Hector "One-Eye Hector" McNeill & wife Susannah Barksdale
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  "One-Eye" or "Leather-Eye" Hector McNeill, elevated to Colonel in British Army

Birth c.1750 Place Bladen (now Cumberland) County, NC
Chr Place
Death 1833 Place Cumberland County , NC
Burial Place NC
Father Archibald "Scribbling Archie" McNeill Mother Jennet "Jennie Bhan" Smith
Marriage 15 March 1771 Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Susannah Barksdale
Birth 1752 Place SC
Chr Place
Death Before December 1832 Place Cumberland County, NC
Burial Place
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage
Notes: "Leather-Eye Hector" McNeill was the son of "Scribbling Archie" McNeill and Jennet "Jennie Bhan" McNeill. His wife was Susannah Barksdale, though some say Mary Burnside; did he marry twice?
   Allan A. McCaskill wrote an article in 1901 that included information about "Leather-Eye", or "One-EyeHector" as he was also called. "Leather-Eye Hector" McNeill and old Colonel Hector McNeill were contemporaries and even today are often confused and claimed to be the same man. McCaskill identified each man, and pointed out that old Colonel Hector McNeill, who was McCaskill's great uncle, was killed at the Battle of Cains Creek in 1781. Furthermore, John Henry McPhaul's article on the Battle of Raft Swamp states that "Leather-Eye Hector" was elevated to the rank of Colonel to disguise the fact old Colonel Hector McNeill had been killed at Cains Creek.
   The information on the first three children come from "Leather-Eye Hector's will and the other children are to be listed in a genealogical chart at UNC library found by Brent Fallin. They are said to be buried at Tranthams Creek.
Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Daniel McNeill
Rachel Murchison
2. Archibald McNeill
Delia Calcott
3. Mary McNeill
28 July 1828
William McNeill; Wm. and wife Mary moved to Robeson County near the current town of Pembroke. She and their one-year-old son Archibald, "their youngest child", both died in 1828 and are buried on the banks of the Lumber River. A Dr. Hector McNeill who died in Savannah, GA in 1852 is buried there also. William was alive in 1850 Robeson Co. census, aged 80 with grandson John age 33.
4. Allen McNeill
died in childhood
5. Jennett McNeill
died in childhood
6. John McNeill
died in childhood
7. Laughlin McNeill
died in childhood
8. Malcolm McNeill
died in childhood
9. Margaret McNeill
died in childhood