Early Photographs of Philadelphus High School

The following pictures and their captions are taken from Catalogue of Philadelphus High School and Farm-life School 1922-23, two copies of which have been found very recently. One copy has been given to the Red Springs Museum in Red Springs, NC.

Philadelphus High School.

The Girls' Dormitory.

The Boys' Dormitory.

The Rear View of the School.


Philadelphus is situated two miles from Buies, N.C. on the main line of the A.C.L. Railroad and four miles from Red Springs. This delightul school village of four hundred people is well-suited to be the home of a school for boys and girls.

It is placed at the junction of five highways. As the preceding sentence implies, it is in the country, but this is an asset rather than a drawback. The location is fortunate for the reason that it is free from the temptations and distractions ever-present in towns, while it has all the literary advantages of a school community and sufficient social pleasures and means of recreation on a complete athletic field and nearby lake.

The surrounding homes of the community are inhabited by thrifty Scotch whose industry, hospitality, and reverence for God are proverbial. Altogether the site is well-suited to the needs of a school of this type.


Owing to the progressive spirit and intelligence of the people of this community Philadelphus was the first institution in Robeson County to effect consolidation of schools; the first, in 1913 to introduce the departments of Agriculture and Home Economics.

At this point where five magnificent highways converge, as many shcool trucks bring the children from a radius of three miles to twelve. So far the following schools have consolidated with Philadelphus: the entire schools of Tabor and Buie and the high school departments of Pembroke, Glenwood, and Raft Swamp.

Upon the site of the school building burned last year there has just been completed a magnificent brick school building with water, electric lights and steam heat. There are sixteen large class rooms, with a superintendent's office, library and auditorium, equipped throughout with modern appointments. Two large, well-furnished dormitories under the best management give that quiet home environment that has so much pleased the parents of the boys and girls that fill its rooms from Robeson and adjacent counties. The stately long leaf pine, the shadowy walks by the lake where many boats invite occupancy, the mineral spring, and well-kept athletic field donated for this purpose, all tend to produce a healthful and contented student body.

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