Neill McNeill and unknown wife
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17xx - xxx;

Undated (1787-1803) will of Neill McNeill, Robeson Co., NC;
• Mabel Smith Lovin's history of her McNeill ancestors;
• Cumberland County, NC grants and deeds for Malcolm McNeill of Cumberland Co.;
• Revolutionary War pension record of Malcolm McNeill and wife Nancy McNeill;
• Cumberland County deeds;
• Robeson County deeds;
• Research of Steve Edgerton;


  Neill McNeill on Upper Little River; lived in Robeson Co., NC - family chart

Birth c. 1725-30? Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death Will written after 1787, probated c.1803 Place Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place probably Robeson Co., NC
Father Mother
Marriage c. 1750 Place
Other spouses 2nd wife: Jane Campbell McNeill, widow of William McNeill Marriage c. 1776-77
WIFE   unknown (first wife)
Birth Place probably Scotland
Chr Place
Death Place probably Scotland
Burial Place
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: It is not known when this Neill McNeill came to North Carolina; he may have been born in the province, the son of an Argyll colonist (My own suspicion is that he was a son of Malcolm McNeill of the Argyll Colony, a colonist who eludes any detailed research). Neill and Jane appear to have married about 1776-77 as their first child Daniel ("Marsh Daniel") was born in 1778, then a son John, Jane's last child. William and Jane Campbell McNeill came to America in 1774, or Jane came as a widow after William died in Scotland, or William may have been waiting for her here in NC and died afterwards; legends vary. The passenger list of the ship Ulysses shows a Jane McNeill with children. It is said Jane married Neill after the Revolution because their families were on opposite sides of the conflict but, since their first child Daniel was born in 1778, that appears to be an error. Indeed, much of the lore surrounding Jane Campbell and her husbands appears to be oral tradition and erroneous. I have discovered, however, that Jane's daughter Nancy did not marry Neill's son Hector as traditional lore would have it, but that Nancy married Hector's brother Malcolm and had seven children spread between Robeson, Cumberland and Moore counties. Hector may have been Hector McNeill, Sr. of Upper Little River who married Margaret McNeill, the daughter of Turquill McNeill of the Argyll Colony (this needs to be confirmed). In Neill's undated will (probated in Robeson County in 1803), he left all his lands on Upper Little River to his first three sons Malcolm, Hector and Neill. Malcolm owned large tracts around Daniley's Creek on the south side of Upper Little River near the borders of Cumberland and Moore counties. His daughter Jane (and her husband William and son Malcolm C. McNeill of Robeson) sold her interest in this land in 1854. Land grants for Neill McNeill on Upper Little River should be searched to see how early this Neill McNeill obtained these tracts on the river.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Malcolm McNeill
Continental soldier in Rev. War
Nancy McNeill, 1776 in Cumberland Co., NC
2. Hector McNeill
c. 1754
11 Nov 1839?
(Margaret McNeill before 1789? dau of Turquill McNeill of Argyll Colony?)
3. Neill McNeill
after 1814
No information.
4. Elizabeth McNeill
She was given only a shilling in her father's will, so it is likely she was married at the time.