John McNeill of Richland Swamp and Two Wives

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John McNeill of Richland Swamp

Deeds: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Robeson County, NC Deeds (a series) dated 1823-1838 showing the children of John McNeill who lived near Moody Bay on Richland Swamp dividing the estate over time. | 2—Robeson County, NC will of Flora McNeill naming her children. Some are the children of his first marriage. | 3—Angus Black family bible records | 4—Robeson County, NC deeds indicate that John's four oldest sons were buying land as early as 1785, too old to have been the sons of Flora McMillan, John's second wife who bore John's last child in 1812. John and Flora married about 1792. | 5—Robeson County, NC marriage records. | 6—Peggy Townsend's "Vanishing Ancestors", Vol. 1, p. 6, the McBryde cemetery. | 7—Obituary for John McNeill of Keinfordale, 1850| 8—Philadelphus Presbyterian Church cemetery. | 9—U.S. Census Records for Robeson County, NC. | 10—Both estate settlements for Hector McNeill and Isabella McNeill (man and wife) in Richmond Co., NC, Robeson Co deeds, and the death certificate for their daughter Catherine Isabella who died in 1928.
Birth Abt. 1740- Place probably Scotland-
Death Abt. 18191 Place Richland Swamp, Robeson Co., NC1
Father - Mother unknown
Other wife 1st wife:(Name unknown)4 Info Married about 1765-

Flora McMillan2

Marriage date: Abt. 17924
Birth 17702,4 Place Scotland or NC-
Death 18383 Place Richland Swamp, Robeson Co., NC3
Father unknown Mother unknown
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : According to the will of John's 2nd wife Flora, his father is buried somewhere nearby. Regarding Flora McMillan, her maiden name is known by a provision in her will that directs her son to put up markers to her brother Duncan McMillan's grave, as well as her husband's and his father's. It appears Flora was John's second wife because his oldest sons are buying land as early as the 1780s. John may have bought these lands for them as little boys and attached their names to the deed--this kind of thing did happen, though not often--in which case Flora McMillan may have been their mother. Some of these early deeds, however, are witnessed by men who appear to have been brothers to the buyers. So the simplest and most likely explanation is that the four oldest sons were the sons of a previous marriage.
Regarding John's and Flora's daughter Isabella, her part of her father's estate was the slave Emily and 100 dollars. Emily is found in Isabella McNeill's estate settlement of 1854 in Richmond County, NC, the wife of Hector McNeill who had died the year before. Their daughter Catherine Isabella (Kate I. McNeill who never married) died in 1928 and her death certificate states her mother Isabella McNeill was born in Robeson County. Regarding John's and Flora's daughter Elizabeth, she accepted the slave Amy and money as her part of her father's estate, afterwards moving with her husband Turquill to Dent Co., Missouri, taking Amy with them where she died long after the Civil War and was buried with them in their family plot.

Children by 1st Wife: Birth Death Spouse / Year/ Notes Cht#
1. Neill McNeill1,4
Abt. 17671
Abt. 17965
Believed unmarried1 (He may have been John McNeill's brother, not son; there appear to have been no heirs if he had married at all.)
2. Malcolm McNeill1,4
Abt. 17701
1836 - 18561
Mary Ray, 24 Nov 1823;5 moved to Georgia; was she a dau. of Angus Ray?
3. Archibald McNeill1,2,3,4
Abt. 17731
14 Feb 18353
4. John McNeill "of Keinfordale"1,4
27 Dec 18507
Margaret McMillan; dau. of John McMillan and Margaret McNeill5
Children by Flora McMillan:
6. Duncan McNeill1
Effie Murphy; daughter of Archibald Murphy5
7. Neill McNeill1
12 Jan 18755
Sarah McBryde; about 1837; daughter of Alexander McBryde and Mary Bethune5
8. Catherine McNeill1
Abt. 17999
8 Oct 18655
9. Elizabeth McNeill1
19 Apr 1800-
26 Nov 1880-
Turquill McNeill; about 18261 moved to Dent Co., Missouri; son of Malcolm McNeill and Nancy McNeill
10. Isabella McNeill1
Abt. 18035
Hector McNeill of Richmond County, son of Angus McNeill10 (See 'Notes on this Family' above.)
11. Daniel McNeill "of Richland Swamp" 1
5 Jul 18058
3 Sep 18728
Sarah Black;5 24 Dec 1839;5 daughter of Angus Black and Margaret (née Black) Black3
12. Flora McNeill1
Abt. 18125
After 18509
Alexander Varnum, 11 Dec 18415