Daniel "Danold" McNeill and wife Elizabeth McNeill

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Daniel McNeill

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Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Research of Hannah McNeill McMillan and Mary Lou Stack Huske of Red Springs, NC and the Bible record of Barbara P. McNeill, granddaughter of James McNeill, dated 1853. Transcribed from the original by Mabel McNeill Smith Lovin and is page 1 of Part 4 of her McNeill history. Bible now in possession of the family of Mary Lou Huske (dec'd) | 2—1828 will of Danold McNeill in Cumberland County, NC; | 3—1801 will of James McNeill in Cumberland County, NC; | 4—Letter dated 1842, Kemper Co., Miss. from Archibald C. Currie | 5—Photo of Elizabeth McNeill McNeill's gravestone in East Carroll Parish, LA, courtesy of Jimmy Coleman, Epps, LA who told me the grave had been moved to make way for a highway | 6—Philippi Cemetery inscriptions | 7—Deeds for Daniel and his father James McNeill for their adjoining lands on the south edge of Rockfish Cr. in Robeson Co., NC | 8—Photo of Daniel "Danold" McNeill's gravestone in Philippi Cemetery, Hoke, Co., NC | 9—Map of 18th-century plats of upper Robeson Co. drawn by Dan MacMillan, c.1980, NC Dept of Archives and History | 10—"Two McNeill Families Related by Marriage but not by Birth" by Cyrus McNeill, 1900 | 11—Mabel Lovin's history of her McNeill ancestors, Part 1, pgs. 16-19 | 12—1881 will of Archibald McNeill, son of Danold McNeill, Robeson County, NC; | 13—Vanishing Ancestors, by Peggy Townsend | 14—Ancestry.com. | 15—Barbara P. McNeill's bible record states "F. A. Huiston died 25 May 1851". That is not borne out by the census records of Madison County and may be off by over then years. She is alive about 1863 when her last child was born.
Birth c. 17651 Place probably Cumberland Co., NC, on north edge of Rockfish Cr. near McCaskills Bridge9,10
Death 9 Nov 18288 Place Robeson Co., NC, south edge of Rockfish Cr. where he lived7; buried at Philippi Cemetery, Hoke Co., NC6
Father James McNeill of Rockfish Creek1 Mother Elizabeth McNeill1
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Elizabeth McNeill

Marriage date: 18111
Birth 11 Sept 17891,5 Place probably Robeson Co., NC, south edge of Rockfish Cr. at "Archie Ghar" McNeill's residence there, adjacent to James McNeill's lands7
Death 2 Nov 18571,5 Place East Carroll Parish, LA5 (photo)
Father Archibald "Archie Ghar" McNeill11 Mother Barbara Patterson11
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Notes on this Family : Mabel Lovin omitted the three daughters Daniel and Elizabeth had who are listed in his will of 1828. Lovin stated in her McNeill research that Danold and Elizabeth had a son named Benjamin Franklin McNeill but no such son can be found; however, a Benjamin F. McNeill is found in the 1900 census of Back Swamp in Robeson County, born in NC to parents who were born in NC, aged 44, with wife Harriet E. McNeill aged 44, and several children. Benjamin F. McNeill was executor of Archibald McNeill's 1882 will, and Barbara P. McNeill lived with Archibald in the Moss Neck section of the county near Back Swamp. In Archibald's will he names his sister Barbara P. McNeill as "Barbary P. McOftes". In a diary by Barbary's cousin entitled The Uncompromising Diary of Sallie McNeill 1858-1867, Sallie states that Barbary had two sisters who are married and that is correct although Sallie didn't know of the third married sister. Sallie also states that Barbara had returned to Louisiana only to find their brother, James, married and "unatural", a scoundrel who would not help support her. She went on to say brother Archibald -- who was living for a time in Louisiana then -- took Barbary to NC to live with him at his own expense. Barbara lived with Archibald at Moss Neck in Robeson below Philadelphus and it was there that the two raised their niece and nephew, Robert and LouLou, orphaned children of James Henry and Minerva McNeill who had died of cholera in Mississippi.

Children: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Isabella McNeill1
18 Oct 18111
22 Feb 18801
Archibald C. Currie, 9 Feb 1833 in Cumberland Co., NC1,4
2. James Henry McNeill
25 Aug 1866 of cholera in Miss.1
Minerva Armstrong, 21 July 1859 in Memphis, TN; Minerva died about 1865 in Lousiana1
3. Flora Ann McNeill
ca. 1817
ca. 18631,2,15
William J. Hueston in Madison County, Mississippi in November 1845.14
4. Mary McNeill
alive 18282
No information, probably died young.
6. Archibald McNeill
16 May 18811,2
5. Margaret Jane McNeill
June 18491,2,14
George B. Granberry in Madison County, Mississippi in October 1845.14
7. Barbara Patterson McNeill
c. 1826
Supposedly unmarried, but her brother Archibald's will called her 'Barbary P. McOftes"12
8. D.M. McNeill
Sex unknown; believed to have died unmarried1