Miscellaneous McPherson Notes

Various McPherson Entries from Department of Archives and History

Bladen County Tax List for 1768-1789, compiled by William Byrd. From 1769:

p. 13 Lewis Munroe listed with neighbors Malcolm Munroe and Peter McArthur. John McPherson, James Ard, Hector McNeill, Duncan Campbell, James McNeill and Daniel Patterson were living in the vicinity.

"Bladen County Land Warrants and Surveys" by Philbeck, 1985 (pages not numbered):

# 468 Thomas Brooks. 400 acres "on the So West side of Cape Fear Begining at John McFashion line Joining ye upper line of John Russell's upon ??? creek." 7 Oct 1749.
# 731 Malcolm Munroe, Senr. 100 acres "on Stewarts Creek being a branch of rockfish creek including a Cotton patch formerly of Mr. Odam about 2 miles from John McFearson's" 7 May 1753. Entry 338.
# 743 John McPherson. 100 acres "on Cross Creek being the place he formerly lived on." 8 May 1753. Entry 352.
# 769 John McPherson. 640 acres "joining Robert Carver's land". 23 August 1753. Entry 447. (adjacent to entry below this, #448)
# 770 John McPherson. 150 acres "upon the underground branch of cross creek". 23 August 1753. Entry 448.
# 926 John Patterson. 100 acres "on the no. side of Beaver Creek, joining John McFearson's bridge." 8 January 1754. Entry 831.

McPherson Marriages in Cumberland County, NC

From records at the Cumberland County Courthouse and North Carolina Department of Archives and History, and notes found in my brother's records.
Note: "W." means witness to the marriage. "C.C.' means Clerk of Court. Robinson Mumford was for many years County Clerk of Cumberland County and was a witness to many marriages and legal proceedings of the day.

Date of Bond / Marr. Witnesses, etc.
John McPherson Sallie Black 9 Nov 1812 Colin McPherson [W.]; Robinson Mumford [C.C.]
Martin McPherson Elizabeth McRacken 13 Feb 1817 Alex McMillan
Silas Brogden of Chesterfield District, S.C. Christian McPherson [possibly the dau. of Malcolm & Christian Downie McPherson] 15 May 1804 Donald McPherson [Daniel, son of Malcolm McPherson, Sr.?]; Robinson Mumford [C.C.]
C.S. Allred, son of John and Jennet Allred Mary McPherson, dau. of Neill & Martha McPherson 18 Feb 1868 J.E. Mann M.G.; John Frey R. of D.
Josiah Denbey Mary McPherson 3 June 1813 Ephraim Jones [W.]; Robinson Mumford [C.C.].
John McPherson Mary McPherson 14 Feb 1821 John Armstrong; Martin McPherson, Jr.
Alexander McArthur Polly McPherson 21 Sept 1805 John McPherson [W.]; Robinson Mumford [C.C.]
Neill McPherson Martha Lumsden 4 May 1839 William Munroe
Alexander McPherson Catherine Buie 14 Dec 1836 Neill McPherson; A. McLean, Jr.
Duncan McPherson Mary Ann Lane 1 April 1824 B. L. Burns; John Armstrong
Duncan McPherson Mary Ann Parker 20 Feb 1830 David Johnson; Chas. Rhodes
Duncan McPherson Christian Finlayson 25 May 1865 Archd. McLeod; J.T. Warden, Clk.
Hugh McPherson Catherine Ray 20 May 1846 Duncan Ray; J. McLaurin
James D. McPherson Catherine Ann McDuffie 27 Jan 1859 J.W. Baker, Jr.; J.T. Warden, Clk.
John McPherson Lovedy A. Priest 13 Sept 1860 Owen Priest; Henry Huske
John L. McPherson Mary T. Cameron 6 Sept 1860 R. McD. Cameron; J.T. Warden, Clk.


McPherson Entries from Vital Records, Cumberland County, NC

From records at the Cumberland County Public Library, Fayetteville, NC.

Abstracts of Vital Records, from Raleigh, N.C. Newspapers, Vol II

#3828, p. 461 Married in Camden County, NC, 6 July 1823, Wiley McPherson to Miss Courtney McPherson
#4810, p. 579 Married in Bladen County, NC, 29 April 1827, William Ramsey to Miss Flora Jane McPherson
#3084, p. 331 Married John McRae of Augusta, Georgia to Miss Charlotte [should read 'Catherine'] McPherson of Cumberland County, NC., 1 June 1809

Marriage and Death Notices from the Raleigh Register and State Gazette

Death Mrs. Catherine McPherson, Feb 17, 1807, Raleigh Register [who's wife was this Mrs. Catherine McPherson?]
Death Mrs. John McRae, Oct 12, 1810 [nee Catherine McPherson, dau of Alexander McPherson, son of Old John McPherson], Raleigh Register
Death Theophilus Evans, March 16, 1822, Raleigh Register

McPherson Entries from Minutes of the County Court of Pleas, Cumberland County, NC

From records at the Cumberland County Public Library, Fayetteville, NC.

