The Buie History

An annotated version copied from a very old mimeographed copy of the Buie family history which was written by Flora McInnis Buie. Mrs. Buie died in 1910, so this history predates that year. Spelling and grammatical errors abound. Handwritten notes made over the years have been added.
Prepared for Internet with additional notes, S.C. Edgerton, 2004.

The battle of Culloden, a moor in Scotland near Inverness, was fought in 1746. The battle only lasted about fifteen minutes but is celebrated as being the total defeat of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by the English under the Duke of Cumberland. After the battle the English army ravaged the country, murdering all sympathizers, even women and children, killing all the men they could find.

The men who escaped fled the country and came by hundreds to America, or the Carolinas as they then expressed it. Among those to come were four Buie brothers, Malcolm, Archibald, John, and Neil. They landed at Brunswick now [the site of a historic town near] Wilmington. From there these Buies made their way up the Cape Fear, supposedly worked their way on pole boats as they had no money having left Scotland with life only.

They came as far as Cross Creek, now Fayetteville. From there they went to the "sand hills" as the country around Fayetteville was then known. In this region Malcolm Buie married Annie McRainey, he being the only brother to marry. From the sand hills they came to what is now Richland Swamp. This place is still in possession of Buie descendants [today in the year 2004]. Here he built a home and reared a family of four sons and one daughter. His three brothers lived with him. Archibald died as a young man. Malcolm's sons were Daniel, Neil [Col. Neil Buie, d. August 10, 1837], Archibald, and John and one daughter Nepsey. He died February, 1781. Ann his wife died November 22, 1822. They were buried on the west side of Richland Swamp in the Buie graveyard where they owned land. His brothers were buried there also.

His sons lived on the land and built a mill on Richland Swamp, which is owned by his grandchildren. These old Scotchmen were fond of horses and dogs and it is said that when Archibald died his dogs had to be shut up to keep them from scratching up his grave. Of these four brothers to come to America, no male relative ever came through in after years, several female relatives came, and married in North Carolina.These were not very near kin. One of the kinswomen married Maj. Alex Watson [Who was this Buie woman?]. One married Hugh Brown [He married Mary Buie in 1739 and moved from Fayetteville to Richland Swamp were they are buried.] and lived in Fayetteville. One married a Clark and lived not far from what is now Red Springs [in Robeson County, NC]. Col. Neil Buie, son of Malcolm, married Ann Munroe [Married April 1793 to Mary Ann "Polly" Munroe, daughter of Lewis Munroe and Minnie McPherson Munroe. Lewis and Minnie moved to the Raft Swamp in Bladen County from Cumberland County about 1770. Polly lived for a time with her grandfather in his house on Raft Swamp until 1791.] and located on Richland Swamp near Philadelphus. Here he farmed far and wide as being the best in the community, planted the same peach still extant and a good one. They had no childern [sic]. Annabel (Nepsey) daughter of Malcolm married Finlah McCorvey. They located on the north side of Panther Swamp [known as Panther branch today, branching from and just west of Richland Swamp] near Richland at a place now owned by J. A. McCallum [James A. McCallum, father of Archie D. McCallum]. Here they raised a family of four sons and one daughter. The childern were Daniel, Neil, Finlah, and the daughter Betsy. Finlah McCorvey died here 1837. Daniel Buie son of Malcolm Buie married Flora McPherson [daughter of Daniel and Marian McNeill McPherson]. Their childern were Malcolm Buie, Sallie Ann, Archibald, Mary, Rebecca, Effie, Neill, Daniel McPherson, John, Annabel. Of the childern of Daniel Buie, Malcolm married Ann Clark [Malcolm married 22 March 1825 to Ann Clarke, daughter of David Clarke, Esq., per the 7 April 1825 edition of the Carolina Observer (later Fayetteville Observer)], Sallie Ann married Duncan Brown, Archibald married Flora McInnis, Mary married Neill McCorvey, Rebecca married Daniel Little, Effie Unmarried, Neill married Caroline McCallum, Daniel McPherson married Kate McPherson, John married Annie Jane McPherson, Annabel married Neill McNeill ["Squire Neill" McNeill].

Malcolm moved to Arkansas, his childern were Flora who married William Cameron. Effie Ann, who married Neill McCormic.

