The Duncan Patrick Buie home, Philadelphus, Robeson County, NC, circa 1914.

This house is still standing and is located just west of Philadelphus Presbyterian Church. L to R: Duncan Patrick Buie, Annabel Buie (Mrs. Reynolds), Daniel McPherson "McPherson" Buie, Catherine Jane "Kitty"(née Humphrey) Buie, Flora Maria "Fodie" Buie, and John Patrick "John Pat" Buie. Thanks to Harriett Buie Thompson and Bradley Buie for supplying this picture.

This reminds me of one of the visits Fodie and Annabelle Reynolds paid to my grandmother back in the late 1960s. They would always tell stories of when they were young and I was always all ears for that kinda stuff. Fodie told a tale about when Bus McConnaughey of Red Springs was a kid and had to get a remedy at Townsend's drug store for his father's cold. So, he told old man Townsend that he needed some asafoetida for his father to wear around his neck. "That'll be a nickel," Townsend said, and Bus replied, "Put it on our account, please." Townsend began to record the charge in his book, got frustrated and said, "Aw, gw'on home," he said, slamming the book shut. "I wouldn't spell asafoetida and McConnaughey on the same page for forty nickels!"

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