"Hector, carver" McNeill & unknown wife
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Associated Grants/Deeds:
1740 - Royal Patent, Gov. Johnston to Hector McNeill, 222 acres on NE side of CFR, Bladen Co., NC;
1755 - James McNeill to Lachlan McNeill, 111A a part of the 1740 river grant of 'Hector carver' McNeill, 9 miles above Rockfish Creek, Cumberland Co., NC;
1774 - Hector McNeill "late of Bladen County" to Turquill McNeill, five acres on Carvers Creek, Cumberland Co., NC;
1778 - Hector McNeal of Bladen County" to Valantine Braswell of Chatham Co., 640 acres, his 1740 grant at forks of Cape Fear River, Chatham Co., NC;
1803 - James McNeill to John McKay, 111A lower half of the 1740 grant of 'Hector carver' McNeill, 9 miles above Rockfish Creek, Cumberland Co., NC;
1808 - Elizabeth McNeill to Stephen Gilmore, stating Elizabeth as "only child and heir at law of Hector McNeill the patenter", Cumberland Co., NC;

• Cumberland County deeds;


  Hector McNeill, identified as 'Hector McNeill, carver' in a deed

Birth c.1710 Place Scotland
Chr Place
Death after 23 July 1778 Place Probably Bladen County, NC
Burial Place Probably Bladen or Cumberland County, NC
Father (Laughlin McNeill?) Mother (Margaret Johnstone?)
Marriage Place Probably Scotland
Other spouses Marriage
WIFE   unknown wife
Birth Place Probably Scotland
Chr Place
Death Place Scotland or NC
Burial Place Scotland or NC
Father Mother
Other spouses Marriage

Notes: Elizabeth is stated in a deed dated 1803 to have been the only surviving child and heir of Hector McNeill who received a 222-acre grant on the NE side of the Cape Fear River near the drains of Locks Creek and the mouth of Dunfield Creek in 1740. A cemetery was located there in 1803. Hector could not sign his name which in original documents differentiates him from "Bluff Hector" McNeill. In what I believe is his last two deeds, dated 1774 and 1778, he is stated as living in Bladen County. This could mean that he was living in Bladen with his daughter's family up to this time.

Children Birth Death Spouse Cht #
1. Elizabeth McNeill
James McNeill of Rockfish Creek in 1752