In March of 1907, students and teachers of Philadelphus School gathered to have their picture made in
front of their school. The building was constructed in 1903:

Front row, L to R: unidentified boy, unidentified boy, Katherine Humphrey (married a McLeod), Margaret Brown (married a McNeill),
Annie Humphrey (married an Adams), unidentified girl, Mary Katherine Tiddy (married a McMillan), unidentified girl, Janie Humphrey
(married Herbert Mills), unidentified girl, Lynn Melvin, and unidentified boy.
Second row, L to R: unidentified girl, unidentified girl, Ruby Terry (married a McMillan),unidentified girl, Mary Tiddy (married a John),
unidentified girl, Beth Terry (married a Harris), Belle Terry (married a Britt), Laura Jones (married William McKay), Mariah McMillan
(married a McNeill), Kitty Jones (married a Beatty), Sadie McMillan (married a Martin), unidentified girl, Georgia McMillan
(married a Dukes), Ruby McMillan (married a Ray), and Grace McMillan (married a Steeds).
Third row, L to R: Lee Terry, Jim McLeod, Willie McMillan, Peyton McMillan, unidentified boy, Samuel R. McKay, unidentified boy,
Dr. Pete McKay, Mack McArthur, Harvey McMillan, unidentified boy, and teachers Miss Annie Harrington, Miss Ela Steed;
School principle and preacher, Rev. G.T. Pace; and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the school, John Humphrey.
Fouth row, L to R: Mabel Brown (married a Moore), Polly Powell, Ella McKay (married Frank Pellegrini), Ida Maitland Jones (married
William W. Gibson, Jr.), Bess Powell, Lizzie Jones (married a McMillan), unidentified girl, Minnie Wiggins, Susan Buie, and Ethel Atkinson.

Names provided by Ella McK. Pellegrini (who wrote most of them on back of photo), Laura Jones McKay and Myrtle McMillan Graham.

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