Laughlin McNeill & Flora (McNeill?)
Chart No:


Associated Grants/Deeds:
1755 - James McNeill to Laughlin McNeill; 111A, upper part of Hector McNeill's 1740 tract, NE side of CFR, Cumb. Co., NC;
1774 - Deposition of Laughlin McNeil to officials at New Bern regarding 100A south side of Rockfish Creek, Bladen Co., NC;
1800 - Laughlin McNeill to Stephen Gilmore; 111A, upper part of Hector McNeill's 1740 tract on E side of CFR, Cumb. Co., NC;

Sources for footnoted info:
1. 1801 estate record of Laughlin McNeill in Cumberland Co., NC;
2. Cumberland and Robeson Co., NC deeds;
3. Records of the Raleigh Register;
4. Judith Bullock Thompson Nesbit's history of "Laird Archy" McNeill;
5. Lumber River Scots (LRS) by Edwin Purcell;
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10. 1820 Marion Co., SC census;

11. LRS, p.217
12. Beatrice McEachern Bullock's history, "McNeills of the Bridge." This was the 1st version and was altered later.


  Laughlin McNeill

Birth before 17552 Place Scotland or NC
Chr Place
Death between Oct 18002 and July 18011 Place Robeson (now Hoke) Co., NC
Burial Place
Father Turquill McNeill (Argyll Colony) Mother (Mary Bethune?)7
Marriage c.1770 Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Flora (McNeill?)
Birth c.1750? Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death after January 18112 and by 182010 Place probably Marion District, SC2
Burial Place probably Marion District, SC2
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Jonathan Butcher, a professional genealogist now deceased, stated that Laughlin's wife Flora was a daughter of a Daniel McNeill, but did not say which Daniel McNeill and no source was cited.
    In Lumber River Scots by Edwin Purcell, descendants of Flora's daughters claimed that they descended from "Black Neill" McNeill of the Argyll Colony, but such descent would not be through Turquill McNeill because he is not listed as a son of "Black Neill". Another error made by Purcell in Lumber River Scots is that the children listed below are claimed to have been the children of John McNeill (son of Malcolm McNeill, son of "Laird Archy" McNeill) and Levaney Brown. They are listed correctly here according to the estate settlement of Laughlin McNeill of 1801 and a deed listing his daughter Elizabeth Gilchrist as heir to her father Laughlin McNeill.
    In a deed dated 1805, after Laughlin's death, Flora made a legal agreement with their son Turquill to, during her lifetime, keep her in the style to which she was accustomed. In January 1811, though they are living in Marion District, SC, she deeded to Turquill 100 acres on both sides of Buffalo Creek in Cumberland County. I am yet searching for records concerning Laughlin and Flora's other sons. The order of the children below reflects their order as it appears in Laughlin's 1801 estate settlement.
    Purcell also claimed that descendants of Elizabeth, Laughlin and Flora's daughter, used her descent from "Black Neill" McNeill to gain membership into the Colonial Dames, which would have happened prior to 1942 the date of his book. I have contacted that society to determine what if any proof applicants offered of this lineage and am currently (Aug 2012) awaiting their correspondence on the subject. As of June 2013, they have not responded.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. James McNeill
Did he move to Columbia Co., Georgia with brother Duncan and his uncle Turquill, Junior? James is said to have died in Cuba.4,12
2. Turquill McNeill
alive 1812, SC
(alive in 1820)
Moved to Marion District, SC, by 1811 with his family and mother.2 Listed in 1820 census of Marion Co., SC as a man 26-45 yrs, with 2 boys 0-10 yrs, 1 boy 10-16, 1 girl 0-10, one woman 26-45.
3. Duncan McNeill
Moved to Columbia Co., GA by February 22, 18052
4. Mary McNeill
17808 at
Blue's Bridge5
May 25, 18358,
buried at Philippi
1st: Archibald Graham, 13 Oct 17965
2nd: Rev. John McIntyre, 10 Dec 1812
5. Hector McNeill
No information
6. Elizabeth McNeill
19 Dec 17879
Sept. 25, 1850 in
Lowndes Co., AL6
1st: James Graham of Richmond Co., NC, 9 Dec 1805 in Cumberland Co.3 No children.6
2nd: Angus Gilchrist in 1813
7. Daniel McNeill
Became a silversmith2,4,12 by 18162, moved to Alabama and died there4,12; youngest son