Godfrey McNeill & wife Catherine "Kitty" McDougald
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1788 - Deed, Robeson Co., NC, Alexander McNeill by sheriff to Godfrey McNeill, 4 tracts east of Raft Swp.
1789 - Deed, Robeson Co., NC, Charles Council to Godfrey McNeill, 150A between Great Marsh & Raft Swp.
• The 1806 will of Godfrey McNeill in Robeson County, NC, probated in January 1807 term of Robeson Co. court;
• Robeson Co. court minutes, January 1807;
• 1850 Census, Robeson Co. NC;
• Bladen County tax list, 1786 (This was the 1784 census for Bladen County mandated by the U.S. Government because it enumerated white women who were never included in tax lists)
• Estate settlement of Alexander McNeill, 1822, Robeson Co., NC;
• Deed, Jan 1809, Neill McNeill to Malcolm McNeill, several tracts tht belonged to Godfrey McNeill, Robeson County, NC;
• Cyrus McNeill's "History of Two McNeill Families", 1900;
• Research of J.S. Edgerton, Jr., and Dorothy P. Edgerton, both deceased, of Red Springs, NC.;
• Marriage Records, Clairborne Co., Mississippi.

  Godfrey McNeill; lived at intersection of McLeod's Crossing, Robeson Co.

Birth ca. 1735 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death 16 October 1806 - early January 1807 Place Robeson County, NC
Burial Place Patterson Cemetery, Robeson County, NC (unmarked grave)
Father Mother
Marriage at or before 1760,according to Cyrus McNeill in his history Place Probably Scotland
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Katherine "Kitty" McDougald
Birth ca. 1745 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death after 16 October 1806 Place Robeson County, NC
Burial Place Patterson Cemetery, Robeson County, NC (unmarked grave)
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Cy McNeill said in his history of the McNeills that Godfrey McNeill and his wife came over from Scotland about 1760, and all of the children listed and their respective information below concerning them came from Cy McNeill's history of this family; he knew their history well. We have few dates for the births of their children, but some of Godfrey and Kitty's children were doubtless born between 1760 and 1772, the earliest date known for the birth of one of their sons. According to local tradition, which is backed up by tax lists and other records, Godfrey's home was located at the McLeod Crossing (used to be called Godfrey's Crossing) on the Old Lowry Road just west of Red Springs, NC. About 1775, a particular Godfrey McNeill (perhaps not the one of this chart) offered to buy the plantation 'Troy' (the plantation on the Cape Fear River which had belonged to Dugald McNeill who had died in 1741) from Hector McAlester who had returned to Scotland. Our Godfrey McNeill is probably related to the Godfrey McNeill who is said to have come over from Scotland in 1773 to visit the area for prospective Scots settlers. The will of "Godfrey McNeill deceased", written in October of 1806, was produced in Robeson County court in early January 1807.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1.Malcolm McNeill
ca. 1760
8 Apr 1833
Katherine "Katie" Torrey, dau. of James Torrey and a Miss Hamilton. Lived and died at Godfrey's old plantation at Godfrey's (now McLeod's) Crossing in Robeson Co. Malcolm is designated 'Malcolm McNeill sadler' in the Robeson County court minutes.
2. Neill McNeill
ca. 1765
after Jan 1809
& before Feb 1811
Said to have been killed by runaway horse. He bequeathed all his lands on Raft Swamp to his brother Malcolm in Jan 1809. There are Robeson County deeds that indicate he may have been married and had children.
3. Alexander McNeill
ca. 1765-70
Nov 1821
Mary "Polly" McEachern, daughter of Daniel McEachern and his 2nd wife, a McNeill who was a daughter of James McNeill of Rockfish. James McNeill was a friend to Godfrey McNeill if not related to him. Polly was dead by March 1843. Alex and Polly lived where Neill Smith lived in 1900, near Shannon in Robeson Co., and they had seven children.

4. John McNeill

By Dec 1814
Married Catherine Taylor of Bladen Co., NC. Lived and died near Lumberton, NC wherein he sold a lot as early as 1798. John is dead on 14 Dec 1814 in a deed to sell his lots in Lumberton that names his children. Cy McNeill history lists the same children.
5. Daniel McNeill
Oct-Nov 1837
Celia Humphrey, dau. of William Humphrey and Anna Blount. Believed to have lived north of Lumberton in Robeson Co. near Ten Mile Swamp. "Celia's Bridge" over the Lumber River at Lumberton, NC was named for Celia Humphrey McNeill.
6. James McNeill
4 Apr 1853
Sarah McNeill, 1809, dau. of "Long Duncan" McNeill and Margaret McNeill. Moved to Decatur Co., GA. Many children.
7. Hector McNeill
Aug 1825
Lucy Crane in Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., Miss., 1817. Hector died age 47. Buried in Ragsdale Cemetery, Claiborne County, Mississippi. Children John(b.1820) , Robert (b.1823) and James Y McNeill (b.1824). Lucy remarried to Brooke Hill. She died in 1832.
8. Nancy McNeill
1st wife of Peter Johnson, married 4 April 1809; parents of Gov. James Johnson of GA (born 1811). Lived near McDonough, GA.
9. Catherine "Katie"
2nd wife of Daniel Johnson. Daniel's 1st wife was Ann Thompson by whom he had children; his third wife was Sarah McBryde by whom he had only one child. Katie and Daniel also had children.
10. Sarah Margaret
ca. 1785
July 30, 1850
Daniel Stewart, moved to South Carolina. Note: Godfrey's will mentions Margaret and Daniel Stewart but not 'Sally'. The 1850 census states Margaret was born in Scotland, but Cyrus McNeill states her parents, Godfrey and Kitty, came to America in 1760. Had daughters, Mary and Jennett. Jennett married in 1852 Alexander D. McNeill, son of "Wild Archie" McNeill.
11. Elizabeth McNeill
3 Feb 1859
Archibald "Wild Archie" McNeill, (see photo) son of "Long Duncan" McNeill and Margaret McNeill. c.1816. Lived and died on part of "Long Duncan's" plantation near Raeford, NC.