Hector "Hector Carver" McNeill and unknown wife

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Hector "Hector Carver" McNeill

Deeds: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Bible record of Barbara P. McNeill, granddaughter of James McNeill, dated 1853. Transcribed from the original by Mabel McNeill Smith Lovin and is page 1 of Part 4 of her McNeill history. Bible now in possession of the family of Mary Lou Huske (dec'd) of Charlotte, NC | 2—Cumberland County, NC grants and deeds for "Hector Carver" McNeill, Bladen and Cumberland Co. (See deed list at left) | 3—Estate settlement of Elizabeth McNeill, 1814, Cumberland Co., NC | 4—Cumberland Co. deed, 1755, James McNeill to Laughlin McNeill, Bk. 69, p. 4 | 5—Cumberland Co. deed, 1808, Elizabeth McNeill to Stephen Gilmore, Bk. 25, p. 62 | 7—1786 Bladen Co. Tax List, Bladen County, North Carolina Tax Lists; 1775 through1789, Volume II, by William Byrd, p.161 | 8—1737 letter from Hector McAlester of Scotland to his brother Alexander McAlester in NC, from page 1 of The McAllister Family History written in 1900 by Rev. David McAllister | 9—Chatham Co. deed, 1778, Hector McNeill of Bladen Co. to Valentine Braswell, Jr. of Chatham Co., Book B, pg. 181 | 10—Cumberland Co. deed, 1755, James McNeill to Laughlin McNeill, Bk. 69, p. 4| 11—xxx | 12—xxx
Birth c.17151 Place probably Argyllshire, Scotland
Death after 17789 Place Bladen (now Robeson) Co., NC9,10
Father Laughlin McNeill8 Mother Margaret Johnstone8
Other wife - Info -


Marriage date: before 17391
Birth - Place probably Scotland
Death during or after 1739 Place Scotland or Bladen Co., NC
Father - Mother -
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : In 1736 Neill Dhu McNeill led an expedtition up the Cape Fear River to scout for an area suitable for a colony. Within the McAllister family history written in 1900 by Reverend David S. McAllister, there is a citation of a letter written in 1737 by Hector McAlester of Scotland to his brother Alexander in NC inquiring about the welfare of the son of Laughlin and Margaret Johnstone McNeill named Hector who had remained in NC the year before. "Hector Carver" appears to be that Hector for one good reason: The only two Hector McNeills of the Argyll Colony were "Hector Carver" and "Bluff Hector", the latter having been the known son of Neill Dhu McNeill. Elizabeth McNeill was the only child and heir of Hector McNeill who received a grant for a wedge of 222 acres bisected by Dunfield Creek on the east side of the Cape Fear River on 4 June 1740. Elizabeth's husband James sold half of the wedge three years after their marriage in 1755 and in 1808 Elizabeth sold the other half. When they married Elizabeth was a child bride at the age of 13; however, their first recorded child, Sarah, was not born until Elizabeth was 16. Altogether, Elizabeth bore James twelve children.

Children: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Elizabeth McNeill1,5
James McNeillof Rockfish Creek1,4 in 17521