Daniel "Danold" McNeill and Elizabeth McNeill
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1791 - Grant to James McNeill, 50A near Holtons Branch, Robeson Co., NC with chainbearers Daniel McNeill and James McNeill Jr.
17xx - Grant to Daniel McNeill, 50A SW side of Big Rockfish, Robeson Co., NC
17xx - Grant to Daniel McNeill, 50A SW side of Big Rockfish, Robeson Co., NC
1837 - Heirs of Daniel McNeill to Alexander Johnson, tracts on Big Rockfish Creek owned by Daniel and his father, James McNeill, Robeson Co., NC

1801 will of James McNeill in Cumberland County, NC;
1828 will of Danold McNeill in Cumberland County, NC;
• 1814 Cumberland Co., NC Estate Record of Elizabeth McNeill;
• Letter from Archibald C. Currie dated 1842;
• Bible records written in 1853 by Barbara Patterson McNeill, in possession of Mary Lou Huske dec'd, via the McNeill history written and compiled by Mabel Lovin;
• Robeson and Cumberland County, NC grants and deeds;
• Phillippi cemetery inscriptions;
• Photograph of Elizabeth McNeill's grave, courtesy of Jimmy Coleman, Epps, LA.


  Daniel "Danold" McNeill

Birth c.1765 Place probably Cumberland Co., NC
Chr Place
Death 9 November 1828 Place probably Cumberland Co., NC
Burial Place Philippi Cemetery, Hoke County, NC
Father James McNeill of Rockfish Creek Mother Elizabeth McNeill
Marriage c. 1810 Place (probably Robeson Co.) NC
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Elizabeth McNeill
Birth 11 Sept 1789 Place probably Robeson Co., NC
Chr Place
Death 2 Nov 1857 Place East Carroll Parish, Louisiana
Burial Place East Carroll Parish, Louisiana
Father Archibald "Archie Ghar" McNeill Mother Barbara Patterson
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Mabel Lovin stated in her McNeill research that Danold and Elizabeth had a son named Benjamin Franklin McNeill but that is incorrect; Benjamin F. (Fitzrandolph) McNeill was the son of William Culbreth McNeill and Pamela Ann Drake and is found in the 1900 census of Back Swamp in Robeson County, born in NC to parents who were born in NC, aged 44, wife Hariet E. (nee McEachin) McNeill aged 44, with several children. Benjamin F. McNeill was executor of Archibald McNeill's 1882 will, and Barbara P. McNeill with Archibald in the Moss Neck section of the county near Back Swamp. In Archibald's will he names his sister Barbara P. McNeill as "Barbary P. McOftes". In a diary by Barbary's cousin entitled The Uncompromising Diary of Sallie McNeill 1858-1867, Sallie states that Barbary had two sisters who were married: The elder sister Isabella married to Archibald C. Currie, and I discovered that another sister, Flora Ann McNeill, married Hector B. "Black Hector" McNeill (1813-1893, son of Malcom C. McNeill and Ruth FitzRandolph), but I neglected, sadly, to record my source for that bit of info; it appears Hector and Flora Ann had no children and it is recorded that Hector married Joanna Douglas, likely after Flora Ann's death. Sallie also states that Barbara had returned to Louisiana only to find their brother, James, married and "unatural", a scoundrel who would not help support her. She went on to say Barbara's brother Archibald took Barbary to NC to live with him at his own expense.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Isabella McNeill
18 Oct 1811
after 1842
Archibald C. Currie, 9 Feb 1833 date of bond; son of Angus & Flora Currie
2. James Henry McNeill
25 August 1866
Minerva Armstrong, 1859 in Tenn. Lived in East Carrol Parrish, Louisiana. James, a widower, died in Mississippi of cholera in 1866. His two children were brought back to NC by two former slaves.
3. Archibald McNeill
1881 Robeson Co.
4. Mary McNeill
before 1828
alive 28 Oct 1828
5. Flora Ann McNeill
before 1828
alive 28 Oct 1828
Hector B. "Black Hector" McNeill
6. Margaret Jane McNeill
before 1828
alive 28 Oct 1828
7. Barbara P. McNeill
__?__ McOftes
8. D.M. McNeill
unborn at father's death; unmarried; sex unknown.