Rev. Dugald Munroe and family historian Juliet Cox Marrow, March 1924.

Taken in March 1924 at J.F. McKay home at Philadelphus in Robeson County, NC, during the 50th wedding anniversary party of J.F McKay and his wife, Ann McPherson McKay. Rev. Dugald Munroe was the son of Peter Munroe and Isabella Jane Cameron of Cameron Hill in Cumberland County, NC. I have been told the scarf around Rev. Munroe's neck was worn because he had throat cancer, and this photo was taken shortly before his death. Juliet Cox Marrow was the McKay family historian. She was the daughter of Chalmers Cox and Catherine Ann McKay Cox of Rowland, NC. Juliet's records, though not extensive, are owned by her granddaughter in Kinston, NC.

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