary McNeill, Robeson Co., NC;
• Research by Ruth McArthur of Wilmington (deceased);
• Robeson County 1850 and 1870 censuses;
• State of North Carolina. An Index to Marriage Bonds Filed in the North Carolina State Archives. Raleigh, NC, USA: North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1977 (Neill T.'s marriage);
• Robeson County deed, Neill McNeill to Archd McNeill 1 Jan 1838, "heirs of Malcolm McNeill deceased";
Malcolm McNeill 1840 estate papers, originals of which were in possession of Ruth McArthur, and copies of which are in Steve Edgerton's collection and which are NOT found at the NC archives.


  Neill McNeill Jr.

Birth c.1755-1765 Place Bladen Co., NC
Chr Place
Death Aug 26 - Nov 1831 Place Job's Branch, Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place probably the Neill McNeill burial ground in today's Hoke Co., NC
Father "Shoemaker John" McNeill Mother Mary Peterson
Marriage Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Flora (Riddle?)
Birth c. 1766? (Read the Notes, below) Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death Is she alive in the 1870 census living with an Archibald McNeill 52 years old near William P. McNeill? Place Smiths Township, Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place probably the Neill McNeill burial ground in today's Hoke Co., NC
Father unknown Mother unknown
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: This Neill McNeill, Jr. was essentially a forgotten generation; most 20th-century local historians didn't connect him to "Shoemaker John", who was most likely to have been Neill, Jr.'s father. As Neill, Jr.'s death was close to 1831 and his estate settlement was lost or never entered into the record by the county (a piece does exist), he was forgotten. For generations, it had been believed that Neill Jr.'s son, Neill T. McNeill, was the son of "Shoemaker John". Evidence points to Neill T. McNeill having been the grandson of "Shoemaker John". Neill McNeill, Jr. is likely the son Neill McNeill whom a Mary McNeill claims as her son in her 1790 will. Neill Jr. was an adult that year according to her will, living in his own household adjacent her own property. His wife was named Flora, and according to other family branches' tradition, her maiden name may have been Riddle. (It is very interesting to note that in the 1870 Robeson County census, a Flora McNeill aged 104 and born in Scotland is living with an Archibald McNeill very near the family of Neill T. McNeill, the son of Neill Jr. Many of Neill and Flora's children's birth dates below came from the 1850 census, e.g., Archibald's is based on an Archibald P. McNeill (dwelling #26) living very close to Neill T. McNeill (dwelling #23) in the census but may not be Neill's son. 'Blind John' is known only through oral tradition by descendant Walter McNeill of Robeson Co., though census records can support his existence. Archibald owned part of the original McNeill land with his brother Neill T. McNeill. The 1870 census of Robeson shows Archibald P. McNeill in Smith's township living next door to Alexander McBryde, the husband of Neill T. McNeill's daughter Sarah.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. "Blind John" McNeill
dead by 1831
As a grandson of Shoemaker John, 'Blind John' was likely the oldest son.
2. Neill T. McNeill
Veteran of War of 1812
Mary Leach, married 14 Jul 1829 (date of bond), Cumberland Co., NC
3. "Hatter Hector" McNeill
alive Apr 1841
unmarried in 1840
4. Malcolm McNeill
1 Jan 1838
5. Daniel McNeill
incompetent; brother William was guardian
6. Archibald McNeill
c. 1800
alive 1870
Archibald was deeded 3 tracts of land on north side of Scolding Branch (Richland Swamp today) by his father, Neill in 1830.
7. David McNeill
incompetent; brother William was guardian
8. Mary McNeill
9. (Flora?) McNeill
dead by 1831?
10. Rosanna McNeill
alive July 1850
Richard B. "Dick" Gregory
11. William P. McNeill
c. 1812
Catherine Shaw