James McNeill of Rockfish Creek and wife Elizabeth McNeill

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James McNeill of Rockfish Creek (aka Jimmie McNeill of McCaskills)

Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Bible record of Barbara P. McNeill, granddaughter of James McNeill, dated 1853. Transcribed from the original by Mabel McNeill Smith Lovin and is page 1 of Part 4 of her McNeill history. Bible now in possession of the heirs of Mary Lou Huske (dec'd) | 2—Cumberland Co. will of James McNeill, 1801 | 3—Cumberland Co. court minutes, April Term 1805, probate date for James McNeill's will | 4—Estate settlement of Elizabeth McNeill, 1814, Cumberland Co., NC | 5—Cumberland Co. deed, 1755, James McNeill to Laughlin McNeill, Bk. 69, p. 4 | 6—Cumberland Co. deed, 1808, Elizabeth McNeill to Stephen Gilmore, Bk. 25, p. 62 | 7—1786 Bladen Co. Tax List, Bladen County, North Carolina Tax Lists; 1775 through1789, Volume II, p.161, by William Byrd | 8—Robeson County, NC grants and deeds for James McNeill and the McFayden family | 9—Phillippi cemetery inscriptions | 10—Raleigh Register obituary for Dr. Hector McNeill, 6 January, 1840 | 11—Estate settlement of Dr. Hector McNeill, 1840, Cumberland Co., NC, names slaves bequeathed from father to son | 12—Cumberland County, NC grants and deeds for "Hector Carver" McNeill, Bladen and Cumberland Co. | 13—Research of Reginald Barton of New York concerning the Archibald McFayden family of Cumberland Co. and her tombstone at Longstreet placed there in 1975 by descendants | 14—Corresponence and Documents Pertaining to the Bethune, Keachey, McLeod, McFarland, Patterson and other Related Scottish Highlander Families of North Carolina, by Lt. Col. Victor E. Clark, 1987, pp. 257-259, Genealogical Library, NC Dept. of Archives and History | 15—Cumberland Co. will of Archibald McFadyen, 1830 | 16—Mabel Lovin's history of her McNeill ancestors | 17—Lumber River Scots by Edwin Purcell, 1940 | 18—Robeson Co. deed, 1806, James McNeill to Murdock McDuffie, 450 acres James inherited from his father, Bk. O, p. 190 | 19— DNA analysis between descendants of James McNeill of Rockfish Creek.
Birth 22 Feb 17321 Place probably Kintyre, Argyllshire, Scotland
Death Between 18012 and Apr 18053 Place Cumberland Co., NC; believed buried Philippi Cemetery, Hoke Co. NC9
Father unknown Mother unknown
Other wife - Info -

Elizabeth McNeill

Date married 17521
Birth 17391 Place Scotland or Bladen Co., NC
Death 18144 Place Cumberland Co., NC4; believed buried Philippi Cemetery, Hoke Co. NC
Father Hector "Hector Carver" McNeill5,6 Mother unknown
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : About 1940 J.F. "Frank" McKay (my gr-grandfather) of Philadelphus, Robeson Co., told his granddaughter, my mother, that his grandfather, "Wild Archie" McNeill, told him that Wild Archie's grandfather, James McNeill, came from Scotland in 1740. Was James McNeill an Argyll Colony child, arriving in America at the age of eight?
     James and Elizabeth had nine daughters and three sons. Three daughters have been positively identified. I've long suspected Malcolm McNeill's wife Mary—her parentage unknown to the present day—was the daughter of James and Elizabeth McNeill. Mary and Malcolm named their five oldest children Barbara, Archibald, James, Daniel and Elizabeth, matching old Scots' naming patterns that reflected grandparents' names; all five of these children of Mary's were born between 1778 and '86 in roughly 2-year intervals leaving little or no room for any deceased infants to disturb the pattern. At that time no other James McNeill in the region was old enough to be the namesake of their son James. The second son of John Purcell Graham and his wife Janet McNeill was named James and the first four of their children match the old naming pattern as well. As for Anne's marriage, she was the second wife of Archibald McFayden, and as he had by his first wife a son already named for his father, he and Anne had two little boys named James because the first one died in infancy; they, too, appear to have used the naming pattern.

Children: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Sarah McNeill1
First-born to James and Elizabeth. No further information.
2. (unknown name [Flora?]) McNeill1
c. 1757
c. 1784 but
before 1786
2nd wife of Daniel McEachern, Sr. married c. 1774. Her name MAY have been Flora but no proof of it. Her first child was born c. 1775. Proof she was McEachern's second wife comes from the will of their son James McEachern who named his uncle Duncan McNeill of Robeson Co. as executor.

3. Mary McNeill1, 19
(c. 1759?)
(Wife of Malcolm McNeill, son of "Gentleman Archy" McNeill?)
4. Jennet McNeill14
c. 1768
John Purcell Graham.
5. (daughter) McNeill1
c. 1763
6. Margaret McNeill1
20 Apr 18399
"Long Duncan" McNeill, son of Turquill McNeill (and Mary Bethune?).
7. Daniel "Danold" McNeill1
c. 17659
Elizabeth McNeill, daughter of "Archie Ghar" McNeill and Barbara Patterson, Daniel was the 7th child.
8. Elizabeth McNeill1, 19
(A.C. Bethune letter c. 1941 said Annie McNeill who married Archd McFadyen had a sister Elizabeth.)
9. James McNeill, Jr.1,8
c. 1770
alive 180618
An obit for a James McNeill, age 59, died 1829 Moore Co., NC, formerly of Robeson. Another item, a letter from Little River, Florida written by Hugh McPherson in 1839, says an old James McNeill had a son James there who was a blacksmith.
10. Ayles McNeill1, 19
c. 177416
Sept 184016
"Fiddler Hector" McNeill
11. Hector McNeill, Dr., "last of the 12 children to die" 1,8,10,11
c. 177510
Dec 183910
Unmarried; lived in Cumberland Co. with his niece, Ann McNeill Wilkinson, wife of William Wilkinson & daughter of "Long Duncan" McNeill.
12. Anne "Nancy" McNeill1,13
1 Aug 182513
2nd wife of Archibald McFadyen, 12 Aug 1806.