Philadelphus Church Records, Book I

The source of the following transcription is a version that was typed in 1966 from the originals then in the possession of John Pat Buie (deceased) of Philadelphus. Today, those records have been better secured by church officials for safekeeping. The church was founded c.1794, but no records from these earliest years are known to exist. The present church building was built just prior to September 1861, and the first building's location was a few hundred yards to the east near Richland Swamp. To identify many of the individuals listed below, check the listing of the Philadelphus Church cemetery inscriptions. Though in doing so, be aware of similar names being used by successive generations–SE.


Minutes of the Session of Philadelphus Church Commencing June 2nd AD 1829 in Robeson County.

June 2, 1829 Ruling Elders
Mr. Neill Brown
Mr. Malcom McMillan
Mr. Duncan Brown
Mr. Daniel McCallum
Mr. Malcolm Patterson
Mr. Duncan McNeill [Son of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp. John died c.1822 and he and Flora had ten children.]
Dr. Arch'd Smith

Rev. John McIntyre Minister & Moderator

The session met Mon. 2nd June 1828 and Rev. Colin McIver being present was invited to sit with the session. Mr. Duncan McNeill & Dr. Arch'd Smith wee unanimously chosen by the congregation as Ruling Elders and were ordained. During this meeting Malcom McMillan, a ruling elder, was cited for exhibiting intermperance at the Lord's Supper and they resolved to form a committee to investigate.

June 29th 1828 (Sunday)
Session met and the committee reported Malcom McMillan [Malcom McMillan, born 1771 Kintyre, Scotland; died 21 February 1852 Robeson Co. Married Flora Patterson. Son of John McMillan & Margaret McNeill. McMillan and Allied Families, page 748] was sensible of his fault. He was asked to withdraw as Elder. He received a solemn admonition and he showed his desire to do better and he was willing to withdraw as elder. The congregation to be so informed on the next Sabbath that Malcom McMillan was no longer an elder but only a private citizen.

Oct. 5, 1828
It was resolved that all members who drank in excess, attended places of public amusement, being concerned with shooting matches or any other species of gambling shall hereafter be suspended from the church for 12 months. After which they may be restored if they show satisfactory evidence of reformation.

Aug. 23, 1829
Whereas it has been rumored that Misters Malcom McMillan & Hector McMillan members of our church were guilty of intemperance and an affray at the house of Capt. Angus Black on July last. Session cited them to appear at the next meeting of the session to answer for their offences.

Sept. 27, 1829.
Misters Malcom McMillan & Hector McMillan appeared separately and each admitted intemperance but denied the affray. They were asked to produce witnesses and Mr. Malcom McMillan produced Misters Arch'd Smith & John McMillan who duly sworn corroborated separately the statements made by the Mr. McMillans. They were given a solemn admonition and public notice of the facts were made after Divine Service. Mr. Malcom McNeill applied for Baptism to be administered to an infant child. Child was ordered have Baptism after some deliberation.

March 21, 1830.
Neill Brown made application for Baptism to be administered to infant child. After due deliberation and finding neither he nor his wife were communicating members of the church that he professed nothing more than historical faith, that he had not performed vows he voluntarily took on himself at former occasions. His petition was deferred.

April 2, 1831.
Whereas Mr. William McNeill at the time a Church Register was first to be formed represented himself as well as his spouse as communing members of this church & whereas this session has not recognized him as a communing member of this church for many years past it was ordered that the Clerk register his name not as a member in full communion but as a baptised member.

April 3, 1831
Sally Jane Brown & Martha Buie were received into full communion of the church.

May 1, 1831.
After several attempts Duncan McAlphin was finally received into the church. His mind appeared overshadowed with clouds of darkness, doubt & fear. Session closed with appropriate prayers for this case.

June 4, 1831.
Malcom McMillan appeared & wished to make acknowledgement of intemperance. He sated that on the morning of the 26th of May last he started to Fayetteville with some cattle that were very difficult to drive and which ran thro' the swamp very much and being very fatigued when he arrived at Mr. Dugald McKay's [Dugald McKay, Scottish immigrant, had died some 25 years earlier, but his family remained on the large farm on which he lived at the Blackfork, a fork of the Raft Swamp near current community of Shannon] he took a dram & gave some to the rest of the hands who were also very mch fatigued and that it operated on him too much. The decision of what to do was deferred but Session stated that there was no real evidence of a thorough reformation but rather a disposition to palliate, or excuse the offense.

June 5, 1831.
Rev Joseph Brown & Rev A. Buie assisted.
The following sought to be "New Creatures in Christ Jesus". Mr. Daniel Stewart, Mrs. Nancy McKay [Nancy McMillan McKay, widow of Daniel McKay of the Blackfork McKays. They lived at Philadelphus in a cabin on the old J.F. McKay farm on Hwy 72 one mile north of Philadelphus Church.], Miss Rosanna McNeill, Miss Catherine McMillan, Miss Margaret Jane McMillan, Miss Mary Galbreath, Miss Catherine Galbreath, & Miss Flora Galbreath.

July 3, 1831.
The proceedings of the last 2 meetings were read silently by the members (there being several persons in the house in consequence of rain). They further postponed Mr. McMillan's case.

July 31, 1831. Further postponement of Mr. McMillan's case.

Sept. 4, 1831.
Consulted about buying property for raising of a new church. Took up Mr. McMillan's case and Mr. Daniel McMillan invited him in. Mr. McNeill said he could not find him so his case was postponed.

Oct. 16, 1831.
Mr. McMillan appeared saying altho' he had tasted it he had not taken too much intoxicating liquor since the time in question. He was given a solemn admonition and warned against future offenses.

38th Session Fayetteville Presbytery April

Jan 8, 1832
A rumour reached the session that there was dancing at the house of Mr. Malcom McMillan on the evening of the 24th of Nov. when his daughter Margaret was married to Mr. Arch'd Smith it was therefore resolved, that the Clerk issue a citation to Mr. Malcom McMillan to appear before the session the 3rd of March next at 10:00 to answer to the above mentioned charge. Resolved also that Mr. Daniel McNeill and Malcom Patterson a committee to hear the citation & to confer with Mr. McMillan on the subject & in case they shall have reason to believe the rumors untrue they shall be authorized to withhold citation.
Signed Arch'd Smith Elder.

May 27, 1832. Rev. Joseph Brown the lately ordained Pastor.
The citation was withheld on Mr. Malcom McMillan since he denied charge or if offense was committed it was not with his consent & must have occured after he retired for bed. Another committee appointed to confer with Mr. McNeill & Alex McMillan and check on rumor that still goes around. Information given that when Miss Jane McNeill [daughter of "Marsh Daniel" McNeill] was married to Mr. Angus McKinnon that James McNeill Esq. [James McNeill of Canada] drank intoxicating beverages to excess. After divine service the committee appointed to see Mr. McNeill and Mr. Alex McMillan brought Mr. Alex McMillan before session stated that here was dancing, but that Mr. Malcom McNeill was opposed to it & never gave his consent and that dancing didn't commence until after Mr. McMillan retired to bed upstairs. Session agreed to suspend further proceeding in this case. Committee that waited on Mr. McNeill stated that he acknowledged the offense & professed penitence. Mr. McNeill was requested to appear before session.
Arch'd Smith Clk.

