Daniel "Beaverdam Daniel" Patterson & wife Catherine Malloy
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1768 - Elijah Bettis to John Patterson, 260A on Raft Swamp near Juniper Branch and Wiggins Branch, Cumberland Co., NC;
1782 - Patrick Travers petition to the court against Daniel Patterson and other Tories (including Daniel McPherson, Charles and Angus Malloy) concerning illegal acts of war in Cumberland Co., NC;
1782 - (Aug 21) Daniel Patterson to John McKay, 400A in 4 different surveys on Cross Creek and CFR, Cumberland Co., NC (identifies his father); Cumberland Co., NC;
1782 - (Oct 2) Sheriff to Patrick Travers, 200A of convicted Daniel Patterson's land, on south side of CFR near "Widdow McPharson" as punishment for crimes of war, Cumberland Co., NC;
1785 - Hugh Brown of Bladen to Daniel Patterson, 200A on Beaverdam near Buffalo Creek, Cumberland Co., NC;
1806 - Daniel Patterson to John McLain (sic),person property belonging to Daniel McLain witnessed by John McLain, probably the McLain family Daniel's sister Effy married into, Robeson Co., NC.
1826 - Daniel Patterson to Flora Patterson, personal property and quit claim to 175A of the Polly Shaw plantation, Cumberland Co., NC;
1844 - Angus McRae for debts due to John Campbell and Alexander Watson both of Robeson Co., quit claim to estate of Daniel Patterson, Cumberland Co. NC;
1876 - Archibald Patterson to Alexander Tynor, 100A originally belonging to Malcolm and Archibald Patterson, the lands of Daniel Sr., Cumberland Co., NC.

• Robeson and Cumberland County Deeds,
• Bladen County tax lists 1768-1789 by Byrd;
1769 will of John Patterson, Cumberland Co., NC;
• 1804 will of John Malloy, Robeson Co., NC;
1833 will of Daniel Patterson, Sr., Cumberland Co. NC;
1844 estate of Daniel Patterson, Sr. Cumberland Co., NC;
• 1850 Cumberland Co. census;
• Research of S.C. Edgerton.


  "Beaverdam Daniel" Patterson

Birth c.1753-60 Place Cumberland Co., NC
Chr Place
Death c.1833, date of will Place Beaverdam Creek, Cumberland Co., NC
Burial Place
Father John Patterson Mother Catherine McPherson
Marriage prior to 1782 Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Catherine Malloy
Birth Place
Chr Place
Death alive 1804 Place
Burial Place
Father John Malloy Mother Marron (__?__)
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Little is known of this "Beaverdam Daniel" Patterson, and the nickname given to him was recorded by another researcher who seems to have had information that this family was known by this nickname at the time they lived around Beaverdam Branch in the western corner of Cumberland County. Daniel's wife has been determined to have been Catherine Malloy through the will of her father, John Malloy, who willed certain slaves named in Daniel's will of 1833, plus the named grand daughter Elizabeth Patterson. I know through confiscation deeds (see deed list above) that Daniel's wife was living on his land on Raft Swamp in 1782, which was soon confiscated by the federal government for Tory crimes. Some of the land Daniel later purchased was patented originally by Angus Malloy with whom he had been a Tory in the Revolution. Daniel's estate settlement claims that he is "Raft Swamp Daniel" Patterson but this is definitely an error on the part of the Sheriff collecting fees for court costs unpaid by the heirs. Daniel was an active Tory in the Revolution and had his lands in Cumberland County and on Raft Swamp confiscated in 1782.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Archibald Patterson
after 1876
unmarried in 1850 census, living with sister Flora
2. Malcolm Patterson
unknown, apparently childless
3. Daniel Patterson, Jr.
unknown; may have been married but childless
4. Flora Patterson
after 1848
Angus McRae, of Cumberland Co., NC, died c.1860
5. Elizabeth Patterson
after 1860
Shockley Gibson (born c.1785-87, died after 1860); several of their children born in NC; left for Georgia c.1830 and living there in 1848
6. Loveday Patterson
after 1848
John Harrell ; living in Mississippi in 1848
7. Sarah Patterson
after 1848
James Murphy; living in Georgia in 1848; Bluff Church baptismal records show that James Murphy and wife Margaret Galbreath had a son James born 9 Dec 1799