"Long Duncan" McNeill Family Bible

[The following is from the Bible of the granchildren of "Long Duncan" McNeill. Listed are the births of the children of his son "Wild Archie" McNeill. The bible was passed down to my family through his daughter, Harriett McNeill McKay. It is believed now to belong to William Davis "Bill" McKay, III.]

"THIS BIBLE is the Property of Duncan aniel McNeill, 4 of April"

[It appears someone has written 'Daniel' over the name 'Duncan' in the above. The letters "a n i e l" are in a darker and heavier ink. Also "4 of April" appears to be in a different handwriting. This is the family bible of "Long Duncan" McNeill, son of Turquill McNeill]

Family Record

Marriages [children of "Wild Archie" McNeill and Betsy McNeill McNeill]
Catharine Margret McNeill was married 30th of Jan 1840. [to Hector C. McNeill]
Harriet McNeill was married 8th of Jan 1843. [to Duncan McKay]
Alexander McNeill was married the 11th of March 1852. [Alexander D. McNeill to Jennett E. Stewart, his first cousin, daughter of Daniel Stewart and Margaret McNeill. Margaret was a daughter of Godfrey McNeill and his wife Kitty McDougald McNeill.]
Daniel McNeill was married January the 23 1870. [to Emaline Thompson]
Ann Eliza McNeill was born the 10 of November 1840. [dau of Catherine McNeill and her husband Hector C. McNeill]
Margaret Jane McNeill was born the 3 of December 1841. [dau of Catherine McNeill and her husband Hector C. McNeill]
Christian C. McNeill was born the 25 of June 1843. [dau of Catherine McNeill and her husband Hector C. McNeill]
Catharine Elizabeth McNeill was born the 9 of December 1844. ["Betty", dau of Catherine McNeill and her husband Hector C. McNeill; Betty's mother Catherine Margaret died at her birth. Betty married George H. McBryde in 1875.]
Mary Jane McNeill 1 of January 1849 [this child's parents are unknown; may have been a daughter of the unmarried couple Mary Jane McNeill and John McNeill of Rollins Store (now Jonesboro), Moore County, NC]
Andrew Jackson McNeill was born the 10 of December 1847. [son of Mary Jane McNeill and John McNeill of Rollins Store (now Sanford) in Moore County, NC]
Catharine McAlphin was born the 23 of June 1788. [this woman's relationship to the McNeill and McKay family is unknown]
John Archibald McKay was born the 8 of January 1844. [son of Duncan McKay and Harriet Elmira McNeill]
Eliza Jane was born the 5th of July 1856. [this child's parents are unknown; possible a slave]
Mary Caroline was born the 9nth of October 1857. [this child's parents are unknown; possible a slave]
Chalmers Alexr. McNeill was born March the 21st 1858. [son of Alexander D. McNeill and Jennett E. Stewart McNeill]
Mary Jane McNeill March 11th 1860. [dau of Alexander D. McNeill and Jennett E. Stewart McNeill]
Archibald McNeill was born June the 11th 1859. Died 5 Oct 1863. [son of Mary Jane McNeill and John McNeill of Rollins Store, Moore Co., NC (unmarried)]
Hector was born the 4th of July 1860. [a slave, son of the slave Martha as stated in Wild Archie's will]

["Wild Archie" McNeill and Elizabeth McNeill McNeill's children:]
Catharine [Margaret] McNeill was born 16 of Nov 1819 A.D. [Married Hector C. McNeill, see below]
Alexander McNeill was born the 21st of may 1821. [Alexander D. McNeill]
Mary Jane McNeill was born the 8th of August 1824.
Harriet Newel McNeill was born the 19th of June 1826.
Daniel McNeill was born the 25th of March 1828. [Daniel George McNeill]
Catharine [Margaret] McNeill died 9 of Dec 1844 age 25 years. [died in childbirth]
Elizabeth McNeill departed this life on the 3 of Feb 1859 in the 71st year of her age. [Elizabeth McNeill McNeill, wife of "Wild Archie McNeill and daughter of Godfrey McNeill and Katherine McDougald McNeill]
Archibald McNeill departed this life on the 12 of July 1862 aged 70 years 1 month and 8 days.[ "Wild Archie" McNeill]
Hector McNeill departed this life March the 21 1870 in the 56th year of his age. [Hector C. McNeill was living in Wilcox County, Alabama in the July 1860 census, age 45, with his three daughters Ann E., M.J. and C. C. McNeill, all listed above and all four were born in North Carolina. He is found in the voter registration lists of that county in 1867. I believe strongly that Hector C. McNeill was from Moore County, NC, of Rollins Store McNeills family. Rollins Store is now Jonesboro.]
Mary J. McNeill departed this life Mar the 9 1870, aged 47 years and 7 months.