June 2, 1832
James McNeill Esq. not present. Mr. Daniel Currie made application to be admitted to membership – Case Deferred.

June 3rd 1832
Miss Mary McKay [believed to be daughter of Daniel and Nancy McMillan McKay of Philadelphus. She died young, unmarried.] made application for membership to church also Rachel, Servant of Hugh Galbreath & Jean, Servant of Gilbert McMillan. Amy, servant of Neill Brown Esq. who examined & received baptism at Ashpole a fortnight ago partook of communion. Arch'd Smith Clk.

Feb. 10, 1833*
Alexander McMillan, George B. Brown, Mary Brown, John Brown & David McNeill presented themselves for examination. All accepted but David McNeill whose views were not thought to be clear. M. Patterson Clk.

*List of elders present do not include Arch'd Smith.

June 2nd 1833
James McNeill Esq. was repremanded for indulging too freely in intoxication Liquor. The following presented themselves for membership Margaret Smith, Sally McLean & Mary Jane Buie.

July 13, 1833
The following requested dismission to join Antioch Church Viz. James Smith, Margaret Smith, George B. Brown, John W. Brown, Tom [or John] Brown, Mary C. Brown, Susannah McLean, Mary Galbreath, & Sally McLean. Certificates granted.

May 24, 1835
The following people presented themselves for memberships viz. John Caldwell and Margaret Galbreath.

June 9, 1839
The Rev. H. McLean commenced preaching at this church once in 4 wks this year (1839).
Mary Anne Stephens Buie was guilty of conduct on several occasions which this session considers highly indiscreet & improper, she was cited to appear & answer to these charges.

July 7, 1839
Rev. A. Smith invited to sit with session. Miss Mary A.S. Buie appeared confessing her guilt and deeply penitent, but session considering her crime despite her sorrow and grief suspended her for 4 wks to be publically announced from pulpit.

Friday July 26, 1839
Mr. D. McNeill stated that Miss Mary A.S. Buie expected to move from this section of county in the space of a week and that since her walk & conversation has been that of a humble Christian and since she is going to leave us that suspension be removed.
Fayetteville Presbytery reprimanded Church in this case – time too short, not sufficient reason to reinstate her.

Nov. 10, 1839
Mr. Daniel McCorvey was chosen Ruling Elder was this day ordained to that Holy Office.

June 7, 1840
Miss Flora Buie (Junior) applied for admittance to Church – Accepted.

Sept 6, 1840
John Caldwell was dismissed for St Pauls.

March 5th 1841
This day Mr. Daniel McCorvey a member & a ruling elder of this church in good standing, & also, his mother, Mrs. Annabella McCorvey a member in good standing about to move to the southwest by order of the Session received letters of dismission, as such, to join any Presbyterian Church in whose bounds God, in his Providence, may cast their lots. Arch'd McCallum Clk.

Note: No regular preacher for some years. Presbytery moderator states – attend to this matter.

1844 – Rev. Hector McLean again preaching. He was called Sept 14, 1844. Rev. Archie Smith gave him charge. Rev. Colin McIver preached installation service.

Oct 18, 1845
Caty, servant of Arch McCallum & Sally, servant of Duncan McNeill received.

Sept 18, 1846
D. McNeill appointed to Presbytery.

Nov 21, 1846
Pleasant, servant girl of John McNeill was baptized.

March 7, 1847
Mr. Arch'd Smith who has been unanimously chosen a ruling elder in this church

Nov 21st 1847
The following were admitted to the privileges of the church. Luther Cromartie, Effy Brown, Mary A. Black [daughter of Angus and Margaret nee Black Black; married Alexander McPherson, Jr., of Cumberland County, NC], Mrs. Nancy McNeill, Margaret Ray, Mary Galbreath, Neill McArthur, Malcolm C. McNeill, Dennis a servant boy of Wm. McMillan, Charles servant boy of Margaret McMillan, Easter servant girl of Miss Ann Eliza McMillan.

Dec 19th 1847
New members – Hugh Brown, James McCallum, and his wife Mrs. Catherine Ann McCallum, Mrs. Mary Brown and her daughter Florah Brown.

Feb 6th 1848
Caty servant girl of A. McCallum guilty of fornication. Cited to appear before Session.

Feb 20, 1848
Caty confessed her guilt – She was suspended from church privileges.

June 3rd 1848
Arch'd McMillan received into Church. Caty reinstated after her deep penitence was apparent.

June 4, 1848
John McMillan, Sally Ann Ray & Bertha servant girl of Miss McMillan were received.

June 19, 1848
Wm. McMillan was received into Church.

Sept 17, 1848
Caroline Black & Sarah a servant of Alexander McMillan received into Church.

Oct 22, 1848
Duncan McNeill to attend Presbytery at Smyrna Church, Richmond County.

April 8, 1849
Wm. McMillan & James McCallum to be propsed to congregation as suitable candidates for Eldership.

May 13, 1849
the above were elected to Eldership. John McArthur to office of deacon.

June 2nd 1849
John McNeill, Sr. received into Church.

July 11, 1849
Duncan McKay and his wife Harriett were by certificate received from Antioch.

July 29, 1849
James McCallum ordained to office of elder. Wm. McMillan declined to accept. (James McCallum Nov 27th 1893 – Died 1893). John McArthur to Deacon.

Aug 26, 1849
Neill Buie received into Church.

Sept 9, 1849
Henry McNeill received into Church.

Nov 9, 1849
Mary Elizabeth Smith and Mary Ann Smith received into Church.

Feb 5, 1850
Mrs. Mary Clark wife of John Clark received into church after a change of heart.

June 2, 1850
Mrs. Sarah McGill, aged lady & wife of Arch'd McGill and Delphia servant girl of Simon McNeill received into Church.

Nov 16, 1850
Miss Mary McGill and Clark, a servant girl to John McNeill were received into the church.

Nov 17, 1850
Miss Christian Sinclair & Patty, a servant girl of David McNeill received into church.

Jan 12, 1851
Daniel McNeill appointed to Presbytery, Arch'd Smith alternate (to be held near St. Pauls)

March 23, 1851
Caroline McCallum received.

Died April 18, 1851 Mrs Julia Smith wife of Rev. Arch'd Smith. She was an intelligent & pious lady.

May 1, 1851
Wm. McNeill received into church. Also Cate a servant girl of Mrs. McCallum & Abitha, servant girl of Mrs. McMillan were ordered to appear next meeting to answer to charge of fornication.

