The Beck Buie House that stood in Buie community, near Philadelphus community in Robeson County, NC

This photograph was among papers and old photos found in the yard and along the highway in front of the Miss Katie Buie home in Philadelphus after is was vandalized in the 1990s. A sheriff's deputy who noticed the papers in the highway recognized what he had found and collected what he could salvage. He knew my brother and mother would be interested and delivered the pictures to them. My mother thought this was the Beck Buie house that stood in the Buie community located a couple of miles below Philadelphus.

Mrs. Peggy Townsend, author of Vanishing Ancestors Vols. 1-3, writes: "Yes, the picture is of the Beck Buie [Rebecca D. Buie] house as I remember it when I moved to Buie in 1954. I went over there many times and would have loved to have bought it. I remember the night it burned – the biggest fire! I'm sure it was all pine – fat light wood. I have a picture I made of the ceiling in the parlor. It had a hand painted design on it. That was the style at one time.When I run across it I will send you a copy. I am so happy to have a picture of
the house. Dont know why I never took one of the outside. I did take many photos of homes in the area before they were destroyed one way or the other. But there are several I missed and they are gone now."

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