Donald McNeill and wife Janet __?__

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Donald McNeill

Deeds: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Footnotes and Sources:
| 1—Will of Donald McNeill, 1792, Robeson Co., NC; NC Dept of Archives and History (NCDAH) | 2—Deed, 1808, Daniel McNeill & wife Margaret of Robeson Co. to Alexr McKay, Cumberland Co., NC; NCDAH | 3—Deed, 1811, Daniel McNeill & wife Margaret & Ann McKay Heirs of Alexander McKay to Daniel Blue of Cumberland Co.; NCDAH | 4—Will of Neill McNeill, 1837, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 5—Will of Margaret McNeill, 1818, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 6—Bond between Hector McNeill and his mother Janet McNeill widow of Daniel McNeill, 1795, proved 1797, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 7—Estate Settlement of Neill McNeill, 1838, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 8—Deed, 1803, Daniel McNeill of Richmond Co. to Neill McNeill on Long Swamp of Robeson Co., Robeson Co. deeds, NCDAH | 9—Will of Daniel McNeill, 1812, Robeson Co., NC; NCDAH | 10—Will of Alexander McKay of Cumberland County, 1769, NCDAH | 11—Quit Claim Deed, Neill McNeill of Robeson to Catherine Blue of Cumberland County, 1836, NCDAH | 12—1810 Robeson Co. Census | 13—xxx
Birth ca. 1730? Place Most likely Scotland
Death March 17921-17956 Place Robeson Co., NC
Father Unknown Mother Unknown
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Date married -
Birth - Place -
Death alive 17971,6 (dead by 1810?12) Place probably Robeson Co., NC
Father Unknown Mother Unknown
Other husb. - Info -

Notes on this Family : Donald McNeill is likely a relative of Turquill McNeill of the Argyll Colony. Turquill gave his daughter Marrion Ferguson a slave named Judy in 1789, and the deed to the slave stated Marrion was the wife of James Ferguson of Robeson County. James Ferguson, Sr. bequeathed Judy to his children in his will of 1820. According to Donald's 1792 will in Robeson Co., John Ferguson and James Ferguson are his brothers-in-law. Also in his will, he bequeathed a slave, Willoughby, to his son Daniel McNeill who in 1804 sold him to James Ferguson, Sr. Of the children listed below, it appears Hector, Pegie and Polly never married or at least never had children; if they had had children they would have been named in the quit claim deeds their brothers' children had to sign.

Children: Birth Death Spouse / Year Cht#
1. Daniel McNeill1,2,3,5,8,
ca. 1750
ca. 1812
Margaret McKay, daughter of Alexander McKay of Cumberland Co. who died in 176910; Daniel and Margaret lived in Richmond and Robeson Counties, NC
2. Neill McNeill1,7,8,11,
ca. 1765
Name unknown (Was she a McKay or a Blue?);4,7; lived on Long Swamp in Robeson Co., NC
3. Hector McNeill1,6
alive Mar 17976
Believed to have been unmarried; alive in Robeson Co. in 17976
4. Margaret "Pegie" McNeill1
alive Mar 17921
Believed to have been unmarried
5. Mary "Pollie" McNeill1
alive Mar 17921
Believed to have been unmarried