June 15, 1851
Caty was suspended altho she appeared penitent. Abitha did not appear

June 29, 1851
Abitha appeared, confessed but was suspended from church.

Nov 17, 1851
Joseph Fort Harrel and Sally Jane McPhaul new members. He received on examination – She by letter from Scotland Church, Union City, Arkansas. [It should be noted here that Daniel M. McNeill, called "White Daniel", son of Alexander McNeill and Mary "Polly" McEachern McNeill, moved to Union County, Arkansas, and became a near neighbor to the Galbraiths and Browns who hailed from Robeson. "White Daniel" became a member of Scotland Church in Union County, died there in 1877 and is buried in its cemetery in an unmarked grave per the church's records.]

June 6, 1852
Miss Lucy Galbreath, Jane Kelly, Dian Kelly, Ferebe Harrell, & Daniel a servant boy of David McNeill admitted to church.

Nov 25, 1852
Miss Annabella McGill, Jenette Brown McDougald, Angus David Brown, Fanny a servant girl of Mrs. McNair were new members. Miss Mary Graham came by certificate from Church at Rock Fish Factory.

Died 28 of Nov 1852, 9 o'clock PM Daniel McNeill, Sr. [This is Daniel McNeill called "Marsh Daniel", the son of Neill McNeill of Upper Little River and is second wife, Mrs. Jane (née Campbell) McNeill, widow of William McNeill.] a ruling Elder in this church. He was wise in council, prudent in action and devoted to his Redeemer. He was in the 75th year of his age.

Died December 9th 1852 in the 67th year of her age Mrs. Mary Buie Brown McNeill wife of Daniel McNeill, Sr. ["Marsh Daniel McNeill, above] She was a prudent, pious lady with Christian submission. She parted with her amicable husband; but in a few days she followed him to the grave and joined him as we hope in Heaven.

June 5, 1853
Sarah Kelly and John Franklin a servant of Mrs. Florah McMillan joined church.

Aug 14, 1853
Wm. Joseph Brown ["Bill Jo" Brown] admitted to membership.

Oct 6, 1853
John Patrick Smith admitted to membership.

Nov 19, 1853
(Sat.) Mr. Samuel Smith and Miss Barbara Anne McMillan were on examination admitted to the privileges of the church.

Nov 20, 1853
Miss Florah Catherine McMillan admitted to membership.

March 19, 1854
Mrs. Florah Margaret Brown was received by certificate from Little Pee Dee Church, Marion District, S.C.

April 2nd 1854
Mrs. Sarah Kelly and her daughters Miss Isabella Jane Kelly & Miss Dian Kelly were dismissed at their request to join the Church of Lebanon. Mr. Duncan Kelly who was once a member of this church was included in the organization of the Lebanon Church.

June 4, 1854
John C. Smith, Neill Arch'd McMillan & Miss Elizabeth McGill were admitted to church.

Sept 10th 1854
Guilford servant of Mrs. Christian Bethune of Antioch joined church.

Nov 4th 1854
Mrs. Mary A. McPherson (formerly Miss M.A. Black) dismissed to join Fayetteville Ch.

The relation which the Rev. Arch'd Smith sustained to this church as a member, a ruling elder and also living within its bounds & often assisting its present pastor in his ministerial labors _____ it proper that a record of his death be made in our sessional book. He departed this life to his eternal home in glory November 2nd 1854, on his way home from the late meeting of the Synod of N.C. While in Concord, he was a day or two, a little indesposed but he started for his residence in Robeson County on Monday, apparently in his usual health and cheerfulness and on Wednesday 3 o'clock PM he was seized with a chill near Col. John C. McLaurin's (the place which he died) which, though skillful medicinal aid was immediately procured and the attentions finest friends was un______ bestowed, proved to be the chill of death; for he peacefully and calmly fell asleep in Jesus, the subsequent morning at 4:00 Thursday died in his path in the discharge of duty in the 63rd year of his age, this good, laborious useful and faithful servant of the Lord.

April 29, 1855
Mrs. Catherine [McPherson] Buie wife of Dan'l McPherson Buie joined church.

Sat. Nov. 10, 1855
Miss Mary Anne Brown was admitted to church. Also Ira servant of John McArthur, Nelly, servant of Arch'd Buie, Penelope & Edy servants of Wm. McMillan, Albert servant of M.P. Buie. Mrs. Christian A. McMillan [Christian Ann Allen, daughter of Sarah "Sallie" Jane McEachern Allen and her ex-husband, Hugh Roy Allen] wife of Arch'd McMillan was received by certificate from Lumber Bridge Church.

April 7th 1856
This day Arch'd McMillan was ordained a Ruling Elder. The ruling elders now are Duncan McNeill, Arch'd Smith, James McCallum, Arch'd McMillan. Deacon John McArthur.

June 1st 1856
Alexander McIntyre, Rebecca, servant of Wm McNeill, joined church. Mrs. Anne McIntyre a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church received.

Sept 14, 1856
Mrs. Florah J. Brown was dismissed to join a Pres. Church in Mississippi. Charles, a servant of Arch'd Buie joined.

Nov. 9, 1856
Mrs. Rosannah [née Brown] McArthur wife of Dr. David McArthur, Miss Effie Brown, Lucy servant of J.P. Smith, Arch'd servant of D.I. Gilchrist, Patty servant of John Blue, Phebe & Amy dau. of Mrs. Mary Brown, Dick servant of Dan'l McNeill, Redden servant of Duncan McNeill.

June 7th 1857
George, servant of _____, Effy servant of Mrs. Florah McMillan, Randal servant of Mrs. Elizabeth Blue, Virgil servant of ______ Brown, George servant of Hardy Harrell, Jack servant of Dan'l McCallum, Jean servant of Neill McArthur.

July 5th 1857
Florah servant of John McArthur & Zephrona servant of Dr. David McArthur joined church.

Sept. 27, 1857
Mrs. Susan Aswald got letter of dismissal. She had been absent from this community for several years.

Nov 1st 1857
Richard servant of Mrs. Margaret McCallum was baptized.

Nov 15th 1857
Dennis, servant of Jas. McCallum & Harriet servant of Dan'l McMillan into church.

[Nov] 21st 1858
Celia, servant of Calvin Black into ch.

June 5th 1858
Angus D. Brown was dismissed to connect with church in Lumberton. Mrs. Florah Bunting Black wife of Mr. Calvin Black was rec'd by certificate.

____ 1858
Miss Sarah Margaret Lamond, Miss Mary Jane Blue wife of Arch'd Blue, Wm. W. Brown Esq., & Rachel servant of Neill McArthur admitted to church.

Aug 29, 1858
Mr. Neill Kelly & Angus Ray admitted to church.

