Charter Members of Antioch Presbyterian Church, Hoke County, NC

The following list copied by J.S. Edgerton, Jr., from the Minutes of the Session of the Church of Antioch Church, March 10, 1833. Notes added by J.S. Edgerton, Jr., and Dorothy P. Edgerton and Steve Edgerton.

Angus Currie [com. & Ruling Elder]

Miss Anabella Stewart [dau. of Turquil Stewart, born c. 1822]

Mrs. Flora Currie; com. [wife of Angus Currie and sister of Randal Currie, below]

Angus McNeill
Angus Currie, Jr.

David McNeill

Randal Currie, Esq. com & R.E. [son of Archibald Currie & brother of Flora [nee Currie] Currie]

Arch B. Currie

Mrs. Nelly Currie[wife of Randal Currie; nee Johnston; daughter of John Johnston, Jr.]

Alexander H. Currie; com. [son of Randal Currie]

Daniel J. Currie [Daniel Johnson Currie, son of Randal Currie]

Mrs. Sarah Currie [nee Gilchrist, daughter of Gilbert Gilchrist and Nancy McPherson Gilchrist]

Adam Currie [son of Randal Currie]

Hector McNeill

Miss Sarah Currie ["Sallie," daughter of Randal Currie]

Hugh McKay [son of Dugald & Mary McKay]

James Smith

Arch C. Currie

Miss Mary Smith; com.

John C. Currie

Daniel B. Smith

Malcolm C. Smith

Miss Margaret Smith; com.

Miss Jennet Smith; com.

Miss Effy Smith

Mrs. Barbara Smith; com.

James Smith, Jr.
Miss Isabella Currie; com.
Peter McEachern; com. [Peter McEachin]
Mary Ann Keachey
Mrs. Mary McEachin; com. [Mary Johnson, wife of Peter McEachin and daughter of Daniel Johns(t)on and Isabella Brown]
Isabella Keachey
John Gilchrist & Mrs. Sarah Gilchrist [man & wife; parents of Amanda Gilchrist who married Washington Scott Johnson] & Daniel B. Currie
Margaret Keachey
Gilbert Gilchrist; com. [son of John Gilchrist, Sr.]
George B. Keachey
Mrs. Mary Gilchrist; com [nee Mary Currie, wife of Archibald Gilchrist]
Jennet Campbell [died 30 Jan 1887, aged 106 yrs.]
Miss Effy Gilchrist
Arch Campbell [believed to be son of John & Catherine Campbell of Campbell's Bridge]
Malcolm Gilchrist
Mary Campbell
Daniel McP. Gilchrist
Miss Nancy McKay [sister of Gilbert McKay, later Mrs. Allen McCaskill]
Miss Mary Ann Gilchrist
Miss Mary McKay [sister of Gilbert McKay]
John McPhaul
Mrs. Mary McKay
Mrs. Nelly McPhaul
Gilbert McKay [brother of Miss Mary and Miss Nancy McKay, above]
Hector McLean
Margaret Matthews
Miss Catherine McLean; com.
Mrs. Isabella Galbreath
John McKay; com. [is this the son of Daniel & Nancy McMillan McKay?]
Christiana McKay [daughter of Dugald & Mary McKay; unmarried]
Angus Hughes
Miss Jennet McKay [daughter of Dugald & Mary McKay; unmarried]
Hector McFayden
Mary McKay [daughter of Dugald & Mary McKay; unmarried]
Mrs. Margaret McFayden
Samuel J.[?] Keachey
Alexander McPherson [son of Daniel McPherson & Marian McNeill McPherson]
James Ross
Mrs. Nancy McPherson [daughter of Peter Dallas, wife of Alexander McPherson]
Peter McKay [son of Dugald & Mary McKay; married 1837 to Celia Stewart, dau. of James Stewart, and moved to Georgia]
Arch McNeill
Arch McDougald
Miss Catherine McLean; R.B.
Arch McIntyre
Mrs. Catherine Brown; com. [daughter of Daniel McPherson & Marian McNeill McPherson; widow of Rev. Daniel Brown]
Mrs. Christiana McIntyre
John McLean, Esq.; com.
Nancy McNeill
Mrs. Christiana McLean; com.
Hector Bethune; com.
Mrs. Susanna McLean; com. [daughter of Rev. Daniel Brown & Catherine McPherson Brown; wife of Rev. Hector McLean]
Mrs. Christiana Bethune; com.
Miss Mary C. Brown
Majr. McPhaul [Is this the son of Tory Capt. Neill McPhaul & Mary Perkins?]
Miss Charlotte Dallas [daughter of Peter Dallas]
Mrs. Catherine [nee McArn] McPhaul [wife of Major Daniel McPhaul]
Miss Eliza McLean
Mrs. Margaret McPhaul [daughter of John Gilchrist & Effie McMillan; widow of John McPhaul]
Mrs. Margaret McEachin; com.
Arch J. Currie[son of Randal Currie]
Mrs. Mary Campbell; com.
Janet McArthur; com.
Catherine Campbell [wife or daughter of John Campbell of Campbell's Bridge?]
Daniel Lammond
Margaret Campbell [daughter of John Campbell of Campbell's Bridge?]
Mrs. Catherine Lammond
Neill Lamond
William Gilchrist; com.
Arch McLean
Mrs. ___ [blank drawn in record] Gilchrist; com.
Miss Rosanna McNeill; com. [daughter of Neill and Flora McNeill of Jobes Branch; later Mrs. Richard B. "Dick" Gregory, Sheriff of Robeson Co.]
Neill B. Smith [son of James & Mary Smith; Robeson County Register, Aug. 1990]
Miss Mary McNeill
Mrs. Margaret C. Smith
Miss Mary Brown
Duncan McMillan
Mrs. Flory Galbreath; com.
Mrs. Nelly McMillan [2nd wife of Duncan McMillan; b. 24 Jan. 1804; daughter of Randal Currie]
Miss Cathrine Murphy
Hugh Galbreath [son of Angus Galbreath?]
Captain Angus McLean; com.
May Galbreath [dau. of Angus Galbreath?]
Mrs. Effy McLean; com.
Flora Galbreath [dau. of Angus Galbreath?]
Hector McLean, Jr.
Catherine Galbreath [dau. of Angus Galbreath?]
Margaret Kelly
Sarah Galbreath [dau. of Angus Galbreath?]
Torquil Stewart; com. [died 15 July 1869; son of John Sr. and Margaret Stewart]
Malcolm Smith
Mrs. Nancy Stewart; com.
Mrs. Effy Smith
Miss Lovedy Stewart