Daniel McEachern, Sr. and (three wives)

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Daniel McEachern, Sr.

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Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—1801 will of James McNeill of Rockfish Cr., Cumberland Co., NC | 2—Lumber River Scots by Edwin Purcell states that Daniel married Effie Currie before 1771. 1940, pp. 338-339 | 3—Estate settlement of James McEachern, 1826, Sumter District, SC | 4—Estate settlement of Alexander McNeill, 1822, Robeson Co., NC | 5—Deed, Robeson Co., 1843, John and Elizabeth Buie, Anny McNeill to Hector McNeill, lands of their parents Alexr McNeill and Mary McNeill | 6—Deed, Robeson Co., Sept 1812, James McEachern to John Blount, lands inherited as heir of Daniel McEachern, Bk. Q, p. 208 | 7—1786 Bladen Co. Tax List, Bladen County, North Carolina Tax Lists; 1775 through1789, Volume II, p.161, by William Byrd | 8—1815 will of James McEachern, Sumter, SC, SCDAH | 9—"Two McNeill Families Related by Marriage but not by Birth" by Cyrus McNeill, 1900 | 10—Map of 18th-century plats of upper Robeson Co. drawn by Dan MacMillan, c.1980, NC Dept of Archives and History | 11—1810 Census of Robeson Co., NC | 12—Transcription of inscriptions and layout of Old Buffalo/Gin Branch Cemetery in Hoke Co. provided by Jim Sinclair of Raleigh, NC | 13—Deed, Robeson Co., June 1812, Malcolm, Archibald (acting for himself as well as attorney for their brother Patrick), John, Daniel and widow Beatrice McEachern, heirs of Daniel McEachern to John Blount, 300 acres, Saddletree lands of Daniel McEachern dec'd, Bk. Q, p. 193 | 14—Deed, Robeson Co., June 1802, James McEachern to Alexander Patterson, 40 acres, land of Daniel McEachern, Bk. M, p. 247 | 15—Deed, Robeson Co., 1804, James McEachern to Alexander Patterson, 50 acres east side of Drowning Creek in the creek swamp, "McEacherns old fields", Bk. O, p.58 | 16—Deed, Robeson Co., Jan 1801, Patrick McEachern to George Willis, Sr., lands on Jackson swamp, Bk. L, p. 116 | 14—Tennessee State Land Grants, Bk F p. 24 | 16—Several tracts surveyed by Patrick MacEachern in 1808 in Warren (later DeKalb) Co., TN, Extracted from Book 25 {B}, Plats and Surveys, 2nd Surveyor's District, No. 621 to No. 1035 | 17—Henry Hodgin's notes on the McEacherns | 18—Daniel McTaggart estate settlement, Robeson Co., NC | 19—Deed, Robeson Co., June 1812, Patrick McEachern to Archibald McEachern, power of attorney, Bk. Q, p. 214 | 20—Daniel McEachern deeds from the Cornelia S. McMillan Collection, NCDAH
Birth c.174011 Place Scotland2
Death 1812; died of blood poisoning from spider bite2 Place Home on Saddletree Swamp, Robeson Co., NC9,10
Father - Mother -
Other wife 2nd: ( FLora? ) McNeill;1,2,8
3rd: Mrs. Beatrice Torrey Purcell2
Info Married 2nd wife about 1774;2
Married 3rd wife about 17862

Three wives

Marriage date: before 17712
Birth - Place Scotland2
Death c. 17712 Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Father - Mother -
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : When the name of a woman from this period is lost it's usually gone for good, so further research needs to be done to discover the first name of this unknown McNeill, the 2nd wife of Daniel McEachern. But, I have found that Daniel McEachern's second wife was a daughter of James McNeill of Rockfish. I knew Daniel McEachern's second wife was a McNeill from a compilation of charts on Daniel's descendants citing Purcell's Lumber River Scots. She is believed to have died about 1783-84. In this little history there is a John McEachern (the son of Daniel, Sr. and his McNeill wife) who I believe is the John McEachern mentioned in the 1801 will of James McNeill of Rockfish Creek. Flora McEachern witnessed the will but she was not one of James's daughters; she was likely his granddaughter. The will bestows upon John McEachern 30 dollars, and the same amount is given to each of James's daughters. I now believe Flora, the witness, is a granddaughter of both James McNeill and Daniel McEachern, Sr., the youngest daughter of Daniel McEachern, Sr. and his second wife who was a McNeill. Was her hame Flora?
     From deeds in the Cornelia McMillan Collection at the NC archives, Daniel McEachern and Alexander Johnson both bought land two days apart from a Joseph Corbett of SC in 1785 on the south side of Rockfish Creek on Gilleys (probably Gillis) Branch. A John Johnson was a witness to both deeds. See deeds three and four above.
     Concerning the son James, I found an online transcription of the 1815 will of one James McEachern of Sumter, SC and I ordered a photocopy of the original in which he appointed his "uncle Duncan McNeill of Robertson County North Carolina" as executor to divide his assets amongst his widow and three children. The only Duncan in Robeson County who was capable of this obligation was "Long Duncan" McNeill the husband of Margaret McNeill, the daughter of James of Rockfish. Robeson deeds show that during his marriage James McEachern sold his inheritance from his father near Saddletree and moved to SC.