Nov 7th 1858
Miss Isabella Ray, Mr. Malcom Brown united with church and the following servants, India (Dr. McArthur) Eliza (Arch'd Buie) Wm. (A.W. Currie ?) Celia (I. Patrick Smith). Amanda, Peter, Andrew, Tom (Wm. McMillan)

Monday 8th of Nov 1858
There as a meeting of this congregation to determine a site for a new church. It was determined by a majority of one to build near the Lumberton Road in an old field a few hundred yards above the present location. There seemed to be unusual interest prevailing with regard to the location. Our prayer is that God would enable the people to continue a united harmonious congregation for which previously they were noted."

Sept 11, 1859
Mrs. Margaret McNeill wife of Neill M. McNeill was received by certificate, a member in good and regular standing from Centre Church.

Nov 20th 1859
Mrs. Sarah Margaret Lamond at her own request through her uncle Rev. Daniel Johnson dismissed to unite with church in Texas.

Dec. 4th 1859
Miss Christian Sinclair dismissed to join Lebanon Ch.

From Minutes of Fayetteville Presbytery

A memorial from members of Philadelphus & other congregations, was read, praying for the organization of a church to be located on the right bank of the Raft Swamp & to be called Mount Tabor Church and on motion by Mr. Colin Shaw, M.B. Grier, & George McNeill with Ruling Elders, James L. Darring (?) toward Duncan Murchison were appointed committee to whom the hole matter was referred.

The committee to whom was referred the petition from Philadelphus & other congregations presented their reports, which was accepted and after some discussion Presbytery took a recess of five minutes to meet in the old church. The unfinished business was again resumed & after further discussion the report of the committee was adopted & is as follows – viz – The committee to whom was referred certain petitions belonging to Philadelphus & other neighboring churches, praying, a church organization on the Raft Swamp, Robeson Cty. recommended their prayer be granted and the ______ _______ committee appointed to visit the place at their earliest convenience & organize a church if the way be clear. On motion Rev. James Sinclair & Neill McDonald & John McLaughlin R.E. were appointed to fill the blanks in the above report.

On motion a committee consisting of Rev. Rupert (?) C. Shaw & M.B. Grier and James E. Hall were appointed a committee to bring in a minute expressive of the views of Presbytery in granting a church organization on Raft Swamp.

The committee appointed to bring in a minute expressive of the sense of Presbytery, touching the memorial of Philadelphus & other churches. Report that while Presbytery concede the necessity of an organization in the vicinity of Raft Swamp yet they can not, but disprove of the manner in which the measure has been inaugurated (?) by the memorialists.

True extracts from the minutes of the Presbytery of Fayetteville at their sessions held at Galatia Church. April 5th, 6th, 7th 1860. James P. McPherson Stated Clk.

May 13, 1860
The following people contemplated joining Mr. Tabor Ch. if the way is clear for its organization.

John McMillan Sr. John C. Smith
Mrs. Margaret McMillan Mrs. Mary E. McMillan
Miss Jane C. McNeill Miss Florah Blue
Miss Mary Graham Mrs. Mary Galbreath
Alexander McIntyre Miss Mary Galbreath
Mrs. Jane McIntrye Thomas Galbreath
Arch'd Smith Ruling Elder Wm. Joseph Brown
Mrs. Margaret C. Smith Wm. H. Brown
  Mrs. Florah Margaret Brown

It is proper to state here that Mount Tabor Church was organized by the committee of Fayetteville Presbytery, Saturday May 26th, 1860.

Sept 9, 1860
Samuel Smith & Mrs. Florah McMillan were dismissed by their own request to join Mt. Tabor.

Nov 4, 1860
Miss Florah Annabella Buie & Miss Mary Eliza McPherson [daughter of Alexander and Nancy Dallas McPherson; married Malcolm Brown, no children.] joined church.

[During 1861, some of the entries are out of order.]

June 2nd 1861
Mr. Angus Gill joined church.

Sabbath Sept 1st 1861
The congregation held their last religious service in the old Philadelphus ch.

Saturday Sept 14, 1861
The congregation assembled in the new Philadelphus Ch. a neat, comfortable ediface erected near the Lumberton Rd. a short distance (say about 500 or so yds) from the old church. [The doors, widnows, and various parts of the structure of the old church were purchased at this time by Duncan McKay, church deacon, to build his own home further north on the Lumberton Road. His home was torn down about 2001.] Rev. F.K. Nash preached dedication service. Nev. Malcom McNair read scripture. Rev. Daniel Johnson of Floral College prayer. In afternoon sermon by Rev. Andrew McMillan.

Feb 16, 1861
George, servant of Hardy Harrell, & Effy servant of Florah McMillan dismissed to join Mt. Tabor.

April 12, 1861
Angus D. Brown moved back from Lumberton Ch.

May 31, 1862
Mrs. Florah Anne McNeill received from Geneva Ch., Coffee Co, Ala.

June 1st 1862
Mr. Daniel McMillan joined ch.

Later in Sept 1862
Session learned that Alberta servant of D. McPherson Buie was charged with theft.

Nov 9th 1862
Hector James McMillan joined ch.

Nov 23rd 1862
Alberta, servant accused of theft failed to appear.

Dec 7th 1862
Alberta appeared, confessed and was suspended.

May 31, 18623
Neill Thomas Monroe & wife Sarah C. Monroe joined church.

June 7, 1863
Miss Mary Jane Clark, Effy Ann Clark, Mary Jane McPherson [daughter of Gilbert and Sophia Johnson McPherson.], Mary Malvuid Buie, Mrs. Cath. Frances McLauchlin (widow of John McLauchlin who died at Ft. Fisher) joined church.

Sept 13, 1863
Resolution to help support children of CSA soldiers in getting an education.

Nov. 7, 1863
Jane McArthur joined church.

July 3, 1864
Dodderidge Clark, Capt., McBryde's Co. was recommended by Army Missionary B.U. Covington & united with church.

July 23, 1864
Miss Mary Jane Clark who gave birth to an illegitimate child last May appeared before session, confessed her guilt. Altho penitent the session saw fit to suspend her.

Aug 21, 1864
Mrs. Mary (wife of Dr. A.D. McLean) dismissed to go to Centre Church.

July 16, 1865
Mr. Duncan was unanimously chosen deacon in this church.

Oct 29, 1865
The case of the colored members who went off with Gen. Sherman's Army on the 10th of last March and it was decided that the number who conducted themselves as Christians could enjoy the usual privileges. The members guilty of unchristian conduct shall be disciplined. Resolved – to encourage coloured people who are now freed to attend & worship here.

Nov 12, 1865
Mrs. Mary L. wife of Wm. McMillan certificate from Centre Church to join here.

June 2nd 1867
Mrs. Sarah C. (Varnum) widow of late Neill Thomas Munroe who was taken prisoner on the fall of Ft. Fisher and died a prisoner of pneumonia at Pt. Lookout, Md. is charged with the crime of fornication, having given birth to an illigimate ____ in 1867. Cited to appear.

