Malcolm McNeill & wife Nancy McNeill
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1851 - Pension Documents ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) from Malcolm McNeill's Revolutionary War pension application by daughter Jane McNeill McNeill of Robeson Co., NC;
- William and wife Jane McNeill to Roper, McArthur and McKay, lands of Malcolm McNeill on Upper Little River, Cumberland Co., NC;
1854 - Declaration by Jane McNeill regarding her father's Rev. War service, Cumberland Co., NC;

Nancy McNeill estate, 1847, Robeson Co., NC;
Malcolm McNeill (Junior) estate,1841 Cumberland Co., NC.
• Cumberland County, NC grants and deeds for Malcolm McNeill of Cumberland Co. and his siblings in Robeson and Chatham counties, NC;
• Revolutionary War pension record of Malcolm McNeill applied for by daughter Jane (nee McNeill) McNeill (see links for Malcolm's war record in Notes section left and below);
• Mabel Smith Lovin's history of her McNeill ancestors;
Will of Turquill McNeill, 1855, Dent Co., Missouri.


  Malcolm McNeill; Private in Continental Army during the Revolution 13 star flag

Birth c. 1750 Place Bladen (now Cumberland) County, NC
Chr Place
Death 16 November 1810 Place Cumberland or Moore County , NC
Burial Place NC
Father Neill McNeill of Robeson County Mother unknown; died before 1776
Marriage Spring of 1776; marriage licence of bann gotten in 1778 witnessed by "Hector McNeill, a friend" Place Cumberland County, NC
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Nancy McNeill
Birth 1754 Place probably Cumberland County, NC
Chr Place
Death 18 December 1847, aged 93 Place Robeson County, NC
Burial Place probably Robeson County, NC
Father William McNeill Mother Jane Campbell
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: While going through some of my brother's McNeill histories, I found this note on a piece of paper that says the info on it came from Jerry McNeill 5 Jan 1983:
Information from Jerry McNeill, Rt. 4, Box 929, Sanford, NC 29330:
   Hector McNeill (the tailor) son of Malcom McNeill (Rev War soldier) who died in 1810 in probably Cumberland County, NC. Malcom McNeill's wife was Nancy McNeill, who died in the 1840's, age 93 in (Robeson Co.?) NC. (Malcom Fowler thought Malcom McNeill was a brother of Archd McNeill who married Jenny Bahn Smith). This also came from Malcom Fowler: Hector (the tailor) McNeill, son of Malcom McNeill, had a brother who moved to St. Augustine, Tex. about 1835. He became known as "Texas Neill" McNeill.
(Important: Neither of Fowler's claims here have solid basis in fact.) Nancy McNeill had a daughter, Jane McNeill, who married a Wm. McNeill. Nancy was one of the oldest living residents in Robeson Co. when she died. Malcom McNeill owned 1,140 acres in Moore Co, NC and 444 acres in Cumberland Co, NC.
   Malcom McNeill married Nancy McNeill in the Spring of 1776. The marriage licence of bann wasn't gotten until 1778 for which they paid 60 pounds & was witnessed by 'Hector McNeill (a friend)'.
   Above from Jerry McNeill 5 Jan 1983.
Malcolm was in the Battle of Cain Creek and the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Read Malcolm's war records, pages: 3 4 5 6.
    In 1854, Jane and her husband William, living in Robeson County, sold their interest in Jane's father's lands around Danily's Creek on Upper Little River in Cumberland County and his lands in Moore County to three men: James P. Roper (or Rosser), Daniel McArthur and John W. McKay. The lands in Cumberland bordered Neill McNeill, Esquire, who has not been identified. Jane's sister, Flora wife of Neill McArthur, also sold her lands that year to the same parties, and Chatham County records show Daniel McArthur was their son, among other children.
    Since Malcolm and Nancy married in 1776 and we only have the names of children born in the mid 1780s and early 90s, who were the children born during the war years of 1776 and up to 1785? Did the war keep Malcolm and Jane apart during that time and prevent her bearing children during that period? One child, name unknown, didn't survive to 1851 when the pension records were written. The lands of Malcolm were divided seven ways and only the named six children below are known. The seventh child and his heirs were ignored or unable to be found when the pension was applied for, but his name was Malcolm McNeil and hisl estate record of 1841 in Cumberland County reveals he survived to 1841, married and had several children. The 1841 estate has detailed information about the vast land holdings and how they were sold.
    I have to take exception to some old, accepted genealogical info on the wife of "Little Billy" McNeill. For generations, local historians in Robeson County have believed and written that "Sailor Hector" McNeill's son, William "Little Billy" McNeill married Jane, a daughter of Nancy McNeill and Hector McNeill. However, original records, particularly the Revolutionary War pension records of Malcolm McNeill found here, show Jane McNeill—daughter of Nancy McNeill and Malcolm McNeill—applied for a war pension in 1851 as a resident of Robeson County who was 60 years of age, putting her birth year at 1791 (see pages 4, 5). In her history of the family of "Little Billy" McNeill, Mabel Lovin cites the birth year of Little Billy's wife Jane as 1791 which matches the calculated birth year of Malcolm's daughter in the pension records and the tombstone of Jane McNeill in Robeson County. Additionally, the 1850 census of Robeson County, NC, shows "Little Billy" and Jane living in upper Robeson and her age is 59; they are living next door to Hector McNeill and his brother Neill T. McNeill who were cousins of "Littly Billy" McNeill. Here is a picture of "Little Billy" and his family which I copied from Mabel Lovin's disk containing her family histories.
    The children below are in the order listed in the pension record provided in the links above.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Neill McNeill
alive July1852
(This may have been "Surveyor Neill" McNeill.)
2. Hector McNeill
alive July1852
3. Malcolm McNeill, Jr.
Mary (Was she Mary McMillan, 10 June 1823 (date of bond) in Cumberland Co., NC?)
4. Elizabeth McNeill
2 July 1786
26 Mar 1866
William Watson, 26 Mar 1807. Lived in Longstreet section in Moore Co., NC in 1860. Many children.
5. Flora McNeill
after 1860
Neill McArthur of Chatham Co., NC. Had son Daniel McArthur and other children of Chatham County, NC.
6. Jane McNeill
14 Apr 1791;
(on tombstone:
"aged 81
years 3 mos
16 days")
1 Aug 1872
William "Little Billy" McNeill of Robeson County, NC. William and Jane McNeill are in the 1850 census in Robeson and living with them is their son Malcolm McNeill born about 1827; JM Roberts claims he was born 1822 which is wrong. Malcolm C. McNeill was William's and Jane's attorney in the sale of Jane's father's lands in 1854.)
7. Turquill McNeill
Elizabeth McNeill; moved to Dent Co., Missouri and there both lived and died. Several children. Turquill's will of 1855 in Dent Co. devised to the heirs of William Watson his interest in his father's estate in Moore and Cumberland Co., NC.