Angus Black Family Bible

[The following bible record was posted by Liz Frano of Indiana to the Cumberland County, NC genweb site. According to Frano, the bible was originally in Gadsden Co., Florida, and was traded to Mr. Bradley Buie of Raleigh for a different bible that had been in his possession. The notes in blue are by S.C. Edgerton and come from research in official county records.]

This Bible Is the property of A BLACK
A. BLACK was married January the 10th 1811
CATHERINE BLACK was married the 31st day October 1832
SARAH BLACK was married the 29th of December 1839 [She married "Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp", Robeson Co., NC.]

ANGUS BLACK's children;
CATHERINE BLACK was born November the 6th 1811
DUNCAN BLACK was born July 13th 1814
SARAH BLACK was born October 6, 1817
ANGUS BLACK was born August the 25th 1820
CALVIN BLACK was born November 21th 1822
CAROLINE BLACK was born January the 20th 1826
MARY A. BLACK was born November 12th 1829
MARGARET BLACK was born December the 2nd 1792 [This Margaret Black was a twin of Sarah Black. In 1812 Sarah married John McPherson of Cumberland County, NC, who died in 1829. Twins Margaret and Sarah were daughters Archibald Black and Margaret (née Black) Black of Cumberland Co., NC.]
DANIEL McNEILL was born the 5th day of July 1805 [This is without doubt Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp who is buried at Philadelphus Presbyterian Church cemetery and whose gravestone states his date of birth as July 5, 1805 and his death as September 3, 1872. Robeson County deeds prove he was a son of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp, Robeson County, NC. This Daniel is constantly being confused with another Daniel McNeill in the county, one "White Daniel" McNeill, a son of Alexander McNeill and Polly McEachern. These two Daniel McNeills were born about the same time, though the exact birth year of "White Daniel" is not recorded anywhere. Cy McNeill's history states "White Daniel" moved to Arkansas and lived to a ripe old age. Indeed, he is found living in Union County, Arkansas, next door to Buies and Galbreaths who had moved from Robeson. "White Daniel" died there in 1877 and was buried at Scotland Presbyterian Church, according to that church's session records.]

The names of DANIEL McNEILL's children;
CATHERINE (KATE) ELIZABETH McNEILL was born the 15 day of July 1840 [Kate E. McNeill married Paisley Smith, son of Archibald Smith, Jr., and Mary McPhaul.]
ANGUS ARCHIBALD McNEILL was born the 15 day of July 1840 [Angus Archibald McNeill was actually born May 12th 1843; 15 July was the birthdate of his older sister Kate. Angus Archie married Flora McNeill, daughter of Catherine Shaw and husband William P. McNeill (son of Neill McNeill who died in 1831, and grandson of "Shoemaker John" McNeill and Mary Peterson).]

ANGUS BLACK, Jr. died September the 21st 1821
ANGUS BLACK, Sr. departed this life the 23rd day of April the year of our Lord 1831
MARGARET BLACK Departed this life the 27 day November the year of our Lord 1835
NANCY/ANN BLACK departed this life 27th March 1836
SARAH McNEILL departed this life the 12th day of August the year of our Lord 1843 [Wife of Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp; he never remarried.]
ARCHIE McNEILL departed this life the 14 day of February 1835 [Son of John McNeill of Richland Swp. by his first wife]
FLORA McNEILL departed this life December the 23 day 1838 [Second wife of John McNeill of Richland Swamp and the mother of Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp, above.]

CATHERINE BLACK was married to HUGH BROWN Oct 31st 1832
SARAH BLACK was married to DANIEL McNEILL Dec 26th 1839 by Rev. H. McLEAN [Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp]
MARY A. BLACK was married to ALEXANDER (ALEX) McPHERSON, Jr. June 29th 1834 by Rev. J. R. McINTOSH [Alexander McPherson, Jr. was for many years Judge of Probate for Cumberland Co., NC, and was a son of John McPherson (died 1829 Cumberland Co., NC) and Sarah "Sallie" Black. About four years after her husband’s death, Sallie Black McPherson had a child (Thomas D. McPherson, likely named after Thomas Davis who became Thomas's guardian after this mother's death) out of wedlock, and left Cumberland County, NC for Lauderdale County, MS. Sallie Black McPherson died there around 1849.]
CALVIN BLACK was married to FLORA BUNTING McQUEEN April 12th 1855 by Rev. C. McQUEEN

WELLINGTON [Wellington McPherson, son of Alexander McPherson and Mary A. Black, died young, unmarried.] was born Oct 14th 1856. 1/2 past 8 o clock A.M. tuesday morning
EDDIE [Edward McPherson, died young, unmarried; named for Alexander McPherson Jr.'s brother Edward who died in 1862 in Wilmington, NC.] was born June 17th 1860. 6 o’clock Sunday evening.
ALEXANDER [Alexander McPherson, died infancy] born Jan 1st 1863 1/3 past six A.M.