June 16th 1867
The above case taken up – she did not appear.

June 30th 1867
The above named appeared showed very genuine repentence but session suspended her as church member until such time that they feel she is ready.

Nov 23, 1867
Sarah Margaret Black & Catherine Ann McKay [daughter of Duncan and Harriet McNeill McKay.] admitted. Anne McRainey Buie & Margaret Angelina McMillan joined also.

June 6th 1868
Absent from session due to infirmity – Duncan McNeill. Mrs. Maria Jane (McArthur) Humphrey examined & united with church.

Presbytery Notes

April 5, 1860 – Long notes on establishing a church (Mt. Tabor).

The petitioners:

John McMillan Junior Henrietta McMillan John B. McNeill
Wm. H. Brown Arch'd Smith John Caldwell
S.L. Smith F.J. Smith (F.I. or J.) H.W. Harrell
Jane C. McNeill D.B. McNeill Mary A. Caldwell
John McMillan Sr. Wm. McNeill Susan Caldwell
Neill McNeill I. (or J.) A. Wilks (?) Miss Mary Galbreath
I.C. Evans (or J.C.) Geo. A. Graham Mrs. Mary Galbreath Sr.
Angus Evans Wm. C. McPhail Alexander McIntyre
James Humphrey Thomas I. McNeill Jane McIntyre
Dennis Carlyle Neill A. McMillan Margaret McIntyre
Atlas Carlyle D.P. McNair Daniel McIntyre
Alexander Humphrey R.G. (or Q.) McNair Elizabeth Blue
Hardy Harrell Ann McNeill Jane Blue
S.P. McNeill M.J. (or I.) McNeill Flora Blue
Arch'd McMillan C. McNeill Margaret Blue
Malcom Galbreath Neill Kelly James West
Neill McMillan James McMillan Sarah West
Angus McGill Jennett McMillan Arch'd Blue
Mrs. Mary E. McMillan Mary Jane Harrell Mary Jane Blue
Margaret McMillan Thomas Galbreath Ann Smith
Christian McMillan Anne A. Galbreath Elizabeth Ray
Charity McNeill A.D. Brown John Blue
John Ray H. (?) McNeill Mary Blue
M. Ausley Daniel Campbell Christian Blue
A.I. Currie Peter Campbell D.S. Smith
I. (or J.) A. McMillan Malcom Galbreath John C. Smith
Henry Paul Sarah A. Ray Mary Smith
John Powers Duncan Ray Timothy P. McPhaul
Ruth Powers Flora McMillan Nancy Galbreath
Joseph C. Graham W.I. (or J.) Brown Neill Galbreath
Mary Graham Jeanette A. Brown Flora M. Brown
Hector McMillan Elisha Harrell  
H.H. Ellis Isabella Brown  
Flora McNeill Ann Brown  
Mary M. McNeill Malcom C. Brown  


Names & payments for new Philadelphus Church

Daniel McCallum 150.00
Daniel McNeill 150.00
Neill Buie 125.00
Dan'l McPherson Buie 100.00
John McNeill 65.00
Neill McNeill 60.00
Mrs. Christian McNeill 75.00
Duncan McNeill 50.00
Angus McNeill 10.00
John Buie 50.00
H.H. Ellis 5.00
Miss Effy McNeill (now Mrs. Rev. M. McNair) 25.00
Rev. Hector McLean 50.00
Calvin Black 75.00
Dugald McKay 15.00
Mrs. Florah Buie 125.00
Mrs. Catherine Brown (Hugh's widow) 75.00
James McCallum 75.00
Miss Dian McCallum 25.00
Alexander McPherson 25.00
John B. Clark 15.00
Miss Caroline Black 25.00
Angus Ray Sr. 10.00
Neill Thomas Monroe 15.00
Mrs. Margaret McCallum 50.00
Miss Catherine J. (or I.) Buie 25.00
L.C. Ray 10.00
John P. Smith 75.00
Daniel McMillan (by Daniel McNeill April 1863) 45.00
Miss Mary McCallum 25.00
Miss Margaret Jane McMillan 25.00
Wm. McMillan 100.00
Dr. David McArthur 25.00
Neill McNeill, Esq. 75.00
Duncan McKay 25.00
Arch'd Buie 100.00
Malcom C. Brown 20.00
Arch'd McMillan 20.00
Gilbert G. McPherson 10.00
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith 50.00
Hector C. McNeill, Red Springs ["Red Hector" McNeill] 50.00
Wm. Joseph Brown ["Bill Joe" Brown] 37.50
Robert E. Troy, Lumberton 10.00
Robert L. French, Lumberton 10.00
Giles Leitch, Lumberton 10.00
Angus D. Brown, Lumberton 17.50
Wm. McNeill (Red Springs) 20.00
Mary Brown 30.00
John A. Brown 10.00
Neill Kelly 10.00
Neill Brown by Wm. McMillan April 1863 10.00
Daniel McNeill 10.00
Miss Margaret Jane McMillan 3.00
James McCallum 2.00
Duncan McNeill 5.00
Dn'l McCallum 5.00
Neill A. McMillan 2.00
Duncan McKay 1.00
Gilbert G. McPherson 1.00
John B. Clark 2.00
John Patrick Smith 2.00
Miss Flora McNeill 1.00
Mrs. Catherine Brown 1.00
Calvin Black 2.00
Mrs. Christian McNeill 1.00
Mrs. Susannah B. McLean 5.00
Miss Mary McCallum 1.25
Mrs. Sarah McNeill 2.50
Angus McGill 1.00
John McIntosh Brown 1.00
Neill Kelly 1.00
Wm. McMillan 5.00
Miss Mary McMillan 2.00
Arch'd Buie 5.00
Neill Buie 2.00
John A. McKay .50
D. McPherson Buie 2.00
Neill Thomas Monroe 1.00
John McNeill 2.00
Miss Effie Buie 1.00
Miss Catherine McNeill 5.00
Miss Anne Smith 1.00
Miss E. McNeill 2.00
Rev. Hector McLean 5.00
Miss Dian McCallum 1.25
Neill McNeill, Esq. 2.50
Miss Polly Brown 3.00
Calvin [Colin] McPherson 1.00
Neill McNeill 2.00



John McMillan to Miss Mary B. Smith May 8th 1851

Wm. H. Buie (?) to Miss Florah J. Brown Nov 17th 1853

Wm. H. Brown to Miss Margaret Catherine Carmichael Nov 23, 1853

Archibald McMillan to Christian Anne Allen were married June 1st 1854

Alexander McPherson of Fayetteville, N.C. to Miss Mary A. Black June 30th 1854

Wm. Joseph Brown to Miss Jennett Amanda King, Lumberton, April 11th 1855 (by Rev. C.P. Jones Methodist)

Calvin Black to Miss Florah Bunting McQueen dau. of the late Rev. Arch'd McQueen April 1853.