Children by Effie Currie: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Patrick/Peter McEachern2
ca. 1766-17712
alive c. 1822 in GA or Wilson Co., TN5
A deed dated Jan 1801 shows Patrick McEachern was living in Moore Co., NC.16 According to the Alexander McNeill estate settlement of 1821, Patrick (Alexander's brother-in-law), in debt to the estate, was "gone to Georgia" BY the year 1823;5 he was also in debt to the Daniel McTaggart estate. Peter is said to have married a McNeill of a Moore Co. McNeill family who moved to Tennessee.2 A deed dated 1812 shows him in Wilson Co., TN. A Patrick McEachern in Smith (later DeKalb) Co., TN was Deputy Surveyor there from 1808 to 181116.
Children by (__?__) McNeill, daughter of James McNeill of Rockfish Creek. She died about 1783 or 1784:
2. Malcolm McEachern2
ca. 17742
alive 18124,13
Mary "Polly" McTaggart2, believed to have been the daughter of Daniel McTaggart of Robeson Co, Scottish immigrant.18
3. James McEachern3,6,8
ca. 177514
1815 in
Sumter Co., SC
Married Rebecca Allen.3 James and Rebecca had three sons. James is not listed traditionally as a son of Daniel McEachern but deeds show he sold his interest in his father's estate near Saddletree as early as 1802, 1804 and 1812.6 In his will of 18158 James named his "Uncle Duncan McNeill of Roberson County, North Carolina". There was only one such man, "Long Duncan" McNeill, brother-in-law of James's mother whose first name is lost. I've estimated James's birth year as about 1775 because he one of his mother's first born and named after her father (he may have been her first-born), and he was old enough to sell land in 1802.
4. Daniel McEachern II2,17
ac. 1774-84
alive 181213
Christian17 McEachern, daughter of Robert McEachern and Jennet Henderson. Daniel and Christian were married before 1818, the year their daughter Sallie was born.2, 17
5. Mary "Polly" McEachern5
ca. 1780
before 18435
Alexander McNeill5 c.1795, son of Godfrey McNeill and Kitty McDougald. Polly's children were born in the late 1790's into the early 1800's.
6. John McEachern1,5
War of 1812 veteran
ca. 1774-841
1847 in Pike Co., AL2,13
Elizabeth McTaggart; married about 1810; she was likely a daughter of Daniel McTaggart who lived on Buckhorn Swamp. John McEachern and Elizabeth McTaggart sold their interest in Daniel McTaggart's grant of 1773 on Buckhorn in 1810 to Malcolm Thompson. The Robeson County court minutes record John McEachern and Elizabeth McEachern selling the land but the deed for the transaction states her name as "Elizabeth McTagart".
7. Flora McEachern11
ca. 178411
after 181011
Likely a daughter of Daniel and his McNeill wife, perhaps named after her deceased mother. She is only found in the 1810 census of Robeson Co., NC, aged 26-45, living with two children between the ages of 10 and 16, next door to to Daniel Conley11 the father of Elizabeth Conley, wife of John McEachern, above. She may have been the Flora McEachern who married Malcolm Mathews in Robeson Co.
Children by Beatrice Torrey Purcell, widow of Malcolm Purcell, who married Daniel about 1785 or '86:
8. Archibald McEachern, Col.2
23 May 18732
Effie Sellars, lived at Mill Prong House, now in Hoke Co., NC2
9. Sarah "Sallie" McEachern2
ca. 17862
Archibald Patterson of Buffalo Creek2