From Vol I:

8 Nov 1760 John & William McPherson [John McPherson of the Argyll Colony and probably Capt. William McPherson] recorded brands.
May 1762 Alexander McFerson on Grand Jury [son of John McPherson of the Argyll Colony]
19 May 1762 John McPherson on Petit Jury
22 Feb 1764 Alexander McPherson on Petit Jury
Feb 1764 Jury appointed to lay off road from Danl McGills at Fork of Rds to Campbellton; Alexr and John McPherson members of jury
Feb 1765 Duncan and Merion Baker to Edward McPherson
Aug 1765 Ed. McPherson granted licenced for tavern
May 1765 Alexander McPherson involved in suit
Jan 1773 Deed to Donald McPherson from Colin Shaw and wife Marrion Shaw
1774 Alexander McPherson member of Jury
30 Apr 1774 Deed to George Mylne and Robert Hogg from John McPherson [John McPherson of the Argyll Colony]
July 1774 Deed to Angus McFarson from Henry and Margaret Williams
27 July 1775 Alexander McPherson involved in suit
July 1775 Road overseer Smith's Ferry to Ed. McPhersons at Forks of Yadkin Rd
29 Apr 1776 Peter Munroe to take place of Alexander McPherson as overseer of Road from Cross Creek to Archd McKays
29 Oct 1785 Dun. Ochiltree & wife to William Campbell & Lewis McPherson proved by James Burges.
27 July 1786 Deed: James Dyer & Sarah Dyer [James's wife] to Alexr. McPherson, Jr., acknowledged.
2 Aug 1788 Capt. William McFerson road overseer from Beaver Creek to the Town line, working on the following: Old Alex McFerson's hands, Neill Buie, Donald McRee [McRae], John McRee, Neill McNeill, and Gilbert McRee.
28 Oct 1789 Following jury to view a new road to be laid out from Jas. McNeills near Rockfish [James "Jimmie" McNeill of Rockfish Creek, also known as James "Jimmie" McNeill of McCaskills] to Fayetteville: Jas. Dyer, John Sibley, Robeson Mumford, Alexr. McIver, James Dick, John Eccles, Archd McDuffie, Dun. Blue, Peter Buchan, Archd Black, Duncan Black, Alexr. McFerson, Coln. Mcpherson [sic], John McFerson, Jr., Ferqd Bethune, Dun. Buie, Danl. Morrison, and Neill Munroe.
29 Jan 1790 John McFerson gave to Colin McFerson as security for the maintenance of a base-born child begot by him on the body of Catha. McFerson [What Catharine McPherson was this?]; bond: £100.
30 Jan 1790 Ordered that Catha. McFerson be paid by John McFerson the sum of £6 yearly for seven years from the birth of the child by the said John begot on her body.

McPherson Entries from "Richmond County Record, Journal of Richmond County (NC) Descendants" by Joe. M. McLaurin

From records at the NC. Dept. of Archives and History Library, Raleigh, NC.

The following entries were abstracted from Richmond County court minutes. I searched the publication for those with the McPherson surname, and families associated with the McPherson surname.

p. 13 New Citizens: Arch'd McPherson, Neill McPherson, Keneth [sic] McKenzie all (among others) naturalized January 1795 having migrated into the US previous to 1795
p. 14 New Citizens: Donald McPherson age 57, Years in US: 2
p. 134

December 11, 1804, William McPherson on jury duty

p. 150

Hugh Priest married Sarah McFarland Nov 16, 1851, bondsman: Thos. Williamson, witness: M.L. Douglas
Isaiah Priest married Nelly McDonald June 16, 1854; bondsoman: Hugh Priest, witness: L.H. Webb

p. 368 List of Aliens, Sept. 1813 Court Minutes: Norman Morrison age 48, been in US 11 years. Donald McPherson age 57, been in US 2 years.
p. 464 1800 Richmond Co., NC Census: William McPherson-- 4 males under 10: 1 male 26-45; 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 26-45; 1 slave
p. 498 State vs. William McPherson, June 1806. Nuisance charge.