Martin ME (Mc?) Thomas Galbreath to Miss Peabody of Bennettsville S.C. May 9th 1855

John Buie to Ann Jane McPherson May 17 1855

Hector McNeill Red Springs to Miss Susan FitzRandolph of Bladen [County], Dec. 4th 1856 by H. McLean. Died July 7th 1867 [date of death here is Susan FitzRandolph McNeill's death].

Neill A. Clark to Miss Florah Catherine McPhaul of Bethel Feb 18th 1858

Arch'd Buie to Miss Mary Jane McGilvary of Richmond Cty & Bethesda Church March 8th 1858

Neill McNeill of Philadelphus to Miss Margaret Morrison of Centre April 29th 1858.

Married DEc. 17, 1859 Mr Neill T. Monroe to Miss Sarah C. Varnum by Rev H. McLean.

Hardy Inman to Miss Harriet Newell Brown Oct 11th 1860.

Married – Thurs. Mar. 14th 1861 Mr. Daniel Murdock McCallum of Lebanon Ch. & Miss Mary Anne Smith of Philadelphus Ch. & dau. of the late Rev. Arch'd Smith.

Neill T. Monroe & Miss Sarah C. Varnum Dec 15 1859 [noted twice]

Rev. Malcom McNair pastor of Bethel, Lumber Bridge & Mt. Tabor Churches to Miss Effie Downey McNeill of Philadelphus Sept. 1861 by Rev. Hector McNeill [should this be Rev. Hector McLean?]. She was dau. of Duncan McNeill [Daughter of Duncan McNeill and Effy Murphy. Duncan was a son of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp. John died c. 1822 and he and Flora had ten children.].

Paisley Smith of Centre & Catherine McNeill of Philadelphus & dau of Daniel McNeill Richland Swamp [Daniel was a son of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp. John died c. 1822 and he and Flora had ten children.] by Rev. Daniel Johnson.

Married by Rev. Hector McLean John Patrick Smith of Philadelphus Ch., Robeson, & Miss Sarah Dorcas Shipman of Brown Marsh Ch. Bladen Co. Oct 17, 1861.

Wm. John McLaughlin of Anitoch to Miss C. Frances Brown of Philadelphus Ch. & Dau. of Neill B. [Black] Brown deceased, 13th Feb 1862 by Rev Hector McLean.

Married by Rev. H. McLean Aug 15, 1861 at the house of Miss Jennet McLean near R.S. [Red Springs, Robeson County] Angus D. Brown R.E. of Philadelphus Ch. to Eliza Catherine McLean a member of Antioch Ch. & dau. of the late Neill McLean, dec.

M. Dec. 31, 1863 Dr. Angus McLean of Centre & Miss Mary McCallum of Philadelphus Ch. dau. of late Arch'd McCallum.

M. Feb 18, 1864 Wm McMillan of Philadelphus & Miss Mary L. Morrison of Centre by Rev. H. McLean.

Duncan A. Buie of Philadelphus Ch. & Miss Cathrine McGeachy of St. Pauls June 26th 1866 dau. of late Alexander McGeachy.


Members of Philadelphus Church 1845

Ruling Elders  

Arch'd McCallum


Duncan McNeill


Dn'l McNeill


Arch'd McCallum


Margaret McCallum


Elizabeth McCallum


Dianna McCallum


Joseph McCallum


Daniel McCallum


Mary McCallum


Florah Buie


Euphemia [Effy?] Buie


Neill Buie


Dn'l McPherson Buie


John Buie

Members by Communion & By Baptism  
Anne Smith com
Margaret Smith com
Julia Smith com
John Patrick Smith  
Mary Brown com
Wm. H. Brown  
Hugh Brown  
Mrs. Catherine Brown com
John McIntosh Brown  
P. Williamson (?) com
Dan'l McMillan  
Mary Anne McMillan com
Malcom McMillan com
Florah McMillan com
John McMillan com June 4, 1849
Margaret McMillan com June 4, 1849
Arch'd McMillan com June 4, 1849
James McMillan  
Elizabeth McMillan com June
Hector McMillan  
Jane C. McNeill com
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith com
Mary E. Smith  
James McCallum  
Catharine Anne McCallum  
Mrs. Barbara McMillan  
Catharine McMillan com St. Pauls
Margaret Jane McMillan com
John McMillan  
Wm. McMillan  
Mary McMillan  
Angus Ray  
Mary Ray com

The following joined the church

Nov 27th 1847
Luther Cromartie, Mary A. Black, Mrs. Nancy McNeill, Effy Brown, Margaret Ray, Mary Galbreath, Neill McArthur, Malcom C. McNeill ––– Servants (1) Dennis (2) Charles (3) Easter

Dec. 14th 1847
Hugh Brown, James McCallum, Catharine McCallum, Mrs. Mary Brown & her daughter Florah.

June 4th 1848
John McMillan & his son Arch'd McMillan, Sally Ann Ray, Bitha – servant.

Wm. McMillan June 18th 1848

______ [Caroline?] Black, Sarah her ___ [dau?] Sept 17th 1842

John McNeill Senr June 2, 1849 [John McNeill of Keinfordale, Scotland, 1776-1850. Married Margaret McMillan. Lived on Richland Swamp near Wakulla in Robeson County, NC.]

Duncan McKay, Harriett McKay – Certificate from Antioch July 1, 1849

H. Disniped (?) Feb 1848

Neill Buie Aug. 26, 1849

Henry McNeill Sept 9, 1849

Mary E. Smith Nov 9, 1849

Mrs. Mary Clark Feb 3rd 1850 departed April 1850

Mrs. Sarah McGill June 1850

Delpha servant of S. McNeill

Joseph Fort Harel Nov 16, 1851

Wm McNeill Senr June 9, 1851

Sally Jane McPhaul certif. Nov 16th 1852

Lucy Galbreath dead June 6th 1852

Isabella Jane Kelly

Dian Kelly

Firley (?) Harrel dead

Annabella McGill

Jennette Brown McDouggald

Angus David Brown

Mary Graham by cert. from Rockfish Factory Church

Mrs. Sarah Kelly June 5, 1833

Wm. Joseph Brown Aug 14, 1833

John Patrick Smith Oct 6th 1853

Samuel Smith Nov 19, 1853

Barbara Anne McMillan Died 30th of Nov or 1st Dec 1870

Florah Cath. McMillan Nov 20th 1853

Mrs. Florah Cath. Brown by cert. March 19, 1854

Reported April 1854

John C. Smith-------- }
Neill Archie McMillan } June 4th 1854
Miss Elizabeth McGill }

Guilford servant Sept 10, 1854

Mrs. Catherine Buie April 29, 1855

Miss Catherine Jane Buie-}
Laura Brown McCallum--} Nov 10, 1855
Henrietta McMillan-------}

Miss Mary Anne Brown baptized

Penelope---} Baptized Nov 11, 1855
Jire was baptized in infancy

Mrs. Christian A. McMillan by cert.

