Joshua/Josiah Perkins & wife Marrion Johnston
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1767- Land entry for Ann Perkins, 50A near Raft Swp near Bass's old mill seat, Bladen Co., NC
1771 - Solomon Johnston Jr to Solomon Johnston Sr; 100A south of Raft Swp, Bladen Co., NC
1772 - Land entry for Ann Perkins, 100A on Beaverdam Branch so of Raft Swp, Bladen Co., NC
1789 - Deed showing Marrion's father, brother and son's names

• The 1783 will of Marrion McPhaul in Robeson County, NC;
• The will of John Leitch in Robeson County, NC;
• Tax lists for the two years 1769 and 1771 from "Bladen Co. Tax Lists 1768-1775", Vol 1, by William Byrd III;
• Robeson County, NC grants and deeds for Ann Perkins, et al.;
• Bladen Co. deeds;
• McPhaul history compilation and research by Jay Edgerton
McPhauls Mill Sketch


  Joshua/Josiah Perkins

Birth Place
Chr Place
Death before 1767 Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Burial Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Father Mother
Marriage Place
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   Marrion "Ann" Johnston
Birth Place
Chr Place
Death after 26 November 1783 Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Burial Place probably Bladen Co., NC
Father Solomon Johnston, Sr. Mother unknown; part Native American?
Other spouses John McPhaul Marriage after 1767












Notes: Soloman Johnston, Senior, a legend by Philadelphus history buffs, has become a real entity by the discovery of the long-lost Bladen County tax lists at Duke University. In addition, the discovery of a Robeson County deed has revealed that Solomon was the grandfather of Jordan Perkins who was stated in the Bladen tax lists to have been Ann Perkins's son.This further fleshes out this man who Lacy C. Buie of Philadelphus claimed "was a g-damn giant!" Legend has it that the lone Soloman fought off a group of bandits who were attempting to rob him at his cabin near Bogue Branch below the Lathrop Buie home south of today's Red Springs.
     There are two Mary Perkinses below. Marrion in her will states "Mary Leich my other daughter". Was Mary Leich a daughter by another/third marriage?

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Jordan Perkins
after June 1789
? (had son named Neill Perkins?)
2. Mary "Pretty Polly" Perkins
after June 1783
Neill McPhaul, c.1760-65
3. Christian Perkins
after June 1783
(John?) McCrainie
4. Mary Perkins
after June 1783
John? Leich