Sallie Ann Buie married Duncan Brown. Seven or Eight years later after their marriage they moved to Talladega Ala. Brownsville postoffice. The childern were Daniel Buie, Artemas Whitfield, John Rice, Doddridge, Joseph, Fielding, Robert, Effie, Harriet, Matilda, Adelia. ["White Daniel" McNeill, son of Alexander McNeill and his wife Mary "Polly" (née McEachern) McNeill, was the next door neighbor of Duncan and Artemas Brown in the 1860 census of Union Co., Arkansas.]

Daniel married in Talledega Ala. They had two childern Artemas married a Miss Carrigan in Ark. His second wife Susan Fergusan [The Fergusons were their neighbors in the 1860 census of Union Co., Arkansas]. Their childen Margert, Blanch, Artemas, John Rice married _______. Joseph married Miss Ferusan [Ferguson] They had six childern. Fielding married ______ Harriet married Dr. Aurehus [sic] McAlpine. Effie Jane married Malcolm Galbraith. Adelia married Spear [sic]. These families lived in and around Junction City and Three Creeks Arkansas. Adelia and her husband Sphear [sic] moved to Texas. Archibald son of Daniel married Flora McInnis. Their childern were Duncan Alexander and Daniel Calvin twin brothers, Cartharine [sic] Jane, John Malloy, Annabella, Mary Malvuid, Malcolm Bunyan, Neill Archibald, Effie, Rebecca Downey. Duncan Alexander married Kate McGeachy. His p.o. address, Lumberton, N.C. Catherine Jane, Address Buie, N.C.
John Malloy (died)
Annabella (died)
Mary Buie, N.C.
Neill Archibald (died)
Malcolm Bunyan, Buie, N.C.
Effie, Buie, N.C.
Rebecca Downey, Buie, N.C.

Mary Buie daughter of Daniel Buie Married [28 March 1829] Neill McCorvey [son of Finlah McCorvey and Anabelle "Nepsy" Buie. Neill fathered a child out of wedlock by a Peggy McIntyre during 1827 in Robeson County.]. Rebecca married Daniel Little. Effie Unmarried. [Died Dec. 1, 1877]

Neil Buie son of Daniel Buie married Carolina McCallum. Their childern are William Frison [Frierson], Nancy, John, Daniel, Dodridge [Doddridge], Malcolm, Joseph, Douglas, Kate.

Daniel McPherson Buie married Kate McPherson [Catherine McPherson, daughter of Alexander and Nancy Dallas McPherson]. Their childern are Flora, Ann Eliza, Duncan Patrict [Patrick]. John Buie married Anna [Annie] Jane McPherson. Their childern Daniel Arthur, Flora Jane.

Neill Archibald (died)

Annabell Buie Daughter of Daniel Buie married Neill McNeill ["Squire Neill" McNeill], their childern are Daniel, Flora, John Brown, Archibald, Neill McPherson ["Bub"], Mary, Effie, Caroline, David, Charity, James Scott, Margaret.

The P.O. address of the McNeills is St. Pauls, N.C.

Duncan A. Buie son of Archibald Buie married Kate McGeachy. Their childern are Flora Margaret Buie who married Talmage Kenyan. Lived in Washington D.C. Kate McInnis Buie, P.O. address Red Springs, N.C.

Daniel C. Buie married Susan Salmon. Their childern are Malcolm Archibald, Almira Lee, Flora Lillian, Walter (died) John Oakley, Susan (died)

Daniel Buie, P.O. adress Lumberton, N.C.

Neill Buie married Caroline McCallum. Their childern William Frierson, Nancy McRainey, John McCallum, Dodridge (died) Malcolm Archibald, Joseph Neill, Douglas, Kate McCallum.

William Frierson married Almira McNeill, no childern. Nancy McRainey married Rev. Dougald Monroe, no childern. Daniel moved to Miss.

Doddridge (died)

Malcolm Archibald married Annie Roberts. Their childern are Doddridge, Dugald, Sam, Herbert, Almeda, Helen, Craighead, Malcolm.

Doddridge married Grace Salley of S.C.

Dugald a student of Davison [sic] College.

John Buie son of Neill Buie married Mary Ann Brown, now both dead. They left two childern, Nancy Monroe, and Edward Lathrop.