Jack servant of D. McP. Buie April 6, 1856

Mrs. Ann McIntyre June 15, 1856

Alexander McIntyre June 1st 1856

Rebecca servant of Wm. McNeill
Charles servant of Arch'd Buie

Mrs. Rosannah McArthur wife of Dr. David McArthur

Miss Effie Brown

Servants -
Lucy of J.P. Smith
Arch'd --D.J. Gilchrist
Patsy – John Blue
Phebe, Amy – Mrs. Mary Brown
Drita – Dn'l McNeill
Redden – Duncan McNeill
Randal of Mrs. Eliz't Bu-- Buie [Is this Mrs. Elizabeth McNeill Buie, wife of John J. Buie, and daughter of Alexander McNeill and Polly McEachern?]
Virgil of Hugh Brown
George of Florah Harrel
Jack of Dn'l McCallum
Ebby of Mrs. Florah McMillan
Jean of Miss (?) McArthur

Florah of John McArthur
Sephronna of Dr. David McArthur
Susan Oswald dismissed
Richard of Mrs. Marg. McArthur Nov 1st 1857
Dennis of James McCallum Nov 15, 1857
Harriet of Dan'l McMillan Nov 15, 1857
Celia of Calvin Black March 21st 1858

Also Angus D. Brown dismissed to Lumberton Ch June 5th 1858

Mrs. Florah Bunting Brown cert. from Smyrna Ch. June 5th 1858

Miss Sarah Margaret Lammond joined

Mrs. Mary Jane Blue

Wm H. Brown Esq.

Rachel of Neill McArthur Bap. June 6, 1858 Joined Nov 6, 1858.

Neill Kelly

Angus Ray – June 4

Isabella Ray

Malcom Brown Nov 7, 1858

Julia --- Tom---}
Elizia -= Celia--}
Wm------------} These servants joined
Cilia------------} Nov 7, 1858

Miss Sarah Margaret Lammond dismissed to Texas.
Miss Christian Sinclair Dec 4, 1859 to Lebanon.

Dismissed May 13, 1860
John McMillan Senr., Mrs. Margaret McMillan, Miss Henrietta, Miss Jane C. McNeill, Miss Mary Graham, Alexander McIntyre, Mrs. Jane McIntyre, Arch'd Smith R.E., Mrs. Margaret Smith, John C. Smith, Miss Mary E. McMillan, Miss Flora Blue, Mrs. Mary Galbreath, Miss Mary Galbreath, Thomas Galbreath, Wm. Joseph Brown, Wm. H. Brown, Mrs. Flora Margaret Brown to form the comtemplated Mt. Tabor Church.

Samuel Smith------------} To do
Mrs. Florah McMillan ,--} Sept 9, 1860

Miss Flora Annabella Buie Nov 9, 1860 Joined
Miss Mary Eliza McPherson Nov 9, 1860 Joined

Angus McGill 1861

Dismissed George & Effy to Mt. Tabor Church Feb 16, 1862

Angus D. Brown by Cert. from Lumberton Ch., April 2, 1862

Mrs.Florah Anne McNeill by Cert. from Geneva Church, Ala. May 31, 1862

Daniel McMillan on exam. June 1, 1862

Hector James McMillan Nov 9, 1862

Neill Thomas Monroe (died a prisoner 1865) May 31, 1863

Sarah C. Monroe (his wife)

Miss Mary Jane Clark June 7, 1863

Miss Effy Anne Clark June 7, 1863

Miss Mary Jane McPherson June 7, 1863

Miss Mary Malvuid Buie June 7, 1863

Mrs. Cathrine Frances [née Brown] McLauchlin widow of Wm. J. McL. ,--June 7, 1863

Maria, servant of Mrs. Jane McArthur Nov 7, 1863

Hannah servant of Archy Buie Nov 8, 1863

Harriet servant of Wm H. Brown June 5, 1864

Polly servant of Dan'l McMillan June 5, 1864

Sarah servant of Archy Buie June 5, 1864

Effy servant of Archy Buie June 5, 1864

Ramsey servant of Neill T. McNeill of Antioch June 5, 1864 [Neill T. McNeill was a son of Neill and Flora McNeill of Jobes Branch, Robeson Co. Neill was a son of "Shoemaker John" McNeill and Mary Peterson. Neill T. married Mary Leach of Cumberland Co. in 1829.]

June 17, 1864
Jack, Laura Servants of Dan'l McPherson Buie

J____ servant of Arch Buie July 3, 1864

Jno. Doddridge Clark – Soldier – July 3, 1864

Dismissed to join Centre Ch. August 21, 1864 was Mrs. Mary (wife of Dr. A.D.) McLean

Betsy, a servant of Miss Jane McArthur joined church on Nov 13, 1864.

Angus Ray Sr. (over 80 yrs) June 3, 1865

Mrs. Mary L. McMillan wife of Wm McMillan by certificate from Centre Nov 12, 1865.

Reported Sept 1866
The white members numbered 65.
The colored membership unknown. They are so unsettled.

Miss Sarah Margaret Black Nov 23 1868
Miss Cathrine Anne McKay Nov 23 1868

Anne McRainey Buie Nov 24, 1868
Margaret Angelina McMillan Nov 24, 1868

Mrs. Maria Jane Humphrey dau of the late John McArthur June 6, 1868.


Arch'd McCallum d. April 24, 1850 An eminently pious and useful man.

Mrs. Ray d. Aug 1850 A pious Lady

Mr. John McNeill Senr – pious late in life then truly devoted [John McNeill of Keinfordale, buried on his farm about two miles due west of Philadelphus Church with his son]

Mrs. Julia Smith d. April 18th 1851 wife of Rev A. Smith

Mrs. Nancy Smith (pious) D. Feb 9, 1852

Malcom McMillan (pious) D. Feb 21, 1852

Daniel McNeill Senr. R. Elder 25th Nov 1852 (m. Mary Buie Brown) ["Marsh Daniel" McNeill, son of the widow Jane Campbell McNeill and her 2nd husband Neill McNeill.)]

Mrs. Mary Buie McNeill wife of Daniel McNeill Senr Dec 9, 1852

Arch'd McGill D. March 6, 1854 not com.

Miss Lucy Galbreath com D. March 12, 1854

Miss Effy Brown Aug 2, 1854 Pious

Mr. Henry McNeill Friday Oct 27th 1854 [son of John McNeill & Margaret McMillan] Joined church Sept 7, 1849 – 7 am.

Rev. Arch'd Smith once a Ruling Elder in this church died Nov 2nd 1854.

Malcom C. McNeill D. Dec 7, 1854 A pious and promising young man [A brilliant young man, a son of William "Little Billy" McNeill and Jane née McNeill McNeill, and the younger brother of "Red Hector McNeill, first mayor of Red Springs.]

