Solomon Johnston, Sr. & unknown wife
Chart No:
Associated Grants/Deeds:
1757 - Wm. Odum to Solomon Johnston of Cumberland Co., 200A near Raft Swp granted to Henry O'Berry 1750, Cumberland Co., NC;
1771 - Solomon Johnston Jr. to Solomon Johnston Sr., 200A near Raft Swp granted to O'Berry in 1750, Bladen Co., NC;
1789 - John Hawthorn to Daniel McCrainie, 200A near Raft Swp owned by Solomon Johnston Jr. and Sr., Robeson Co., NC;

1778 will of Marrion Perkins McPhaul, Robeson Co., NC;
• Cumberland Co., NC deeds;
• Robeson Co., NC deeds;


  Solomon Johnston, Senior

Birth c.1700 Place
Chr Place
Death 1771-1789 Place Bladen/Robeson Co., NC
Burial Place probably Bladen/Robeson Co., NC
Father unknown Mother unknown
Marriage Place probably Cumberland Co., NC
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   unknown
Birth Place
Chr Place
Death Place
Burial Place
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Lacy C. Buie remembered hearing stories as a boy about Solomon Johnston who around the time of the Revolution lived on the south side of his family's acreage in Robeson County just south of Red Springs. Lacy said Solomon was "a g-damn giant!" and legend had it that Solomon fought off single-handedly a band of outlaws who were attempting to rob his abode. He also claimed that Solomon was the father of Nelly Johns(t)on, wife of Randal Currie. Naming patterns of Randal and Nelly's children don't support this claim, but resemble more the family of Daniel Johnston who married Isabella Brown.
    It has recently been discovered through colonial Bladen County tax lists and Robeson County deeds that Marrion McPhaul, the widow of John McPhaul of McPhaul's Mill, was Solomon Johnston's daughter.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Solomon Johnston Jr.
before 1789
"died without issue"
2. Marrion Johnston
after Nov 1783
1st: Joshua/Josiah Perkins; 2nd: John McPhaul