"Shoemaker John" McNeill & Mary Peterson
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
(No deeds or grants have been attributed to "Shoemaker John" at present.)

• "Some of the Descendants of Sailor Hector McNeill" by James Roberts, 1980;
1790 will of Mary Peterson McNeill;
• A second copy of Mary McNeill's 1790 will found by Ruth McArthur in her McNeill grandmother's possessions;
Newspaper article from Ruth McArthur of Wilmington, NC about her relative, Walter A. McNeill of Hoke County, NC;
• Research of Ruth McArthur;
• NC land grant dated 1768;
• Bladen County Abstracts of Early Deeds, 1738-1804 by Holcomb;
• Various McNeill and McPherson estates records and deeds from NC Dept. of Archives and History.


  "Shoemaker John" McNeill

Birth c.1730-40 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death About 1786, but before July 1790 Place Bladen/Robeson County , NC
Burial Place probably the Neill McNeill burial ground in today's Hoke Co., NC
Father Neill McNeill on Jobs Branch Mother unknown
Marriage Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Mary Peterson
Birth c.1735 Place probably Scotland
Chr Place
Death after Dec 1791 Place Robeson County , NC
Burial Place probably McNeill cemetery in Red Springs, NC
Father unknown Mother unknown
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: "Shoemaker John" was brother of "Sailor Hector" McNeill, both sons of Neill McNeill who is said to have to have emigrated in 1740 and if so likely was with the Argyll Colony. Shoemaker John is not found in existing records with any certainty, but there is a John McNeill in the early Bladen tax lists, but he cannot be positively identified as Shoemaker John himself. He died about 1786 as any hint of him disappears from the records about that time; his father died about this time as well. At any rate, Shoemaker John did not own extensive tracts and may have owned as little as 100 acres if the tax lists reveal his identity, though I believe he--or his immediate family--inherited land from his father Neill McNeill. Mary's will was written in July 1790 and bequeathed lands, likely her dower land, to her sons Neill and Daniel, so it appears Shoemaker John died intestate.
     Below, I have estimated all birth dates, however, the most accurate is Marian's birth date. Her first child was born in 1775 and her last child, of which she bore nine in all, was born in 1798. Having born children for 23 years, and assuming she married around the age of 15 to 20, her birth year was probably around 1755 to 1760.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Marian McNeill
c. 1760
Daniel McPherson, c.1774
2. Neill McNeill
c. 1765
Flora (Riddle?)
3. Janet McNeill
Declared incompetent in 1807; never married
4. Catherine McNeill
5. Daniel McNeill of
McPhauls Mill Swp.
c. 1782
Jane McDougald