Mrs. Catharine Ray – long a sufferer D. April 13th 1855.
Miss Mary Kelly D. April 25th 1855.
Both pious

Miss Margaret Smith, dau of Patrick & Anne Smith 4 [?] sister of Rev. Arch'd Smith D. July 5th 1855. Born March 3rd 1790.

Miss Catharine McInnis D. June 29, 12 o'clock PM Pious [no year given, though is is probably in 1855 or 56]

Lucy servant of J.P.S. died Sept 8, 1857

Hugh Brown D. May 5th, at night, 1858 a modest, good, useful man

Mrs. Florah Buie aged 84 years – a pious lady Nov 10, 1859 [Flora McPherson, widow of Daniel Buie & daughter of Daniel McPherson and Marian McNeill]

Mrs. Sallie McPhaul D. 1859

Mrs. Margaret McCallum, wife of the late Arch'd McCallum, Died Feb 1861, 21st that night 12 o'clock, a prudent & eminently pious woman.

John B. Clark died Jan 1st 1862 (not a communing member)

John McArthur a deacon of the church died Jan. 13, 1862. The church will miss him.

Died April 21, 1862 Neill A. McMillan son of Dan'l & Mary Ann [née McArthur, daughter of Neill McArthur and Flora McNeill both of Cumberland County (Flora was dau. of Malcolm McNeill and wife Nancy [née McNeill] McNeill)] McMillan in his 24th year a volunteer in Com. D, Capt I (or J.) R. McDonald, & 51st Reg. Col. Cantwell's. Thru ____ from the day that he left home, he died in the hospital, Wilmington. Eight years ago in his 10th year, he made a public profession of his faith & adorned his profession. He was an eminently pious young man.

Mrs. Effie McNeill, [daughter of Archibald Murphy] wife of Duncan McNeill [son of John McNeill of Richland Swamp and 2nd wife Flora McMillan; Duncan was brother to Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp], 74th year of her age, died 10th Dec 1862. (a pious lady)

Mrs. Catherine Anne McCallum wife of James McCallum & dau. of Rev. Daniel Smith D. half past twelve o'clock Monday Morning, July 6th 1863. A praying mother and an eminently pious lady.

Died Mrs. Elizabeth Smith widow of the late Rev. Daniel Smith _________ 1863. An ______ and pious lady. [another notice struck through said Dec 4, 1863]

Mrs. Nancy McKay widow of the late Daniel McKay [and daughter of Duncan and Effie McMillan, Scots immigrants, who settled on Carver's Creek in Bladen County where Duncan died before Effie moved to Robeson County near Philadelphus.] D. Dec 4, 1863 in the 73rd year of her age and a pious lady.

Neill, youthful son of the late John McArthur, Jan 14th 1864. A baptized member.

Miss Anne Smith advanced in life, dau. of Peter Smith, deceased, and sister of the late Rev. Archy Smith, the last of the family, June 26th 1864 (long afflicted)

Died Sept. 17th 1864 Hector McLean McNeill son of Neill McNeill Esq [Neill McNeill Esq. was a son of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp. John died c.1822 and he and Flora had ten children.] & Sarah his wife, of Junior Reserves Co. C 7th Battalion.

Died Dec 11, 1864 Mrs. Margaret McNeill widow of the late John McNeill 84th year of her age. A hopeful Christian. (Mother of Hector m. Eliz McM)

Neill T. Monroe Co.

Wm. John McMillan, son of Daniel & Mary Anne McMillan, at Point Lookout, Maryland, June 7th 1865, Company ____

Miss Mary Brown dau. of Neill Brown Esq. a Ruling Elder of Philadelphus Ch. July 31st 1865, 10 o'clock AM in the 87th year of her age. A worthy and eminently pious lady _____ aged.

Miss Catharine McNeill (aged) dau. of _______ McNeill Oct 8th 1865. A pious lady. [Miss Catherine McNeill was an unmarried daughter of John McNeill and Flora McMillan of Richland Swamp. John died c.1820-22 and he and Flora had ten children. Catherine was the first burial in the church cemetery. Her gravestone states the it was erected by Kate E. McNeill Smith – daughter of Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp (1805-1872) – who was Catherine's niece that she named in her will as "Catharine E. Smith". In addition, comparing original Robeson County deeds and records has been shown that this Catherine is the sister of Daniel McNeill of Richland Swamp (found in Robeson Co. records variously as "Daniel McNeill R.S." and "Daniel McNeill (Richland)"), son of John McNeill of Richland Swamp and wife Flora McMillan.]

Duggald McKay [Dougald, son of Daniel and Nancy McMillan McKay of Philadelphus, and brother of Duncan McKay] in his 46th yr. Oct 14, 1865 about 10 o'clock

Duncan Ray D. April 23, 1866.

Died Dec. 21, 1866 10 l'clock AM in the ____ year of her age, cherishing a good hope through faith in Christ Mrs. Rosannah, wife of Dr. David McArthur.

Died suddenly, Thursday morning 3rd of jan 1867 Angus Ray, Jr. He had been a soldier in the C.S.A. 24th Reg. Co. G, N.C. Pious (or 124th Reg)

Died Archibald Blanchard infant son of John Patrick & Mrs. Sarah Dorcas Smith March 3rd 1867.

Mrs. Susan J. Fitzrandal wife of Hector McNeill Red Springs ["Red Hector" McNeill, first mayor of Red Springs, NC] A pious member of the M. E. Church July 7th 1867. Her husband supports the Presbyterian.

Died Jan. 15th 1868 8 o'clock AM Mrs. Effy Downy McNeill McNair, wife of Rev. Malcom McNair and dau. of Duncan & Effie Murphy, his wife, (McNeill) an eminently pious lady.

Miss Annabella Monroe, dau. of Neill Monroe of Cumberland, 29th July 1868 in the 74th year of her age (more than 21 years an invalid)

Mrs. Effie McNeill, widow of the late Wm. (Gar) McNeill ["Billie Ghar" McNeill], Sept 21st 1868 in the 87th year of her age (a member of Lumber Bridge Church)

Died Neill Arch'd son of Arch & Catherine Flora [just as written, with Flora written above Catherine] Buie of Philadelphus Nov 21, 1871.


Members of the Church – 1845 – Servants 18th Oct 1845 Caty a servant girl of Arch'd McCallum R.E.

do ["]---------do [------- of Duncan McNeill R.E.

Pleasant a servant girl of John McNeill Nov 21st 1846.

Sam ---------do---------D. Brown in 1805 [1865?] dead.

Amy---- do---- of Mrs. Smith
Delpha – 1850 – Simon McNeill
Clarky of John McNeill Sr.
Belty " David McNeill
Daniel June 6th 1842 of David McNeill
Fanny 25th Nov 1852
John Franklin June 5th 1853
Guilford Sept 10, 1854.

(END of Book 1)