Neill McNeill and (unknown wife), on Long Swamp, Robeson Co., NC

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Neill McNeill on Long Swamp

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Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Will of Donald McNeill, 1792, Robeson Co., NC; NC Dept of Archives and History (NCDAH) | 2—Estate Settlement of Neill McNeill, 1838, Robeson Co., NC NCDAH | 3—1863 Estate Record of Neill McNeill, Robeson Co., NC | 4—Will of Neill McNeill, 1837, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 5—Deed, 1803, Daniel McNeill of Richmond Co. to Neill McNeill on Long Swamp of Robeson Co., Robeson Co. deeds, NCDAH | 6—1810 Robeson Co. Census | 7—Quit Claim Deed, 1836, Neill McNeill of Robeson to Catherine Blue of Cumberland Co., Bk 43 p350 | 8—Deed, 1835, Quit Claim by Heirs of Nancy Hair to Catherine Blue of Cumberland Co., Book 43 p353 Cumberland Co., NC | 9—Richmond County Marriage and Death Notices from the Raleigh Register 1826-1845 | 10—1850 Robeson Co. Census | 11—Estate Settlement of Daniel McNeill, 1880, Robeson Co., NC | 12—North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868| 13—Will of Archibald McKay, 1797, Cumberland Co., NC; NCDAH
Birth ca. 1765 Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Death March - August 18372 Place Robeson Co., NC
Father Donald McNeill1 Mother Janet (__?__)1
Other wife - Info -

(Sarah/Sary McKay?7)

Date married before 1797?13
Birth - Place -
Death after 18122 Place probably Robeson Co., NC
Father (Archibald McKay?13) Mother (Ann Gilchrist?13)
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : The exact birth order of the children below is unknown. Research on this family is ongoing. A search of the 1830 census of Robeson for this Neill McNeill was inconclusive. A Cumberland Co. deed from Malcolm Stafford to the heirs of Nancy Hair (wife of Daniel Hair) present a puzzle. A series of Cumberland Co. deeds show that Nancy Hair's heirs were the children of Neill McNeill of Long Swamp listed below as well as the children of Margaret (McKay) McNeill who wrote her will in Robeson Co. in 1818, namely, Rosa Stafford, Catherine McNeill, Mary Smith, Lauchlin McNeill and John McNeill. Rosa, Catherine, Lauchlin and John all moved to Marion District, SC by 1834. Margaret's relationship to Neill McNeill of Long Swamp is suspected to be sister-in-law, having married Neill's older brother Daniel.

Children: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Mary McNeill2,3
ca. 1800-03
by Jan 18732
Archibald McKay2; married before March 18373; he may have been the Archibald McKay who owned over 300 acres on Long Swamp in 1796; Mary and Archibald moved to Telfair Co., Georgia2 and were alive there in the 1850 census with many children.
2. Margaret McNeill2,3
23 Sept 18419
Daniel McArthur2; married before 27 Nov 18358; lived in Robeson Co., NC10
3. Catherine McNeill2,3
3 Sept 1806
21 Sept 18783
Neill C. Patterson3; married 21 Oct 1840; lived in Richmond Co., NC but is living in 1870 in Robeson Co., NC10
4. David McNeill2,3
ca. 1807?
Declared incompetent2; William McNeill made his guardian in Feb 18503; unmarried
5. Isabel McNeill2,3
ca. 1808
by Feb 18636
Daniel Stewart2; married Feb 1825 in Robeson Co., NC
6. Daniel McNeill2,3
26 May 18803,11
Elizabeth (__?__) of South Carolina, born ca. 1818. Daniel was said to have been without a male heir in his father's estate settlement of 1838.2,3 That is true, but in his Robeson Co. estate settlement of 1880, he did have a daughter named Minerva who married 23 March 1851 to Dr. John A. Barnes of Robeson Co.11,12 and they had a son Wm. Gaston Barnes.
7. Jane McNeill2,3
6 Apr 1812
11 Sept 1891?
John McArthur2, brother of Dr. David McArthur; he may have been, or related to, the John McArthur, Jr. who owned a number of tracts on Long Swamp in the 1790s; married 19 August 1843 in Robeson Co., NC.
8. Elizabeth McNeill2,3
ca. 1813
17 Feb 1884?
John C. Sinclair2, 31 March 1843 in Robeson Co., NC; lived in Robeson Co., NC