McPherson Clan List
The clans are separated by a bar and each clan considered a separate McPherson family. Each clan below may or may not be related to others in the list.

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John McPherson of the Argyll Colony

Malcolm & Christian Downie McPherson of "Glenurcha," Scotland, & Beaver Creek, Cumberland County, NC

Alexander & Elizabeth Murray Baker McPherson of Beaver Creek, Cumberland County, NC

Martin & Christian Gillis McPherson (from Isle of Skye, Scotland) of Moore County, NC

Jonathan & Rebekah McPherson of Craven & Cumberland Counties, NC

Edward & Isobel McPherson of Cumberland, Robeson & Richmond Counties, NC

Captain William McPherson of Cumberland County, NC

Randal, Barbara and Duncan McPherson of Robeson County, NC

John and Robert McPherson of Cumberland (?) and Anson County