The old J.F. "Frank" McKay home on Hwy. 72 above Philadelphus community in Robeson County, NC. Built 1889. Burned to the ground October 1921. Frank's new home was built upon the ashes.
Photograph taken c.1905. From left to right standing: William Peter "Pete" McKay [married Gladys Toon of Red Springs; Pete later became Dr. Peter McKay of Fayetteville], Margaret Nina McKay [married Morris Pate of South Carolina], Ella Currie McKay [married Frank Pellegrini of Philadelphia, Penn.; Ella became a registered nurse during WWI], Samuel Rankin McKay [married Aileen Handley of Alabama; Sam later became Dr. Samuel McKay of Lillington, NC]. Seated L to R: Gilbert Gilchrist McPherson who lived with his daughter, Ann Flora McPherson McKay, and her family. Ann Flora McPherson married J.F. McKay in 1874. And Bonnie, the dog.

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