Joseph Neill married Rebecca Brown. His address Red Springs, N.C. Their childern Lacy [married Ruth Todd of S.C.], Margaret, Ann.

Duglass [Douglas] married Margaret Kirtman of Ellerbe Springs no childern. Address Red Springs, N.C.

Kate McCallum, Address Red Springs, N.C.

Duncan Brown married Sallie Ann Buie, and along in the "thirties" moved to Alabama, Talladega. Here they remained till their childern were nearly all grown. Their childern were Daniel Buie, Artemas Whitfield, John Rice, Doddridge, Joseph, Fielding, Robert, Harriet, Effie Ann, Matilda, Adelid [sic]. Daniel married in Talladega Ala., Had Two childern Artemas married in Ark. A Miss Carrigan she died and he married a second time Susan Ferguson. They had three childern, Margaret, Blanche, Artemas. John Rice married _______ (not known). Joseph married Miss Ferguson. They had six childern, Harriet, who married Galbraith, Matilda married John Watts, Adelia married Sphears, and moved to Texas. Robert Brown McAlpine married Miss Craig in Ala.

In the year 1841 some of the Buies connection moved to Ark. Several famlies joined together forming quite a party. When They reached their destination they still stayed as near together as they could get land to locate on. In the party were McCorveys, McAlpines, Wilkersons, Rays, a Croatan [Lumbee] Indian named McGilverry [McGilvary] Braboy, and others.

They took several negro servants. They carried all their household goods they could find room for. The women taking their spining wheels, the men furnishing each his own team of horses, mules were not then in general use. Before they started the men made their wagons. Wood and iron work in their shops. In those days there were no ready made wagons all around now. In the party were wives and childern even babies. They traveled at their leisure, camping when they found a good place or were tired. When they got to Mississippi Valley, settlers were far apart and their grain was short and as it was near spring time they stopped, rented land and made a crop a very good farm crop, and when this harvest was geathered on again. The men, all being good hunters and game plentiful all along the route, they kept the party well supplied with fresh meats. Deer, wild turkeys, wild hogs aboundent in plenty.

Neil McCorvey married Mary Buie daughter of Daniel Buie [and Flora McPherson]. Their childern were Daniel Buie, Taylor, Catherine, Caroline, Laura.

Taylor married Millie Neal in Arkansas. Their childern were Mary (died) John, (girl) Willis Roy, Mand. [sic] Annie Belle. Daniel Buie. Of his childern John married Slater. Three of his childern, Willis married name unknown. Caroline married John Watts. Their childern Fanny Lee, William, Emma, Mary, Thomas, Grace, Charles, Jessie, Hope. Of their childern Fanny married Gozie [Goza?] had no childern. Mary married Burrus. Thomas married Reynolds, Grace married Griffin, several childern Catharine, sister of Taylor married Daniel Galbrith [sic]. Their childern are, John, Neill, Thomas, Daniel Buie, Robert Lee. Robert Lee married Rebecca Johnson. They had six childern, Laura daughter of Neil and Mary McCorvey, married Daniel Wilkerson. Their childern Edwin, Daniel, Shelby, Thomas, Charles, Margaret.

Finlah McCorvey, son of Finlah married Jane Brown. Their childern, John, Neill, Daniel, Finlah, Mary Jane, William, Della, Ola, Parker, Lillian, Minor.

Annabel married Burrus, Della married Griffit [sic]. Ola married name unknown. Parker married name unknown. Lillian married ?

Minor married ?

Finlah married Effie Patterson. Their childern John, James, Daniel McCorvey, Frank, Paul, Pink, Lon, Joe, Ruth, Frank married Mary Kelly. Their childern Velma and Effie Jane.

Lon married Corriue [sic; Corrine?] Britt.

John McAlpine married Christian McCorvey only daughter of Finlah McCorvey and Nepsey [Nepsy Buie]. Their childern were Thomas , Alfred, Daniel, Effie Annabel, Nancy.

Annabel married William McDuffie, no childern. Nancy married John B. Wilkinson. Their childern Mary, Annie, James.

John married Maggie Askew. They had four childern Aurelia married John Galbraith. Their childern, Calvin, and Knox.