The Daniel and Nancy McMillan McKay cabin, Philadelphus, Robeson County, NC; photograph taken c.1920. L to R: Morris Pate, Chesley Pate, Willie Pate, Carmichael "Mike" McKay, James Franklyn "James" McKay.
My mother identified this cabin as having been on the J.F. McKay farm where she grew up, and she said this is where her grandfather, J.F. McKay was born in 1849. It was probably built by either the McCorvey family (who, until 1813 when they sold it to the widow Effie McMillan, originally owned the J.F. McKay property on the north side of Hwy. 72) or it may have been built by Daniel McKay and family after his marriage to Nancy McMillan around 1812. Daniel's widow, Nancy McKay, and her five children lived there after Daniel's death in 1819. Nancy resided in the cabin most of her life until her death in 1863. Her son, Dougald McKay died here in 1865. Both of them are buried in a small graveyard across the road in a circle of brush in the middle of the field.
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